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7 Reasons Why Your Traxxas Battery Not Charging (Fixed!!!)

Are you having issues charging your Traxxas battery? This can be frustrating after you spent extra money on rechargeable batteries to power your remote-controlled device. Could the battery be faulty or is there another reason why the Traxxas battery is not charging?

In this article, we go through possible reasons behind the charging problems. We will also explain how to look after your Traxxas battery to make it last longer.

Read on to find out the reasons for Traxxas battery charging issues.

Traxxas Batteries

Traxxas Batteries
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Traxxas batteries are one of the top brands in the remote-controlled (RC) product industry. They are known for their performance and their power. The brand has been around for more than thirty years and has a history of manufacturing high-performance RC vehicles.

Traxxas batteries are more powerful than standard alkaline batteries. There are two different Traxxas batteries available. To get the most out of your RC battery, it is important to choose the right battery type.

Below, we will briefly explain the key specifications of both battery types.

NiMH Batteries

The NiMH batteries from Traxxas are similar to AA, C, and D batteries used in many household devices including TV remotes, flashlights, and toys. They have cylindrical cells with 1.2 volts.

They are more robust than standard batteries because they have double-welded tabs and each battery cell has a rolled-metal construction. They can be discharged fully and stored without recharging. They come in three different voltages from 7.2 volts for the six-cell battery to 9.6 volts for the eight-cell battery.

LiPo (Lithium Polymer) Batteries

The 3.7-volt cells of the LiPo battery packs are stacked and sealed in a hard-wearing semi-rigid wrap. The smallest LiPo battery pack has two cells and 7.4 volts and the biggest has four cells and 14.8 volts. They have a bigger energy density, which means they can deliver at a higher voltage for longer than NiMH batteries.

LiPo batteries should not be allowed to discharge fully and you need to store them with the recommended battery voltage.

Why is Traxxas Battery Not Charging?

Why is Traxxas Battery Not Charging
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There are several reasons why your Traxxas battery might stop charging. Because the two battery types have different specifications, some of the reasons apply to one type more than the other. Therefore, it is important to know which type of Traxxas battery you have.

1. Faulty or Incorrect Charger

Your battery will not charge if the charger or LiPo adapter is faulty or you are using the wrong charger. If you have another Traxxas battery, try to charge it with the same charger. If there is still no power, then the problem is likely with the charger and not with the battery.

Note that you should never charge a LiPo battery using a NiMH charger or if you have a dual charger, in the NiMH charging mode.

2. Faulty Connection

If the connection in the circuit is faulty or weak, it will stop both NiMH and LiPobatteries from charging. In rare cases, a faulty connection can permanently damage the battery and the charger. Check for loose leads in the circuit.

You also need to check your wires. If you have frayed wires, they may result in a short circuit. If the cables and wires seem ok, check the battery connector and the plug. You can use a continuity tester or a multimeter to check your connectors and plugs.

3. Your Batteries Have Over-Discharged

If your battery has exceeded its depth of discharge, it may reject any charge when you connect it to the charger. This issue applies to LiPo batteries rather than NiMH batteries, which can be fully discharged.

LiPo batteries lose their capacity to store power when they are allowed to fully discharge. You can avoid over-discharging by setting a voltage cut-out on the speed controller and ensuring the battery pack is correctly balanced.

4. Your Battery is Old or Dead

Your battery may not charge because it has exceeded the number of charging cycles it can handle. A charge cycle is a round of charging and discharging. If you have another Traxxas charger, try the battery on that. If the battery still won’t recharge and you have had it for a long time, the battery has likely reached the end of its life.

On average, you will get about 300 charge cycles from LiPo batteries. NiMH batteries may last up to 1,000 cycles.

5. Balancing Issues

If you have Traxxas lithium batteries, you may have a balancing problem. If the cells are not properly balanced, one cell will have a higher voltage while others will fail to charge fully. Using the correct charger can help avoid balance issues.

6. False Peak State

This issue applies to NiMH batteries. Occasionally, the batteries may have a false peak status. This means that the charger will view the battery as fully charged when it is not. False peak issues are most common when the battery has not been used for a long time.

7. Faulty Fuse

Sometimes the reason your Traxxas battery will not charge is that it has a broken fuse. Fuses can blow, for example, when the battery gets old. A broken fuse will cause the power to flow excessively and it will not charge properly.

Traxxas Battery Maintenance

Traxxas Battery Maintenance
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Looking after your Traxxas batteries will ensure they keep delivering maximum power as long as possible. You should inspect the batteries and their components for any signs of damage or cell deformity after every use.

Wipe them with a soft cloth and check the wires, insulation, and battery case. If you notice an irregularity or any sign of internal damage, do not use the battery again.

When you are not using the batteries, store them in a cool dry place. If the Low-Voltage Detection for LiPo batteries was activated when you used them, it is a sign they are near the low-voltage threshold.

You should not store the batteries when they are depleted so recharge them before putting them into storage. The Traxxas ID charger has a store mode, which you can use before storing the batteries. Placing the batteries in the store mode will improve the life span and performance of the batteries.

Safety When Using Traxxas LiPo Batteries

LiPo batteries are lithium batteries. They are used in many devices and accessories we use every day including smartphones, laptops, and even cars. LiPo batteries are rechargeable and safe as long as users apply common sense and adequate caution. However, if they are misused, they can be dangerous.

Over-charging and over-discharging can both damage a LiPo battery. Short-circuiting or a punctured battery will discharge rapidly and can result in a fire or personal injury. This is why it is important to use the correct charger and settings for your battery, including the Traxxas iD batteries.

Because of the potential fire risk or explosion from a damaged battery, you should never charge LiPo batteries near flammable items or surfaces.

LiPo Charging

As a default, a Traxxas iD charger will use balance charging with Traxxas iD LiPo batteries and the company recommends it for day-to-day use. The balance charger will ensure even charging of the cells. Other charge modes available are the store mode and fast mode. You can change the mode in the charger settings.

Using the fast mode gives you a faster charge, but the runtime may be reduced. The store mode is used before storing your battery and it will ensure the battery has about 50% charge. You should use the storage mode if you will not use the battery for at least a week.

If you have left your battery unused for a long time without using the store mode, there is a way to fix the battery as explained in this video.

Traxxas Battery Charging Advice

When you are charging your Traxxas battery, some actions can help your battery last longer, while others will reduce its lifespan. Taking certain precautions will also ensure that you are charging the battery safely.

What You Should Do When Charging Traxxas Batteries?

You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when recharging batteries. When you are using LiPo batteries from Traxxas, you should always turn on the low-voltage detection.

It is recommended that you charge LiPo batteries in a container that is fireproof or fire-retardant and then place it in a well-ventilated area and on a non-flammable surface, for example, concrete, and away from flammable materials. You should also disconnect the battery and electronic speed control when you finish running your RC car or another device.

What You Should Never Do

Batteries should never be left unattended while they are charging. Neither should you leave them to charge overnight. If your battery has melted or swollen or has other visible defects, you should not charge it. You should never charge your battery near open flames or if you notice any fluid leaks.


When a Traxxas battery stops charging, it may be an issue with the battery, the charger, or the connections. If your battery is old and has been through many charge cycles, you will probably need a replacement battery. If the problem is with the charger and it is still under warranty, contact the company.

We hope you have found the answer to why your Traxxas battery is not charging. If you have any remaining questions about the topic, write them in the comments box.

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