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25 Easy PVC Pipe Backdrop DIY Plans

Backdrops are essential pieces of kit in a wide range of situations, but buying one can be expensive. However, they’re easy enough to make yourself – and here are 25 plans we found online for how to make a backdrop with PVC pipe you might like to try recreating at home.

1. DIY PVC Pipe Backdrop – Beautifully Inspired Home

DIY PVC Pipe Backdrop – Beautifully Inspired Home

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to make a backdrop, whether for a wedding, as a backdrop for YouTube videos or anything else, this plan is for you. It gives you a list of the tools and materials you’ll need before going on to explain everything you have to do to put it together. There’s even a diagram with the measurements, so this is a plan that just about anybody will be able to copy.

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2. DIY Backdrop Stand Less Than $10 and under 10 Minutes

In this fun video, this YouTuber takes you through her method for constructing a backdrop stand using PVC pipe – and she estimates it should cost under $10 and be ready in under 10 minutes. You’ll also find a list of the materials she used, so if you think you might like to try making something similar to her background stand, you have all the info you need.


3. How to Build a Backdrop for a Wedding Out of PVC Pipe – eHow

What we like about this plan is the way everything is explained in such a simple and logical way. First, you’ll learn how to make the backdrop in nine steps. Then, after that, the blog goes on to explain what to do with the fabric in another five steps. When the instructions are as clear as this, there’s little chance anything can go wrong. Give it a read and see what you think.

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4. DIY PVC Adjustable Backdrop Stand

As this YouTuber writes in the introduction to his video, this adjustable PVC backdrop stand can be used for photography, to hang a banner on, at a show as a screen or divider – or for a whole range of other uses besides. The video is only about three minutes long, which shows how easy this stand is to make – so it’s one you should easily be able to replicate at home.


5. Freestanding DIY PVC Backdrop: How to Hang Your Paper Flowers

Freestanding DIY PVC Backdrop: How to Hang Your Paper Flowers

In her post, this blogger writes that, like many other crafty people, she enjoys making beautiful paper flowers – but when they’re done, you need somewhere to display them. So what’s the solution? Hers was to make a simple and affordable freestanding backdrop from PVC piping – and the rest of her post contains all the information you’ll need to make one just like it.

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6. DIY PVC Backdrop at Home

This video teaching us how to make a PVC backdrop was this YouTuber’s first DIY tutorial upload – but we think she did a great job. There are no frills or unnecessary details, just a shot of her showing us how to put the PVC piping together to build the backdrop from scratch. We enjoy videos like this because they get straight to the point. Check it out and see if you agree!


7. Dandelions on the Wall: $20 DIY Photography Backdrop Stand

The photography backdrop stand we learn how to make in this post cost no more than $20, which is so cheap, it even impressed the DIYer responsible for designing it. We like the way the post also includes photos with the necessary measurements, making it easy to copy the plan exactly. She even gives us some handy tips about asking the hardware store to cut the PVC pipe to certain lengths for you before you take it home, which is useful extra advice!

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8. DIY Backdrop Stand for Less Than $30 in Under 10 Minutes

In this video, we get to watch this project right from the start as this YouTuber takes us shopping with her to the hardware store where she buys the necessary PVC piping. After that, we look on as she puts her frame together, explaining everything as she goes to ensure that anyone who wants to copy her idea will be able to do it without any difficulties.


9. DIY Photo Booth Backdrops – Philly In Love

DIY Photo Booth Backdrops – Philly In Love

Photo backdrops have long been popular at weddings, but you can also set one up for any other event you hold – and as this post shows, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. All you need are a few pieces of PVC piping in the lengths specified in this tutorial – along with a few other pieces of hardware. Then, once you have everything ready, you just need to follow the instructions to make a backdrop of your own just like the one featured in this blog.

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10. DIY Backdrop for YouTube Channel!

This is a video for any budding YouTube stars out there – since it shows you how to make a basic backdrop to use when you film your content. As this YouTuber tells us, the whole thing only cost about $25. It’s a fairly rudimentary version, but when you’re just starting out, you might not have a huge budget, so something like this could be the perfect option.


11. DIY PVC Backdrop Stand Tutorial for Under $15

Making a backdrop from PVC pipe is as simple as DIY projects come, as these two young YouTubers demonstrate. The video is accompanied by a list of the materials they used along with all the measurements – although, you can easily adjust the dimensions of this backdrop stand according to your own personal requirements.


12. How to Make a Wedding Backdrop with PVC Pipe

How to Make a Wedding Backdrop with PVC Pipe

We love the photo at the top of this post about constructing a homemade wedding backdrop. It might be DIY, and it might be made of PVC piping, but it just goes to show the kind of high-quality stand you can produce with the right ideas and a little DIY know-how. Want to find out how they did it? Then give the post a read for all the details.

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13. DIY Backdrop Stand Using PVC

This video shows us another version of the kind of stand that can be used at weddings or for any other kind of photo you need it for. The plan is simple, and you won’t need anything that costs more than a few dollars – meaning you can build a stand just like it without having to break the bank.


14. DIY PVC Backdrop Stand – Love Love Love

DIY PVC Backdrop Stand – Love Love Love

Here’s another stand that looks gorgeous in the photos – but that cost very little to put together. PVC pipes are an extremely cheap medium to work in, but the results can look spectacular. The plan is easy enough for just about anybody to copy too, so why not have a go and see if you can build one just as beautiful?

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15. PVC Pipe Dual Backdrop Stand

This video tutorial is a little different to a lot of the others we’ve because, rather than teaching you how to make a single stand, it shows you how to make a double version. This means you can hang two layers of fabric on it, allowing you to create even more sophisticated styles and effects. However, the plan is hardly more complicated than any others, making it a great option for those who want to take things to the next level.


16. How to Make Your Own DIY Backdrop Stand

How to Make Your Own DIY Backdrop Stand

This plan is taken from a high-quality photography website, so when it comes to backgrounds and screens, these guys should know what they’re talking about. However, their backdrop stand is still only made from PVC pipe, so by copying their plan, you can have a pro-level backdrop without having to pay pro-level prices.

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17. Outdoor Setup of a PVC Backdrop on a Very Windy Day

Here’s a video that’s interesting for several reasons. First, it shows us how to put together a basic PVC backdrop stand – which is why we’re all here – but then it has a section about prepping the balloon decoration, which is not something we’ve seen in many other plans. However, the third part is of particular interest since it details their experience of putting the stand up in strong wind. One thing we can never control is the weather, so seeing how they managed may help other people who find themselves facing similar difficulties!


18. How to Make a Circle Arch Out of PVC Pipe – Leanne Choi

How to Make a Circle Arch Out of PVC Pipe – Leanne Choi

Most of the plans we’ve seen for backdrops are for rectangular versions, so we thought it would be a good idea to include this plan – since it teaches you how to use PVC pipe to make a circle arch instead. It looks great decorated with balloons, and we’re sure it’s an idea plenty of people will be keen to try out themselves.

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19. DIY Photo Backdrop Stand for Less Than $15

There are only so many ways to make backdrop stands from PVC piping, but to be able to recreate a plan, you need it to be well explained. That’s what makes this short video worth a watch – since this talented DIYer is extremely good at telling you what you need to do in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Her version only cost around $15 too, so it’s also one of the more affordable plans we’ve seen.


20. DIY Backdrop Stand – Jennifer Maker

DIY Backdrop Stand – Jennifer Maker

In this well-written tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a backdrop using both PVC piping and wood. That way, you can compare the two techniques to see which best suits your needs – and then you can copy the version you prefer.

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21. DIY PVC Pipe Backdrop YouTube Backdrop Stand for Under $20

This short video takes you right from the shopping phase through the construction phase and on to the end of the project. It might only last around two minutes, but this tutorial has plenty of useful tips – like remembering to buy the right size of fittings for your pipes – so it’s another video you’ll probably be able to learn a thing or two from.


22. $10 and 10 Minutes for a DIY Photo Backdrop – Down Home Inspiration

$10 and 10 Minutes for a DIY Photo Backdrop – Down Home Inspiration

10 minutes and $10, that’s all the time and money you’ll have to spend making this PVC pipe backdrop. It’s not an earth-shattering design, but it does the job it was designed for – and that’s really all most people will need.

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23. Newborn Backdrop Stand – Easy DIY Using PVC pipes

For those who want a backdrop for photography involving newborn babies, this is the plan you’re looking for. Not only is this video highly informative, but it also comes with a downloadable instruction sheet – so it has everything you need to build the perfect backdrop for your work.


24. DIY Backdrop Stand for Under $25

The YouTuber in this video doesn’t normally do DIY videos, and as she tells us, this is her first one. However, we think she does a pretty good job of it, so if she has more ideas she’d like to share, we’d be interested in watching those too. In this tutorial, she teaches us how she made a backdrop with PVC pipe, and it’s a plan we enjoyed watching a lot.


25. Tutorial: How to Build a Party Backdrop from PVC Pipe – The Party Teacher

Tutorial: How to Build a Party Backdrop from PVC Pipe – The Party Teacher

To finish, here’s a super-cute idea for a backdrop you can use when throwing kids’ parties. We love the pic of the little girl “selling” drinks at a party, and if you want to create something similar, this informative tutorial tells you everything you need to know.

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Loads of great ideas to inspire your creativity

Whether you are a professional photographer, need a backdrop for a wedding or are looking for ideas for kids’ parties, there are so many great ideas online to help you get inspired.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the ideas you needed for making a PVC pipe backdrop of your own.

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