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27 Industrial Pipe Shelves DIY Plans

The farmhouse style has been incredibly popular for a few years now, and industrial pipe shelves complement this look perfectly.

There are so many great ideas online, so we’ve had a look to see what other people have been doing – and as a result, here are our favorite 27 plans for how to make industrial pipe shelves that you might like to try recreating at home.

1. How to Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Step by Step Guide

How to Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Step by Step Guide

As these bloggers write, making industrial pipe shelves is a simple job that will take no more than a weekend to complete and that requires no special skills. However, as you can see from the photos, the results can look stunning. Want to have a go at making something similar? Then check out their plan!

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2. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelf with Man Cave Tour

In this video, we learn how to make industrial pipe shelves with stylish front metal edges. This YouTuber takes us through all the steps in detail, including preparing the wood for the shelves and fitting the finished piece to the wall. We love the way he explains everything so clearly so that anybody will be able to copy his idea. Give it a watch and see if you’d like to have a go.


3. Homemade Modern DIY Pipe Shelves: 9 Steps (with Pictures) – Instructables

Homemade Modern DIY Pipe Shelves

In just nine steps, this plan from the ever-reliable Instructables site explains everything you need to know to build a set of your own modern DIY pipe shelves. As is usual on this site, the plan also includes plenty of photos so you can see exactly what you should be doing, making it an easy plan to follow whatever level of DIY expertise you have.

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4. How to Make an Industrial Pipe Shelf

Industrial pipe shelves like the one in the video are so simple to make, yet they exude a certain type of rustic chic that is so fashionable right now. This plan includes a list of all the materials you’ll need, and none of it should cost you too much – which means you can build some shelves just like these without having to spend a fortune.


5. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving on a Reasonable Budget – DIY Candy

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving on a Reasonable Budget

The industrial pipe shelving in the photo on this blog is super-impressive, and we can easily imagine how lots of people out there will be thinking they want something just like it. The best thing is, you can make shelving like this on a reasonable budget, and this blog has all the details you need to get started.

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6. Iron Pipe Shelves DIY

What makes the shelves in this video special is the live edges from the cherry wood that was used to make them. A good proportion of the video is taken up by this YouTuber explaining how he prepared the wood to make the shelves. After that, fitting the iron pipes is the easy part, and once they’re in place, the overall effect looks amazing.


7. How to Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Cherished Bliss

How to Build DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Cherished Bliss

The rustic farmhouse style is all the rage right now – and it has been for a couple of years. If it’s a style that you appreciate, you should enjoy this plan for industrial pipe shelves that will look great in any countryside home. The instructions are clear, and the photos are helpful too, making this another plan we enjoyed reading.

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8. The Farmhouse Pipe Shelves – Easy DIY Project

This is a fun video to watch since there are no complicated explanations – we just get to watch as these talented DIYers work on their pipe shelves, and a few written instructions pop up here and there throughout the video when necessary. That way, if you want to make something similar, all you need to do is assemble your materials and then copy what they do – and you should end up with results as impressive as theirs.


9. How to Make Custom DIY Wood and Industrial Pipe Shelves

How to Make Custom DIY Wood and Industrial Pipe Shelves

We always love seeing before and after photos because it helps you appreciate how much the project altered the appearance of the interior space – and the difference between the before and after photos here couldn’t be clearer. And if you want to know how they got from the photo at the top of the page to the one at the bottom, all you have to do is read the rest of the post to find out!

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10. DIY Wood and Pipe Shelving Unit

This YouTuber obviously has a sense of humor as well as some serious DIY skills, as you’ll quickly realize when the video starts playing. She promises to show you how to go from working in a pigsty to having something much more akin to the stylish space she showcases, and it will cost you far less than you might imagine. Intrigued? Then check out her video to see how she does it.


11. How to Build DIY Industrial Galvanized Pipe Shelves – The DIY Playbook

How to Build DIY Industrial Galvanized Pipe Shelves – The DIY Playbook

Rustic pipe shelves are not only highly attractive – they’re also extremely versatile, as this blog post proves. The shelves this DIYer made were designed for a baby’s nursery, although you can put them just about anywhere you choose. The most expensive item you’ll need to buy to recreate this plan is the galvanized floor flanges, which cost about $10 each – and other than that, the whole project will hardly cost very much at all.

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12. How to Build an Industrial Rustic Black Pipe Bookshelf/Entertainment Unit

Here’s another highly impressive project to check out – it’s a full bookshelf and entertainment unit built using industrial rustic black pipes, and it looks nothing short of fantastic. Want something like this for your home? Then give the post a read to see how they did it.


13. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Twelve On Main

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Twelve On Main

This blog post is an enjoyable one to read since it also tells you the story of how this project came about and how the process of making the shelves went. At the same time, there’s no lack of helpful detail for anyone who wants to try something similar themselves, making it a useful resource for anyone who appreciates this kind of style.

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14. Build this Industrial Black Pipe Bookshelf – with Plans Included

If you enjoy a little humor to go with your DIY plans, this video should entertain you. In it, this YouTuber tells us all about how a project that should have been easy seemed determined to go wrong at every step. However, it’s useful to see the mistakes other people make so you don’t end up making them yourself, and for this reason, this video is a recommended watch.


15. Step by Step DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves Guide

Step by Step DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves Guide

For those who like detailed and methodical plans, this is a DIY tutorial that was written with you in mind. In it, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to building industrial pipe shelves, along with some useful comments on the thought process behind the project. That way, you’ll be able to think everything through clearly before you begin, giving you much more chance of being successful in what you attempt.

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16. Bombproof Industrial Shelf

One problem with many DIY projects is that, although they look great, they aren’t sturdy enough to stand up to a little wear and tear. Not so with these industrial shelves, however – this YouTuber describes them as “bombproof”, and with good reason. Give the video a watch to see what we mean!


17. How to Make DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Wellness Mama

How to Make DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves – Wellness Mama

What we like about the shelves in this post is the way they combine the industrial look of pipes with a cleaner, more modern style of shelf. The result is a large set of shelving that’s strong enough to hold lots of books and much more (the blogger writes that she and her husband are book addicts). This is a gorgeous storage solution, and we’re sure lots of others will be interested in trying it out too.

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18. How to Make an Industrial Pipe Shelf

The beauty of projects like this is that they are easy to tackle, and the shelving is highly functional – yet at the same time, the finished item is extremely attractive. This is just the kind of project an inexperienced DIYer can tackle to learn a few new skills, and when it’s done, you’ll have a set of shelves you can be proud of having made yourself.


19. DIY Industrial Shelves (thespruce.com)

DIY Industrial Shelves (thespruce.com)

DIY plans on The Spruce website are always of the highest quality, and this tutorial for making industrial pipe shelves is no exception. The materials required are listed in detail, and each step is carefully explained. There are plenty of stunning photos to show you how it should look – as well as to give you some inspiration for the kind of thing you can do in your own home.

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20. How to Make a Gas Pipe Storage Solution

If you don’t have time to watch long tutorial videos, this one should be more manageable since it’s only less than two minutes long. It’s a little light on detail compared to some other videos we’ve seen, but it still contains all the information you need to build a set of gas pipe shelves just like the ones this talented YouTuber created.


21. DIY Pipe Shelves – Industrial Bookshelf

DIY Pipe Shelves – Industrial Bookshelf

For people who still prefer paper books rather than a soulless e-book reader, you’ll need somewhere to store them all – and thankfully, with a plan for an industrial pipe bookshelf like this one, you can build an attractive yet affordable place to display them.

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22. DIY Iron Pipe Shelving

This YouTuber describes this project as “the most Pinteresty thing ever” – it’s a plan to build DIY iron pipe shelving for the corner of an office. Most of the video consists of a timelapse shot of her carrying out the work, and once you’ve watched it, we’re sure you’ll be itching to have a go at doing something similar yourself.


23. DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf – DIY Project Tutorial

DIY Industrial Pipe Bookshelf – DIY Project Tutorial

Most of the plans for pipe shelving we’ve seen are for wall-mounted versions or at least shelving that’s attached to a wall. However, this plan is slightly different since it teaches you how to make a cute freestanding shelving unit that could be a stylish addition in a whole range of rooms. Give the video a watch and see if you can picture where you’d put it in your home.

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24. How to Make an Industrial Pipe Shelf

The short industrial-style shelves this YouTuber makes in his video would look great in any home that features rustic farmhouse décor. What’s more, he also gives us plenty of tips about things like how to ensure the shelves have enough strength to stay rooted firmly in the wall. A great video that most people will be able to learn a thing or two from and well worth checking out.


25. DIY Industrial Piping Shelves – Get the Farmhouse Look!

DIY Industrial Piping Shelves – Get the Farmhouse Look

We love the photos of these adorable rustic piping shelves, and the best part is that this project is extremely easy to replicate. Want to know how? Then head over to the blog to find out how they did it.

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26. DIY Industrial Pipe Closet Tutorial

If you have a spare walk-in closet, this video will show you how to make the most of the storage space by fitting a set of industrial pipe shelving. As you can see when it’s done, it gave this YouTuber somewhere to keep all her clothes, shoes and accessories in order – and anyone should be able to make something just like it.


27. DIY Fixer Upper Pipe Shelving Tutorial – unOriginal Mom

DIY Fixer Upper Pipe Shelving Tutorial – unOriginal Mom

Here’s one last plan for a set of pipe shelves that gave this blogger’s space a beautiful rustic homely look. She claims not to be the most creative person in the world, but her ideas certainly inspire us – and we’re sure we’re not the only ones who can say that either.

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Loads of great plans to help get inspired

Industrial pipe shelves can look fantastic, and there’s no shortage of great plans online to help get us inspired to break out the DIY toolbox.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed reading and watching them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the inspiration to get started on an industrial pipe shelving project of your own.

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