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12 Front Door Colors for Orange Brick Homes

You can always choose the front door color you like, but finding the right one can be a challenge if you have an orange brick home. The key is to find a color that complements the orange brick while also making a good impression on your home’s appearance.

With our expert tips and 12 color ideas, you’ll have the power how to choose front door colors for orange brick homes and make the world gape at your doorsteps.

Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes

1. Navy Blue Trim

Using navy blue on a red-orange brick house’s doors and trims is a practical choice for homeowners. The tone of the navy blue will give your home a sophisticated and upscale quality. It will create a feeling of stability and comfort while adding dimension to the architectural features of a classic Tudor style.

While dark brown is typically associated with this style, the navy blue trim offers a modern twist without sacrificing its traditional character. You may also pair your dark blue doors with a gas lamp and green plant to enhance the grandeur of your front entrance.

2. Soft Beige

Pairing orange brick walls and doors with soft, neutral colors like beige creates a visually appealing exterior design. With this door color choice, your orange brick home will have a clean and modern look. The mid-toned Wool Skein appears dark on paper but is cream outside and complements the brick grout undertones.

Plus, thanks to the wonderful work of pairing it with beige, you can be sure that your orange brick homes won’t irritate the eyes.

3. Teal Beach Shade

Teal is a more refined version of aqua, exuding a beach-like atmosphere. It is one of the best front door colors because of its muted hues, which will make orange or bright red brick homes attractive. Teal is a complementary color to an orange brick wall, as its blue and yellow as accent colors enhance the red in the wall. It’s a unique touch for homes with modern aesthetic vibes.

4. Sage Green Vibe

Sage green front door is also a popular color choice for creating a zen vibe home. It offers an inviting entrance and complements the orange brick facade, especially if you have a front garden. It will create a cozy feel for a multi-level home, making it a perfect choice for those who want a peaceful and attractive curb appeal.

5. Golden Yellow

Yellow doors are aesthetically pleasing when combined with the shades of brick buildings, particularly those with an orange-brown hue. Yellow is known for its bright and cheerful character and makes a strong statement when used as the color of an entry door. The result is a warm and inviting Mediterranean-like exterior coordinated with an orange-brick building.

For a bright orange-brick home, a muted yellow door would be a good choice, while a more brilliant shade would work well with a less intense orange color. To further enhance the look, adding white trim to the yellow door is recommended, which complements the shade and creates a bright and vibrant entrance.

Golden Yellow

6. Dramatic Olive Green

Olive green is a versatile color that can enhance the look of any home, especially those with a french-country style. Its neutral and organic appearance pairs well with red brick, giving a sophisticated and rural feel. One of the popular options for olive green paint is Palmer Olive by Benjamin Moore.

The deeper the red, the better an Olive Green door will look. For a bolder look, forest green is a perfect choice. It is a deep and dramatic hue that creates a warm atmosphere in your outside space, especially during Christmas.

7. Light Mint Green

Light green or mint green is another popular color choice for entry and garage doors. By incorporating a gentle hue of mint for your trim or siding to go along with your door, you can balance the striking effect of the dominance and vividness of red-orange bricks. It gives a modern farmhouse or cottagey look and can make a bold statement as a final result.  

The contrast of the mint green against the backdrop of orange bricks will definitely catch the eye of guests and neighbors, making your property stand out among a neighborhood of orange brick houses.

8. Fiery Red

Feng Shui associates a red front door paint color with the concept of good luck and fortune, which is thought to bring positive energy. So painting your door in this color will bring beauty and charm. The striking red color of the door can complement the orange brick siding and create a harmonious and inviting appearance. To achieve the best look, choose a red hue that does not have the same shade as the brick walls. Make it lighter or darker than the walls, as the red door will serve as a focal point to enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Fiery Red

9. Modern Grey

The combination of an orange brick home exterior with grey trim colors and doors creates a striking visual contrast, and the shade offers a timeless look. The grey complements the warmth of the brick and will make your home look like it just stepped out of a modern industrial magazine spread. A modern touch of grey door can add a surprising elegance is surrounded by a sea of white flowers and plants.

According to Upgraded Home, Dark or medium grey doors against a brick wall create a beautiful and subtle contrast due to the blue undertones in most shades of grey. This pairing is striking and popular as it can trick the eye into thinking the color is blue or dark gray.

10. Classic White Wonder

If you’re hesitant to try all those colors or are not confident with the possible result, a classic white door is a way to go. It’s a foolproof option for an exterior paint color. It’s the ultimate classic, complementing brick homes with faded earth tones. And let’s not forget, white trim goes with just about everything—window frames, gutters, front porch railings, you name it! Whether you have an orange brick house or any other architectural style, a white trim on your door is an option that will never disappoint you.

11. Timeless Black

If white doesn’t reflect your personality and taste, what about the timeless color of black? A solid black door against the rich orange brick walls is something you cannot help but adore. The sleek appearance of plain black creates a timeless, simple, yet classic aesthetic. Take, for example, the historic Atlanta neighborhood.

No matter the size of your orange brick house, the exterior paint scheme of the black shutters and front door can dramatically alter its appearance. It will even look much better if you have a roof in the same color.

12. Wood Warmth

Of course, a natural wood color front door is on the list. It gives off a natural warmth sight to your house’s exterior no matter how bright or dark the orange brick walls are. Using wood inside and outside of the home can enhance its aesthetic appeal thanks to its earthy undertone that complements every brick home in whatever color.

For your front door and flooring, selecting a wood color like brown or taupe with a similar tone to the rest of your space will establish a cohesive theme. This is an important aspect of home design, and wood is a seamless connector.

Wood Warmth

Tips on How to Choose Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Homes

Better Home & Gardens listed the dos and don’ts in choosing the perfect front door color for your orange brick homes should. So to help you decide which color to pick, remember to:

  • Consider sticking to neutral hues like brown, black, or gray for a classic look that will endure over time.
  • If you feel adventurous, experiment with bold colors like orange, yellow, or green.
  • Use weather-resistant exterior paint with built-in rust protection if your door is metal.
  • You can also paint your screen door a contrasting color for added interest.
  • Choose a color from your home’s style and natural surroundings.
  • Finally, always observe the paint color in its intended environment and weather throughout the day to get an accurate idea of how it will look.


Q1: What is the most popular front door color?

According to the survey result done by Fixr, black was chosen by 56% of expert participants to be the most popular front door color in 2022, followed by blue and green.

Q2: How much paint do you need for a front door?

To paint a door that is 20 square feet, you only need a little paint. In fact, one quart of paint should be enough, and you can use less than half a quart if you use a primer.


In conclusion, choosing the right front door color for your orange brick home can be a fun and creative process. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new—the possibilities are endless. By taking advantage of these tips and ideas, you’ll be able to select a color that complements your brick, enhances your home’s curb appeal, and makes a lasting impression.

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