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25 Easy DIY Quarter Pipe Plans

Purpose-built skate parks are awesome – and they’re so much more common nowadays than they were in the not-so-distant past. However, depending on where you live, it might still be quite a journey to your nearest one, so having a ramp at home can also have its benefits.

Unfortunately, ramps can be expensive to buy, but if you don’t mind a bit of DIY, you can make your own for a whole lot less – and for anyone who wants to have a go, here are 25 plans for how to build a quarter pipe you might want to try at home.

1. How to Build a DIY Micro Quarter Pipe (With Ramp Plan) – HowTheyPlay

How to Build a DIY Micro Quarter Pipe

To start with, here’s a plan for building a micro ramp – in this case, two small quarter pipes facing each other – that you can build at home in your garage or other similar indoor space. The plan is extremely detailed, giving you lists of the tools you’ll need, the materials required and how to put everything together. It looks like a fairly ambitious plan, but if you have the necessary DIY skills, it could be a highly rewarding project to get stuck into.

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2. How to Build a Skate Ramp/Quarter Half Pipe

As this YouTuber claims, the ramp he teaches us how to build in his video is actually very easy to construct – and it’s ideal for rookie skaters as well as more advanced ones. We particularly like the way the deck can be folded into the ramp, so the whole thing takes up less space when you’re storing it. Check out the video and see what you think!


3. How To Make a 3′ Quarter Pipe

How To Make a 3' Quarter Pipe

This post describes itself as a “quick and easy” plan for a quarter pipe that’s 3 ft high and 4 ft wide. It’s a highly professional plan with lots of diagrams to help you understand exactly what you should be doing at each step. It even includes a section on where to buy the materials, so all you have left to do is assemble your tools and hardware and get to work!

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4. How to Build a Quarter Pipe at Home

Building a quarter pipe is not impossible for home DIYers, but it’s not that simple either, which is why detailed plans like this one are so useful. It gives you the basics of what you’ll need to do as well as providing plenty of tips for avoiding some common mistakes. Theirs looks amazing when it’s done – and it looks like so much fun to skate. So why not see if you can make something similar?


5. How to Build a Quarter Pipe? – A DIY Tutorial from Experts

How to Build a Quarter Pipe

When attempting to build something like a skate ramp, a detailed and well-written plan is essential – and that’s exactly what you get here. It lists the tools and materials you should prepare before you start work, and then it takes you through everything you need to do in six easy-to-understand steps. So in short, it has all the info you need to build a high-quality quarter pipe of your own.

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6. How To Build a Quarter Pipe the Easiest Way

The quarter pipe this video teaches you to make should cost only around $180 – which is a considerable saving compared to what you’d have to pay if you bought one. We also like the way this YouTuber demonstrates all the steps required, making this as easy a plan to follow as any. So if you want a quarter pipe for your home, this could be the tutorial you’re looking for.


7. How to Build a Three-Foot Quarter Pipe Ramp for Skateboarding

How to Build a Three-Foot Quarter Pipe Ramp for Skateboarding

Here’s another clearly written plan for building a skate ramp that just about anybody with some basic DIY skills and a bit of determination should be able to recreate. The tutorial is broken down into 14 steps, and we like the way that the last one is about caring for your quarter pipe, so once it’s finished, you’ll know how to keep it in perfect condition.

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8. How To Assemble Your 2′ x 4′ Quarter Pipe

As this YouTuber explains at the start of his video, this plan is specifically for the 2 ft x 4 ft quarter pipe – but the plan would work just as well for building the 3 ft x 18 ft version if you wanted something a little larger. This video is about constructing a kit ramp rather than making one from scratch, but if you think that’s the best route for you, this should be an interesting watch.


9. Free Quarter Pipe Plans

Free Quarter Pipe Plans

These free plans teach you how to make a quarter pipe with dimensions of 4 ft x 8 ft – and the whole thing is estimated to cost only $187. Everything is broken down into five main steps, and there’s also a time-lapse video showing you how things should look. Another recommended plan for anyone thinking of building their own quarter pipe at home.

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10. How to Build a DIY Quarter Pipe Skate Ramp

If you’re looking for an easy way to build a DIY quarter pipe to practice your skating at home, this is a tutorial you need to watch. It’s an extremely simple design, but when it’s done it looks perfect. The guys in the video certainly seem to be enjoying themselves skating it, and if you copy their plan, you could be doing the same soon.


11. DIY 4ft. or 3ft. quarter Pipe Easy: 6 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

DIY 4ft. or 3ft. quarter Pipe Easy

Whenever we need ideas or inspiration for any kind of DIY project, Instructables is always one of our first stops – and that’s because the plans on the site are invariably well-written, easy to follow and usually include plenty of photos and images to help you copy it. This plan is no different, so if you want to learn how to make a 3 ft or 4 ft quarter pipe in six easy steps, this is the tutorial that will show you how to do it.

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12. How to Make a Mini Ramp

We were so impressed by the ramp this YouTuber built in his backyard during quarantine. While lots of people were sitting at home feeling sorry for themselves, he was putting his time to good use – and what he came up with was amazing. The ramp takes up quite a bit of space, but if your yard is large enough, perhaps you can build one just like it too!


13. 5 Ways to Make a Quarter Pipe – wikiHow

5 Ways to Make a Quarter Pipe

As ever, wikiHow is an invaluable resource to turn to when you need plans for just about anything, and here, the site gives us not just one but five different ways to build a quarter pipe at home. The plans include clear instructions and lots of useful diagrams to show you everything you need to do, so anyone will be able to build quarter pipes just like those shown.

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14. How to Build a Quarter Pipe in your Backyard

The materials this YouTuber turned to when he decided to make a quarter pipe in his backyard consisted mainly of “some old pallets and a couple of timber sheets”, all materials that cost next to nothing to obtain. That means if you’re on a tight budget but hope to build a quarter pipe of your own, this is a plan that will teach you how to do it without spending a fortune.


15. How to Build a Quarter Pipe – Titus

How to Build a Quarter Pipe

We loved reading about how these skaters started building their own makeshift “skateparks” 30 years ago in Cologne, Germany. Those original parks, consisting mostly of scavenged wood, were, as they tell us, quite “creative”, but in this post, they bring all their experience together to explain how to build a much more professional version. Check out their tutorial to see how to do it.

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16. How to Build a Small Skateboard Ramp

If you don’t have so much space for your homemade skate ramp, this video should be of interest. The version this YouTuber shows us how to make is only about 18” high, and it’s the kind of thing that can be set up almost anywhere. However, it will still be a lot of fun to skate on, making it the ideal option for those with smaller backyards.


17. How to Build a Collapsible DIY Quarter Pipe Ramp in your Backyard

This is one of the most enjoyable video plans we’ve seen for making a quarter pipe mainly because of the charismatic YouTuber who uploaded it. However, it’s also a detailed plan with lots of info and useful tips to help you replicate what she did – including a couple of pointers about things she did wrong and how she corrected them. We love the way the ramp is collapsible too – so all in all, this is one of our favorite tutorials.


18. How To Build a Fake Quarter Pipe

How To Build a Fake Quarter Pipe

We’re not quite sure what the point of this tutorial is since the quarter pipe it teaches you to make is “fake” – meaning it’s not designed to be used for skating. However, if you are interested in making a skate ramp for decorative purposes only, this is the plan that will show you how to do it!

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19. Building a Small Quarter Pipe for $100

Building a Small Quarter Pipe for $100

There are lots of ways to build a DIY quarter pipe, but if you want to learn how to build one of the cheapest versions, this is a plan that should be of interest. In it, you’ll learn how to construct a skate ramp for only around $100, and if you’re a keen skater looking for somewhere to hone your skills, that will probably sound like some of the best money you’ll ever spend.

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20. Garage Quarter Pipe: Building a Micro Skate Ramp

Garage Quarter Pipe

A micro skate ramp can be built inside your garage, so you can practice your skating even when the weather outside is bad. It’s not that hard to do either, as this blogger explains in his post – and as you can see in the accompanying videos, he looks pretty satisfied with the result!

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21. How to Build a DIY Quarter Pipe with Monster Children & G-Shock

The premise of this plan is to use recycled materials as much as possible – and where it’s not possible, to use the cheapest materials available. That way, this YouTuber manages to keep the cost of building his quarter pipe right down – something we’re sure lots of people out there will highly appreciate.


22. Building a 2′ Quarter Pipe

In this video, this YouTuber shows us how he made a 2 ft quarter pipe in his garage. Without wanting to sound condescending, he’s an incredibly talented DIYer for someone of his age (we hope he’ll take that as a compliment!), and it just goes to show that you can achieve almost anything if you put your mind to it. Check out his video to see what we mean!


23. Build or Buy a Skate Ramp? – Built by Kids

Build or Buy a Skate Ramp

This is not so much a plan as a discussion of the pros and cons of DIYing a skate ramp compared to buying one ready-made. However, if you’re thinking of making one yourself, it should be invaluable reading – so we thought it merited a place on our list.

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24. How We Built a Mini Ramp in Concrete

This is a video that documents how this YouTuber constructed a super-impressive concrete mini-ramp in his backyard. This is one for the more dedicated skaters out there – part-timers might not want such a large and permanent installation in their yard. It’s an amazing piece of DIY, though – and well worth a watch whether you want to make one yourself or not.


25. Half Pipe Vertical Skateboard Ramp – Free Woodworking Plan.com

Half Pipe Vertical Skateboard Ramp

To finish, here’s a plan for a homemade half pipe. Ok, we know we’re supposed to be talking about quarter pipes, but seeing this plan might inspire you to try something a little more ambitious – so we’ll just leave it here in case anyone is interested!

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Loads of great plans to copy

As you can see, if you want to build a quarter pipe at home, there’s no shortage of plans online for you to copy.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas and inspiration you needed for building a quarter pipe of your own.

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