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How Many Gallons Does A 100 Pound Propane Tank Hold?

If you are new to propane tank ownership, you probably have a lot of questions. Many of those questions will deal with how much propane you should expect to buy and how much of it can be stored with your new tank.

A 100-lb propane tank is definitely a decent size tank for most purposes. But, you still need to know how much it can hold. Let’s discuss this matter and learn more about the subject.

How many gallons does a 100-pound propane tank hold?

This isn’t as easy a question to answer as you may think. Propane is a gas, which means that it can expand and condense base on the temperature. That’s why most articles will give a range when it comes to the maximum capacity of a propane tank.

On average, 100-pound propane tank will hold 23.6 gallons when it’s completely filled up. So, it’s best to stick to that measurement. Do not fill your tank with more than 25 gallons, as this can cause an explosion.

PRO TIP – It’s best to go by the 80 percent rule. In other words, don’t fill your tank up by more than 80 percent of its capacity. This reduces the chance of explosions. It’s a safety requirement that you should always abide by.

How much will a 100-pound propane tank weigh after being filled up?

When people talk about propane tank sizes, they are generally talking about the weight of the tank without any propane inside of it. So, that measurement is of a tank that’s totally empty.

It’ll also weigh a total of 170 pounds when it has completely filled up, so if you plan on bringing it anywhere, you will need two people and a cart.

What is a 100-pound propane tank good for?

Believe it or not, 100 pounds is not very large for a propane tank. As a result, this is not a tank that you should use if you rely solely on propane. This is the type of tank that is good for partial reliance on propane. If you have home appliances that need propane, this is the right choice.

A typical 100-pound propane tank will be good for space heating, working a clothes dryer, a gas fireplace, gas grills, or even a small hot water heater. Homeowners generally will need more than a 100-pound tank for full home heating or for pool heaters.

Unlike a 500-pound tank or even a 200-pound tank, this tank size is not going to be found underground. It’s an above-ground tank size that can even be portable in some cases.

How much will filling up a 100-gallon tank of propane cost?

The price of propane fluctuates wildly and can vary greatly from state to state. At the time of this writing, the average national price of propane is approximately $2.70 for residences. This means that a typical refill will cost $75 per time.

With that said, in states like New Jersey, the price of propane currently rests at $4.60 per gallon. So if you want to learn how much your propane refill will cost, it’s best to look at it from a local standpoint.

When is the cheapest time of year to buy propane?

Traditionally, the cheapest time of the year to buy propane is during the fall season. September and October, in particular, are very cost-effective. If you can, by all means, stock up during these months. It could save you a pretty penny.

PRO TIP – Unlike other petrochemicals, propane does not go bad. If you notice a dip in propane prices, it makes sense to stock up. After all, that extra propane will eventually become useful, even if it’s 10 years down the line.

Can you transport a 100-gallon propane tank on its side?

Can you transport a 100-gallon propane tank on its side

While this is potentially okay with handheld tanks, the truth is that you should never try to transport a propane tank greater than 10 pounds on its side. This is a safety measure. If the side gets damaged, the propane could ignite and cause a dangerous fire.

How much does a 100-pound propane tank cost?

A 100-pound propane tank is actually fairly affordable. Most people will pay between $400 to $700 for a tank of this size. How much you pay for the tank will depend on the supplier and the condition of the tank.

PRO TIP – No matter what your budget may be, always go to a certified propane tank seller. A tank that’s bought from a third-party person may not be safe to use, even if it looks okay.

How long does a 100-gallon tank last?

This depends on what you are using it for. If it’s just intermittent use for a large patio setup with a grill and an occasionally-heated jacuzzi, then you might be able to go for a month between refills. Maybe.

Most of the time, you can calculate how long your propane supply would last by checking the BTUs of the equipment you are fueling. A 100-gallon tank has 2.16 million BTUs when filled. If you know how many BTUs a piece of equipment uses per hour, you can do the math yourself.

If you were curious about how long the tank itself can last before it needs to be retired, there’s some good news here. You won’t have to worry about replacing a propane tank anytime soon. They’re very durable!

If you keep it well and avoid neglecting your tank, it’s possible to use the same galvanized propane tank for as long as 30 years. With that said, you should always check for damage and dents. A propane tank should always be replaced when you see dings, dents, or rust on it.

What other common propane tank sizes are there?

Great question! For the sake of this section of the article, we’re going to name them by the maximum safe gallon quantity they can store.

What other common propane tank sizes are there

These are some of the other common propane tank sizes you might see on the market:

  • 1000-Gallon Propane Tank. If you rely heavily on propane and have a large house, then a 1000-gallon tank would make the most sense. This is also the best choice for commercial buildings that are small, but demanding.
  • 500-Gallon Propane Tank. A 500-gallon tank can handle many homeowners’ needs. This is a great pick for pool heating, furnace usage, as well as certain types of commercial cooking.
  • 420-Gallon Propane Tank. It’s slightly smaller, but it’ll still work wonders when it comes to pool heating and all sorts of nifty things. This can heat a whole house if necessary.
  • 250-Gallon Propane Tank. If you need just a little extra heft for that furnace or the bathing area you have, thenit’s also possible to get a 250-gallon tank.
  • 200-Gallon Propane Tank. If you have a home that has a hybrid home-powering model, then a 200-gallon propane can still be enough to do everything that 100-pounders can do. You can just get more use out of it, that’s all. This is also the largest size you can get with an easy installation.
  • 20-Gallon Propane Tank. These petite tanks are the ones that you see on gas grills in the middle of summer. It’s just enough to power a grill. If you want to have a large grilling party or a tailgate celebration, this is it.
  • 8-Gallon Propane Tank. These are the smallest propane tanks on the market, and they are generally used exclusively for camping.

PRO TIP – A good thing to keep an eye out for is installation. The dimensions of your propane tank can become a major decision-making factor in what you should use. Talk to a propane tank salesman about your needs as well as the space you have for the tank.

Is a 100-pound tank an underground propane tank?

Nope. 100-pound tanks and 250-gallon tanks have small dimensions. As a result, they don’t need to be installed underground. In fact, it actually would make using them more of a chore to do so.

It generally only makes sense for a person to install underground propane tanks that are 500 pounds or larger. Even then, it’s possible to get larger tanks installed above ground. Most people don’t like doing that, though, since it can look ugly.

In conclusion

A 100-pound tank should be able to carry about 25 gallons of propane safely, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution and “cap it” at 23. If you need more propane, you can choose a larger tank size or find an alternative fuel setup.

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