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25 Easy PVC Pipe Flagpole DIY Plans

Whether you’re a patriot who wants to show your love for your country or you’re a sports fan who wants to fly the flag of your team, there’s one thing you’re going to need and that’s a strong and reliable flagpole.

Unfortunately, buying a flagpole can cost a lot, but there’s another solution because they’re easy enough to DIY if you’re willing to take the time to do it. And for anyone who wants to try, here are 25 plans for how to make a flagpole out of PVC pipe you might want to try at home.


1. DIY Flagpole Out of PVC: 4 Steps – Instructables

DIY Flagpole Out of PVC: 4 Steps – Instructables

If you want to attach a flag to your home, all you’ll need is a piece of PVC pipe, a block of wood, some paint, some screws – and of course, the flag itself! In just four steps, this tutorial shows you everything you need to know to finish the job, so you can be flying your flag proudly in no time.

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2. How to build a PVC Flagpole – Full Time RV Life

Many RVers enjoy showing their patriotism by flying a flag at the camping ground, and if you’d like to do something similar, here’s a simple plan that demonstrates how to do it. Since it’s made from PVC piping and just a few other inexpensive supplies, it won’t cost you much, and it’s an extremely simple idea, so almost anyone will be able to do it. Check it out to see if it’s something you’d like to try.


3. Make a Homemade PVC Flagpole for July 4 Memorial Day

Make a Homemade PVC Flagpole for July 4 Memorial Day

Flying a flag has always been an integral part of the July 4th celebrations, and in this blog post, you’ll learn how to make a sturdy, permanent pole for your flag from PVC pipe. As the blogger writes, PVC is cheap, easy to work with and resistant to the elements, making it the perfect material to choose. Give his plan a read to see how he did it.

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4. DIY RV PVC Spinning Flagpole

This kind of spinning flagpole is an extremely popular way to show your patriotism, and it’s also super-easy to make. These guys look like they enjoyed working together on the project, discussing the best ways to go about it over a few beers before executing their plan. We love the way they even incorporated a solar light so you can see it at night. A great idea we enjoyed watching.


5. How to Make a Flagpole (with Pictures) – wikiHow

How to Make a Flagpole (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Whenever we want to know how to do something, wikiHow is always a reliable resource – the site has how-to plans for just about anything you can imagine, including building a flagpole from PVC pipe. As always, this tutorial includes plenty of useful images to help you understand what you need to do, making this another plan that’s well worth a look.

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6. DIY Rotating Flagpole built of PVC

In this video, you get to see two homemade rotating PVC flagpoles blowing in the wind – and if you want to know how to make one just like them, the written instructions are included below the video. As this YouTuber writes, once it’s finished, you can sit back in your yard with a nice cup of tea and enjoy your work, and your friends are sure to be impressed when they see it too.


7. PVC Flagpole – The New Version: justbuildstuff.com

PVC Flagpole – The New Version: justbuildstuff.com

This post is actually an updated version of a plan this bogger posted previously – but here, the new flagpole design incorporates a few improvements over the original. It’s still incredibly easy to make, and it’s a great way to fly a flag without spending a fortune on the project, making it just the kind of thing lots of people are likely to be keen to copy.

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8. How to Make a Flagpole

The flagpole for a pickup this video teaches you how to make requires nothing but a piece of PVC pipe and a few hooks. It just goes to show that you don’t need to overcomplicate things or spend lots of money for a project to be successful – and if that’s a philosophy you agree with, this is a video you should enjoy.


9. Detailed Information on How to Use PVC Pipe for a Flagpole

Detailed Information on How to Use PVC Pipe for a Flagpole

For people who prefer lots of information and detail with their DIY plans, this blog post is for you. Although making a flagpole from a PVC is quite a simple job, this post goes into aspects such as stiffening the pole and how to raise it – so in short, with this plan, all the info you need for successfully replicating this idea is right there for you.

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10. DIY RV Flagpole – RVSWAT

This PVC flagpole is reinforced with a metal bar, and it also incorporates a nightlight, so people will still be able to see that you’re proudly flying the flag after the sun goes down. It’s an impressive design, and the video is easy to follow, so anyone should be able to copy it. We especially like the nighttime shot at the end that lets you see what the flag looks like in the dark. Give it a watch to see what we mean!


11. Run it up the Flagpole! – The Touring Camper

Run it up the Flagpole! – The Touring Camper

This blogger writes that he’s seen plenty of neat flagpole setups on a variety of campers and RVs – as anyone who’s also part of that community is sure to understand. If, like this blogger, you’ve been thinking about trying to set something up yourself, this plan tells you how to do it. It’s a quick, easy and inexpensive idea too, so it won’t end up costing you a whole lot of time or money.

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12. PVC Flag Post with Light Tutorial

The design this YouTuber shows us is a bit different. It’s not a flagpole as much as a DIY light post hung with flags. However, it looks super-cute, and we think it looks like a fun project to tackle – so we decided it earned its place in our list all the same.


13. How to Make a Flagpole out of PVC Pipe – Temporary Flagpoles

This video from Thailand is highly informative. In it, this YouTuber explains that while everyone else in his neighborhood seems to have poles to hang the flag of Thailand and the flag of the king, he just has the two flags and no poles. To rectify the situation, he sets about making two temporary poles from PVC pipes – and in the rest of his video, you’ll get to see how he did it.


14. The Basic Things You Need to Know About Constructing a Flagpole – LoveBelfast

The Basic Things You Need to Know About Constructing a Flagpole – LoveBelfast

This blog post from Belfast, UK, isn’t just a plan for making a flagpole from PVC pipe – it goes into a whole lot of detail about considerations like raising mechanisms, wind speed, portability and more. It also gives you some suggestions for how to make flagpoles from PVC piping and other materials, allowing you to choose the best design for your needs and local conditions.

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15. PVC Pipe Flagpole

If you’re looking for the very simplest plan for a flagpole made from PVC pipe, this video could be just what you have in mind. With just a length of piping and a few hooks, this YouTuber shows us how she made a pole to fly her flag, and it’s the kind of thing even those with the most rudimentary DIY skills will be able to replicate.


16. How to Make a PVC Flagpole

Here’s a slightly strange video about DIY flag poles that’s narrated by a computer-generated voice. However, it still contains lots of useful information about how to construct a flagpole, which means it’s still worth a quick watch.


17. 4th of July DIY Projects & Decor Ideas

4th of July DIY Projects & Decor Ideas

When 4th July rolls around each year, you’re sure to want to get in the mood by decorating your home, and this blog post has not just one but four ideas you can try. One of them is to make a PVC flagpole, and you’ll find the instructions for how to do it – but there are other ideas like making patriotic porch firecrackers and more. Which ideas do you think you’d like to copy?

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18. Rotating PVC Flagpole and Instructions

Rotating flagpoles made from PVC pipe could hardly be easier to construct, and if you want to know how, this young YouTuber will show you. As he explains, he chose ¾” pipe, but you can choose any type you like – along with any size of flag – because it’s such a simple plan that it’s easy to adapt.


19. DIY PVC Flagpole Project – JamaicaBob

A lot of the plans we’ve seen online teach you how to make PVC flagpoles that are all very similar, but if you’re looking for something different, this tutorial shows how to make a double flagpole for flying two flags at once. We like the way this YouTuber explains everything slowly and clearly, making it easy to understand what you should be doing, so just about anybody should be able to copy his idea without any problems.


20. DIY Campground Flagpole in 5 Easy Steps – Mid-Life Livin’

DIY Campground Flagpole in 5 Easy Steps – Mid-Life Livin'

This DIY project is rated “easy” and all you’ll need to complete it is some inexpensive materials along with a handsaw, and drill and a hammer. Although it’s a very basic design, there are still plenty of clear explanations in the plan, so anybody should be able to follow this tutorial and put together something similar in no time.

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21. Small Flagpole Assembly Using PVC Pipe

The comment this YouTuber left below his video about being a better flagpole builder than self-videographer made us laugh! That aside, it’s a useful tutorial to watch since it gives you a no-frills explanation of how to make a PVC flagpole. And when all’s said and done, that’s all you need.


22. How To Build a Collapsible PVC Flagpole That Fits in Your Carry-On Bag

The quick and easy flagpole this YouTuber teaches us to make is among the most convenient versions we’ve seen since it’s a telescoping model that can be shortened to fit in your bag. That means it’s easy to carry wherever you want, whether that’s to a tailgating meeting, a music festival or wherever else you might need to take a flag!


23. Homemade PVC Flagpole Part 1

This video is the first of two this YouTuber shot to show how he went about making a PVC flagpole. We’re not quite sure if this project required two videos, but he also has plenty to share about his ideas for his flagpole, so if you’re in no hurry, you might find it an interesting watch. Check out Part 2 as well to see how it looked when it was finished.


24. Crafty Couple: DIY Flagpole

Crafty Couple: DIY Flagpole

We love the photos at the top of this blog post of the proud, patriotic DIYer standing next to the 9ft PVC flagpole he made. The rest of the post is dedicated to explaining how he went about it, so if you want to learn how to make one yourself, all you need to do is give his post a read.

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25. Make Your Own Collapsible Flagpole – Waterlynn Ruck Club

Make Your Own Collapsible Flagpole – Waterlynn Ruck Club

As this blogger points out, carrying a long flagpole in your car isn’t always practical or convenient, so having a collapsible version might be an idea that’s worth considering. In his post, you’ll be able to read about how he constructed his own DIY version, and we have to say, we’re highly impressed. It looks like a sturdy, professional piece of work, and it also shouldn’t be too hard to copy if you want to try making one at home.

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No shortage of great ideas for PVC flagpoles

As you can see, there’s no shortage of ideas online for PVC flagpoles, from the most basic to the more sophisticated and advanced – and for all kinds of different purposes and events.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too – and above all, we hope we’ve helped you find a plan you like for building a PVC pipe flagpole of your own!

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