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25 Easy PVC Pipe Greenhouse DIY Plans

If you love gardening and all things that grow, owning a greenhouse might seem like a dream. However, perhaps it also feels like an unrealizable dream due to the high cost of buying one.

There is another option, though, if you’re willing to attempt a little DIY – and for those who are interested, here are 25 great plans for how to build a greenhouse with PVC pipe that you might like to try at home.

1. How to Build a Low-Cost Greenhouse with PVC Pipes – Dengarden

How to Build a Low-Cost Greenhouse with PVC Pipes – Dengarden

To get started, here’s a detailed plan for building a greenhouse that goes into plenty of detail, with discussion on factors such as local building codes and more. It also talks about local weather conditions such as wind strength as well as considering the best type of PVC pipe to use for your project – so in short, it has all the info you need to build a high-quality DIY greenhouse of your own.

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2. Our DIY PVC Pipe Greenhouse by Dirty Buffalo

If, like the guys who made this video, you need a little extra greenhouse capacity for germination or for housing seedlings, this tutorial is for you. It’s not a particularly sophisticated greenhouse, but it’s easy to make, and the materials required are extremely cheap, making it an option we’re sure plenty of people will be keen on copying.


3. How to Build a Small Greenhouse with PVC Pipe – Greenhouse Today

How to Build a Small Greenhouse with PVC Pipe – Greenhouse Today

As you read at the start of this post, building a greenhouse may seem a little daunting at first. However, with the right tools and materials – and a good plan to follow – it’s probably a lot easier than you might imagine. And to find out how to do it for under $100, all you need to do is read this tutorial.

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4. How to Build a PVC Cold Frame Miniature PVC Greenhouse Frame

In his video, this enthusiastic YouTuber shows us how he built a miniature greenhouse, also known as a cold frame, using PVC pipe. You won’t be able to grow large plants in there, but if you need somewhere for germinating seeds, this type of greenhouse is ideal. So check out his video and see if this idea could work for you.


5. 12′ x 30′ DIY PVC Greenhouse For $360 – Lady Lee’s Home

12' x 30' DIY PVC Greenhouse For $360 – Lady Lee's Home

The greenhouse this blogger teaches us how to make cost around $360, which is one of the more expensive versions we’ve seen. However, it’s a large, high-quality construction that will allow you to grow all kinds of plants – and it’s still a whole lot cheaper than it would be to buy a similar greenhouse ready-made – so this is a plan we’re sure lots of people will appreciate.

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6. PVC Greenhouse in a Day DIY

Like the plan above, this video tutorial teaches you how to make a sizeable greenhouse for growing large numbers of plants. This YouTuber estimates the whole thing cost around $300, and he built the whole thing in under a day – so if you need plenty of space for growing things and are willing to spend the money on the materials, this is a great plan to follow.


7. How to Build My Greenhouse at a Low Cost

How to Build My Greenhouse at a Low Cost

This PVC and wood greenhouse looks highly professional, but in fact, this blogger made it mainly from materials he scavenged, so it hardly cost anything to construct. He also has plenty of useful advice about building one – for example, if it’s too flat, it will collapse – so this plan is essential reading for anybody thinking of attempting a similar project.

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8. Easy Way to Build a PVC Greenhouse DIY

In this short video, we learn how this YouTuber built a DIY greenhouse measuring 5m x 3m (16.4ft x 9.8ft) using several lengths of PVC pipe and a sheet of UV-resistant nylon. It’s enjoyable to watch as the structure takes shape, and since there’s nothing here anyone with basic DIY skills couldn’t manage, it’s a project that almost anyone can attempt. Check it out and see if it’s something you’d like to try.


9. Save Hundreds of Dollars Building Your Own DIY Greenhouse or Cold Frame

Save Hundreds of Dollars Building Your Own DIY Greenhouse or Cold Frame

This post includes a detailed discussion about subjects like the difference between a greenhouse and a cold frame. It also talks about the possible materials you can use to make one, so you can choose the most suitable option for your situation. Finally, it gives you some suggestions for building one out of PVC piping, making this an all-round valuable resource and a tutorial that’s well worth reading.

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10. How to Build a PVC Frame Greenhouse – Learn & Grow

Here’s a video that was produced by a company that makes and sells the kind of fittings you’ll need to make a greenhouse, so you need to remember that this is a form of advertisement. However, since they’re pros in this business, they know what they’re talking about – so this is the kind of video you can learn a lot from whether you decide to purchase their products or not.


11. Greenhouse Do It Yourself

Greenhouse Do It Yourself

If you’re the kind of person who likes lots of detail in any plan you follow, this is one that’s written for you. It tells you everything you need to know about making a DIY greenhouse as well as including a list of the materials required and all the measurements. Well written and informative, another recommended tutorial.

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12. Building a Greenhouse – Constructing the PVC Frame

This video is specifically about building the PVC frame for a DIY greenhouse, which is possibly the most important part because if the frame collapses, the whole greenhouse fails. After watching this, you can then check out other videos on the covering, but with a frame you can trust, you’ll know you’ve got the most significant part right.


13. How to Build a Greenhouse from PVC Pipe

How to Build a Greenhouse from PVC Pipe

The blogger responsible for this post estimates that you should be able to make something similar for only around $100. This means if you copy this plan, you can save yourself some serious amounts of money – and it looks so professional, so you can look forward to growing all kinds of vegetables in it once the project is finished.

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14. How to Build a PVC Arched Greenhouse (Quick Version)

For those who are already quite confident at following DIY plans, this video should appeal – since it’s the quick version of this tutorial that doesn’t waste time on unnecessary explanations. You simply get to see what they do to set the greenhouse up, and then all you have to do after watching is go out and copy their idea.


15. DIY 12 Ft. By 14 Ft. PVC Greenhouse For $100! – A Happy Hippy Mom

DIY 12 Ft. By 14 Ft. PVC Greenhouse For $100! – A Happy Hippy Mom

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to build a greenhouse, but growing your own produce with the aim of becoming more self-sufficient is an excellent one – and that’s what this blogger’s intention is. In her post, she explains how she built a large greenhouse from PVC pipe, and if you want to do something similar, all you need to do is copy her instructions.

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16. How to Build a PVC Pipe Greenhouse

We love no-nonsense videos like this tutorial that just get straight down to business and give us the information we need without wasting time on anything else. After all, we’re building a greenhouse from PVC pipes here, not a rocket to the Moon! His plan is simple and easy to follow, and he gives you all the measurements so you don’t need to work anything out yourself. Just the kind of plan we appreciate – and we’re sure we won’t be alone.


17. Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Made of PVC Pipes – Step-by-Step Instructions!

Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Made of PVC Pipes – Step-by-Step Instructions!

Along with the plan, this post gives you a lot of extra info about greenhouses, the best materials to build one from and more. It also explains in detail everything you need to do to make one from PVC piping, so all you have left to do is choose where to put it and then get to work.

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18. Greenhouse from PVC Pipe and Pallet Lumber

Unlike most of the plans we’ve included in this roundup, this one uses pallet lumber alongside PVC pipes to make a studier and more sophisticated greenhouse. That also makes the plan a little more complicated, but it’s nothing those with basic DIY skills should be worried about tackling – and if that includes you, why not give it a watch and see what you think?


19. How to Make a Mini Greenhouse with PVC Pipe

How to Make a Mini Greenhouse with PVC Pipe

As this post starts by mentioning, a large greenhouse might seem out of reach to many, but a small one could be something you might more easily aspire to. However, by “small”, the writer means around 12 or 14 feet in length, so we’re not talking about a tiny, miniature version. All you need to copy this plan is a few pieces of PVC pipe and some other similar items, so if you dream of owning a greenhouse of your own, this could be the plan you need.

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20. Building a DIY PVC Greenhouse

Here’s an interesting concept. In this video, this YouTuber explains that he’s about to attempt to build a greenhouse with no previous experience of doing anything similar, mostly using parts he found lying about. As you can see as the project progresses, he’s obviously very talented since the greenhouse he constructs is one of the most impressive we’ve seen. And if he can do it, so can you – give his tutorial a watch and see if you feel inspired to try.


21. How to Build a PVC Greenhouse – Garden & Greenhouse

How to Build a PVC Greenhouse – Garden & Greenhouse

At the start of this post, this blogger writes that constructing a greenhouse from PVC is such a great idea due to the inexpensive nature of the material. The rest of the post is taken up by a detailed description of his project to build one himself, and for anyone thinking of trying something similar, it makes for a fascinating read.

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22. How to Build a Small, Portable A-Frame Greenhouse with PVC Pipe & Plastic Sheeting

Here’s a great idea for a small and manageable DIY greenhouse that anybody will be able to make. The video is only around two minutes long and consists of a timelapse shot of this YouTuber demonstrating how he made his – and that’s all you need to then go away and have a go at making one just like it.


23. Building a PVC Greenhouse – Ramblings of a Rose Maniac

Building a PVC Greenhouse – Ramblings of a Rose Maniac


In this extremely detailed tutorial about how to make a DIY greenhouse, this DIYer takes us through each of the steps in turn, including framing and then covering the structure. It’s a long read, but if you want to know some of the background, it’s worth taking the time – because that way, you’re likely to have more success when you try to do something similar.

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24. PVC Quick Build Greenhouse – How to Make a Small Greenhouse for under $100

When people think of greenhouses, they probably imagine one for growing things – but you can also use them to keep chickens in, and this plan is about making one like that. Something like this should only cost around $100 – which is much cheaper than buying one – and if your birds are happy and warm inside, then that’s money well spent.


25. Build Your Own Greenhouse – David’s Garden Seeds

Build Your Own Greenhouse – David's Garden Seeds

In this post, you’ll learn about the huge greenhouse this enterprising blogger built for himself. He also includes a discussion about whether to buy a ready-made one or to DIY one – which may be useful when you need to make the same decision yourself.

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Loads of great plans for building PVC greenhouses

As we’ve seen, there are so many enterprising DIYers out there who have come up with a range of great plans for building greenhouses of all shapes and sizes using PVC pipe.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you needed for building a DIY greenhouse of your own.

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