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3 Ways to Turn Off The Door Chime On An ADT Alarm System

Using alarm systems in your home or business is one way to ensure security. Many alarm systems are posing as the best, but some are better than others. ADT security systems rank among the industry’s top because they protect from smoke, fire, and burglary.  You can also monitor the security around your house using the system.

However, you may notice that the alarm system chimes all the time, and it can be annoying. The reason is that you program it to work 24/7, so there is always something to check or monitor, causing the chime. Nevertheless, the system’s novelty can soon wear off because of the constant chimes. So, we discuss how to turn off the door chime on an ADT alarm system.

Turning Off the Chime on Your ADT Alarm System

1. General Models

The first way to turn off the chime on your ADT alarm system is to press the * symbol and the number 4 simultaneously. Then, while holding both buttons, press CHIME. You can also press CHIME to turn off the chime if the feature is enabled. Here is how it works:

  • Go to the alarm system and open its cover.
  • Next, locate the star (*) button and the number 4 button, press them simultaneously and hold them.
  • Now, locate the CHIME button, and press it without releasing the first two buttons.

The button combinations turn off the chime on the alarm system to reduce the noise around you. Ensure you test the door chime to see if the shut-off process is successful. Otherwise, repeat the steps or try other methods.

2. Specific Models

Specific Models

The second way is for specific models. The steps we have listed above work for almost all the ADT alarm security system models, but some have specific steps different from them. For example, an NT9010 model works differently.

  • To turn off the chime for this model or similar ones, go to the alarm and open the cover. Your model may not have this cover, so skip this step if it does not apply.
  • Next, locate the star (*) and the number 4 buttons on the keypad and press them simultaneously.
  • Hold both buttons until the alarm beeps three times.
  • Now, release the buttons and press them a second time. This second button press confirms the entry.
  • Then, close the alarm door if it applies.

3. Older Models

Sometimes, these two methods for turning off the door chime on your ADT alarm system may not work for your model. If you own and use an older ADT alarm system, you may find that the steps do not apply, and you must have other ways of quietening the chimes if they are bothersome.

In such a case, consider checking the alarm system’s user manual to determine the steps to turn it off. You may also check online for manuals on your specific model, but it is unlikely you will find one for older models. There may not be any soft copies, so contact ADT technical support to request one and see if it is still available.

You may also try using the alarm’s secret digit code that activates or deactivates the system. Enter the code and press the CHIME button. There is no guarantee that this method will work, but it may be the next best step before contacting the manufacturer for assistance. You may even find that the system has a dedicated CHIME button that can turn the beep off.

Is There a Purpose for the Alarm Chime Feature?

Is There a Purpose for the Alarm Chime Feature

You may be a quiet person who likes your space to be peaceful. If you work from home, you may appreciate the relative tranquility of having the house to yourself and working in peace. Therefore, we understand how intrusive and jarring the audible sound can be in such a situation.

The chimes do not have much of a purpose except convenience. They alert you when someone enters the front door of your house or opens a window, especially if you are in a different part of the house. You may also use the chimes to know when someone rings your doorbell.

In other words, the ADT door alarm chimes keep you in the know, so you do not have to run and check every time there is a movement. And since the chimes are not a critical part of the entire alarm system, ADT designed them to be shut off at will if you prefer not to have the noise around you.

However, although the ADT doorbell chime is a matter of convenience, you must understand it has good use. You will know when your children enter or leave the house, especially if you have little ones.

Also, you can tell when an unexpected guest enters, so you quickly check your home security system or premises. So, you may want to turn it off only temporarily when you have many visitors or a party. It eliminates the constant chime when many guests have to open and close the door.

Low Battery Chimes

Note that you may not have to turn off the door chime on your alarm system if it constantly beeps. The problem may stem from low batteries or a fault. If you try everything else, you may want to use the backup battery pack because the constant noise should stop once you do.

You may also want to check for other faults if replacing the batteries is not an option or does not solve the problem. It is best to hire a professional or contact ADT if you suspect there is a fault with the system and you are unsure of troubleshooting and repairing it yourself.

System Malfunction

A system malfunction can affect the alarm; dirt, moisture, or loose wiring causes a malfunction. Also, the weather can interfere with how the system functions and trigger the alarm due to a malfunctioning control board.

If you suspect a system malfunction, consider resetting the alarm. There may not be a specific reset method for all ADT alarm system models, so it is best to consult the user manual for your model for detailed instructions on resetting it.

Consider Adjusting the Volume

Consider Adjusting the Volume

While an ADT alarm system door chime is not a vital part of the entire system, it still has its uses, as already mentioned. So, consider adjusting the chime’s volume instead of completely turning it off. The chime serves its purpose that may come in handy when you least expect it.

With this possibility in mind, ADT home security systems designed their alarm systems to have adjustable volumes. This feature works whether or not the alarm model you own is smart. Check the system’s user manual for specific instructions for lowering the volume. Making it quieter serves a better purpose than not having chimes.

You can also get the ADT app, especially if you use the smart system. Find the option to adjust the volume next to the option to change the chime’s sound from the default setting. Follow the specific instructions to move the volume to a more comfortable point.

Use Another Chime Sound Option

With the volume adjustment, you will notice that you have the option of changing the ADT alarm chime sound. It may be that the chime itself is not the problem but the sound it makes. So, you can search through the available options to find a more suitable tone.

Note that older-model ADT alarm systems do not have the option of changing the sound. If you have none of the newer models, you may be stuck with the default chime sound, regardless of how annoying it is. The best option is to turn it off if you find it intrusive or annoying.

But if you own a newer ADT alarm system model, you must have the ADT app or smart hub installed on your device to change the sound. If you already do, go to the hub or app and find the Home Security link. Click on it when you find it and enter the security manager.

Look to the upper right corner of the page; you will see a tiny icon with three dots for the chime settings. Click them to enter the security settings and select the device to which you want to make adjustments. Then, scroll down the page to see the sound options and select one.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to turn off the door chime on an ADT alarm system reduces the noise in your home or intrusions when you need to concentrate. Simply press the star * and 4 buttons simultaneously to stop the noise. Alternatively, use the CHIME button if your system has one.

You may want to lower the volume instead of turning the chime off because of its security role. Additionally, consider using another chime sound to see if it is preferable. That may eliminate the need to turn the chime off.

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