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How Much Does Truck Rental At Menards Cost? (2023 Updated)

There are certain jobs that can only be done with a truck rental, and sometimes, U-Haul isn’t close enough to be feasible. One of the other major alternatives is to get a truck at Menards. The company has become famous for its easy-to-use rental service.

You might be wondering how much Menards truck rental costs. If so, you’re not alone. Menards Pick-Up and Go rentals are popular for good reason. Let’s talk about how much you should budget for that truck you want to rent.

How much does a Menards truck rental cost?

Menards has a fairly simple and straightforward truck rental pricing schedule. Here’s the scoop:

  • The first 75 minutes is $18.95. After that, you get charged $5 for every additional 15 minutes.
  • A full day rental is $89.95. This often is the smartest option for day-long rentals, though you may need to return the truck by the end of the business day. This is the day base rental, and does not include additional charges.
  • A week truck rental is $649.99. As you can see, there’s a pattern here. It’s safe to assume that your truck rental will be around $90 per day.
  • A month truck rental is $2699.99. This is for 30 days, not 31.
  • Every mile you put on the truck is an additional $0.40. This helps cover the gas mileage.

Additionally, all renters are expected to pay a one-time fee of $4.75. It’s the fuel surcharge.

PRO TIP – When renting a truck, always overestimate the amount of time you will need to do the job. Delays happen, and it’s often smart to avoid a late fee.

What kind of trucks does Menards offer for rent?

If you were hoping for a large U-Haul truck or a massive semi, you’re out of luck. A typical Menards vehicle is an 8-foot flatbed truck or a cargo van. In other words, these you’re not going to find a regular box truck here.

The good news about these budget rentals is that you get the same price regardless of whether you choose a rental pickup truck or if you choose the rental cargo van.

What kind of trucks does Menards offer for rent

Are Menards truck rentals affordable?

This depends on the context of the rental. In many cases, a petite truck or cargo van rental will be more affordable than a large U-Haul truck, and will also be able to get the job done well.

Menards rentals are a smart way to save money if you need to move a studio apartment or just get some stuff to a work site. If you need to haul a large quantity of items (such as moving from a 2-bedroom home to a 4-bedroom home), it makes more sense to call U-Haul.

Why does Menards offer truck rental services?

Menards is a DIY store that understands quite a lot about peoples’ lifestyles. One of the things they understand is that not everyone owns a truck or a trailer. This service is here for people who want to bring home things from the store without having to wait for delivery.

A typical truck rental can fit things like a Rug Doctor, lawn equipment, pieces of furniture, and electronics. So, if you need to move things from storage units to your home or just want to get your Menards goods to a job site, this is a smart service to buy.

What are the requirements you need to rent a truck?

Menards is actually more accommodating than most other car and truck rental services. You just need to be 21, with a driver’s license, a credit card, and proof of insurance.

The truth is that Menards makes every effort to make their rental experiences easier for first-time truck users. They even include hand control that facilitates easy driving for this price.

PRO TIP – If you are using the truck for a business project (such as yardwork), you may need to give them your company name and business insurance number. As an associate for help.

How to rent a Pickup & Go Truck from Menards

How to rent a Pickup & Go Truck from Menards

Believe it or not, this is a pretty easy process. Here’s what you should know:

  1. You can reserve your truck online or go to your local Menards store. It’s often better to do it online before you arrive at the store simply because you don’t want to end up missing the last truck. To do this, you can go to the official website and search for Pickup & Go.
  2. Arrive at the store and put down a rental deposit. The deposit will be returned to you as long as the truck comes back free of damage. Rentals are only done with a credit card, so make sure to have one ready.
  3. Show the customer service agent your paperwork. You won’t be able to drive off the lot without showing them that you have a valid driver’s license and an insurance card. They will jot down your policy number and also ask you to sign some papers.
  4. Return the truck by the end of the business day. Your rental time will be calculated and then you will be billed if you chose an hourly rental. Make sure your belongings are removed from the truck before you hand them back.

PRO TIP – If you have a project that is longer than a couple of hours, it makes sense to avoid the basic “hour base rental.” A day fee is usually more affordable.

What should you keep in mind before you rent a truck from Menards?​​​​

Menards makes every effort to make truck rentals easier and keep rental prices low. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be the right solution for everyone. To get the most out of your rental experience, we suggest you keep these questions in mind…

How long do you need the truck for?

In many cases, the hourly rates are going to be more expensive than a flat day rate. In fact, the flat day rate becomes the better deal after approximately four hours of use per day. Doing the math can help you determine what rental style you should get.

PRO TIP – You can often ask a Menards associate for a quick quote by simply describing the job you are using the truck for. They can also offer their input on which rental price structure would be best.

How far away is your Menards from your destination?

Menards is a very popular hardware store, sure, but it’s not everywhere. Mileage matters when it comes to truck rentals, which is why you might want to make sure that the local store near you is actually local.

How far away is your Menards from your destination?

Ideally, the Menards near you will not be further than a half hour away from either destination. If it is any further away, it may be time to take a look at other options aside from Menards pickup rentals.

How much stuff are you going to have to haul?

If you have to haul a sofa and some other goods, then you might do well with a Menards truck. However, if it’s going to take a bunch of trips if you only use a small truck, then a large box truck may be more appropriate—not to mention more affordable.

PRO TIP – If you just bought a bunch of stuff at Menards, then you can often get free help with loading the truck up. In some cases, they can also help with offloading the goods to the destination of your choosing.

Are you going to need to cover your goods?

Another often-overlooked point to consider is covering your items. Inclement weather can be a “make or break” kind of occurrence for certain projects. It depends on what you are trying to carry in your truck.

For example, lawn equipment is not going to have much of an issue if it is wet. After all, it’s built to be water-resistant. The same can be said of patio furniture or even home appliances. These work well with a flatbed truck, even during rainier days.

On the other hand, if you are trying to transport fine art, this could prove to be problematic if water gets too close to it. The same can be said of paper lamps or large boxes of clothing. These will definitely require a cargo van (not to mention extra care) to carry home.

In conclusion

If you want to get a truck from Menards, you absolutely can. Menards makes it easy for everyone to get a truck as long as they have the right documents. It’s part of their “power to the DIY person” way.

Rentals start with a base fee of $18.95, so if you are looking for a low-cost way to get things done, this is it.

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