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Heating Pad Flashing A Red Light While On High? (Causes & Solutions)

Aches, inflammation, and pains in our joints are nobody’s friend. They can be debilitating, slowing your daily activities or even stopping you in your tracks. If you have trouble with joint or muscle pains, you will appreciate any relief method, including heating pads.

A heating pad for pain relief is an excellent way to manage muscle problems. Sometimes, the pain can become so intense that you need to use the highest heat setting on the heating pad, which may affect the device. So, what do you do if you have the problem of your heating pad flashing red light while on high?

A few issues with the device can cause this problem, and we discuss them in this article. We also look at how beneficial a heating pad can be and why you should take care of it if you need it to last a long time.

Why Your Heating Pad Flashes a Red Light While On High

1. Poor Power Connection

A poor power connection is the most probable cause of your heating blanket flashing red light while on high mode. Typically, you connect the device to a power outlet, but you must ensure the connection is tight and secure. Otherwise, the red light comes on to warn you of the poor connection. That way, you can adjust the power cord to balance the connection.

2. Power Cord Connection

Apart from the proper connection to the power outlet, you must also check whether or not the cord’s connection to the device is tight. It may be loose or defective. This is especially true if you plug the device in and run it for a long time without disconnection.

Therefore, inspect the individual power cord connection to the power outlet and the heating pad. You can fix each connection point unless there is a problem with the power cord or the heating pad itself. In such a case, you may need a new one.

3. Overheating Problems

Using your heating pad while in high mode means the temperature is hot. Consequently, using it in that mode for a long time may affect the power cord, making it hot and unable to carry the device anymore. This may affect how the heating pad functions and trigger the red alert light to inform you of the system malfunction.

While you may get immense relief from using the pad in high heat, it is best to alternate the settings. Switch it from high to medium or low to reduce the strain on the device and prevent premature damage. This may even impact electricity usage in the long term.

Heating Pad Flashing a Red Light – Other Possible Causes and Fixes

Heating Pad Flashing a Red Light - Other Possible Causes and Fixes

If the power connection is secure on both ends, you may want to check other possible reasons for the flashing red light on your heating pad. Check some of them below.

1. Tangled Power Cord

Check the condition of the power cord; it may be twisted or kinked from where you packed it. If the cord is tangled, it may affect how much electric power flows to the heating. As a result, the red light blinks to indicate inadequate or improper power supply.

Therefore, straighten the cord and ensure there is no damage to it. Pull it out of the device and gently move it to remove the kinks. While doing that, carefully inspect the cord for breakage. If that is the case, you may have to replace the device’s power cord or the entire heating pad system.

2. Possible Overheating

Some heating pad brands design their products to flash when they are close to overheating. So, if the red light flashes while the device is set to high mode and in use, it may be because it is close to overheating or already overheating.

Turn off the pad for some time to allow it to cool considerably. You may turn it on again afterward, but avoid setting it to a high setting to prevent another overheating problem. Also, note that a possible internal malfunction can cause overheating, which may be a design problem.

3. Need for a Reset

Most electronic devices need a reset once in a while to keep them functioning optimally. Minor internal errors can affect how well the heating pad functions, so you may want to consider if the device needs a simple reset.

Resetting an electric heating pad will depend on the brand and type. Some models may have dedicated reset buttons. Inspect the device or check the user manual for indications of where the buttons may be on the device. If you find the button on your device, press and hold it until the heating pad resets.

But if there is no visible or dedicated reset button, disconnect the heating pad from the power source. Leave it unplugged from the socket for a few minutes to allow it to reset successfully. Afterward, reconnect the device to power and check the red light. It should stop the blinking light if it is a minor internal problem.

4. Replace the Heating Pad

Replace the Heating Pad

A final option would be to replace the heating pad, but that should only be if the flashing red light continues and the device malfunctions. Before replacing it, check the internal control and see if there is anything you can fix. It is a simple process.

Start by unplugging the pad from the electric wall outlet before testing or checking any part. Always test electrical devices when they are no longer connected to electricity to avoid electrocution. Next, get a small screwdriver and open the control panel on the power cord.

Ensure you carefully do this to avoid damaging the control with the screwdriver. Clean the interior parts of the control unit to ensure there is no residue of dirt or debris. Sometimes, dirt can clog the wires or sensor inside the control, compromising the device’s functionality.

To play it safe, you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the control. A wad of cotton wool and rubbing alcohol can also do the job. Again, carefully work your way around the control to prevent wetting the wires or pulling out any connections.

After cleaning the controls, cover the control and secure it. Ensure all parts are in their proper position before reconnecting the device to electric power and testing it. However, if the cleaning and the reassembling process does not fix the heating pad, you may need a new one.

5. Check the Electrical Problems

Before replacing the pad, you may want to test it to see if there are electrical problems. You cannot see such a problem by looking at the device unless you have special training. Since most users do not have this training, determining whether or not it has electrical issues requires testing.

You will need a multimeter for this test; this tool works as an ammeter, voltmeter, and ohmmeter in one. Ensure the heating pad is not connected to electric power and the control is off before attempting to test it.

Place the multimeter’s probes on the pad’s power cord prongs and check the reading on the device. It should show if the device receives electricity, so the reading should be infinite. Any other reading means the heating pad is defective or has an open circuit, and you should replace it.

Contact the manufacturer, report the issue, and see if you can get a replacement. This is especially necessary if the device is under warranty. Also, they may be willing to replace it with a new one if the problem is a design flaw. Otherwise, purchase it out of pocket.

Turning Off a Heating Pad Automatically

Turning Off a Heating Pad Automatically

Not all heating pads have an automatic shut-off feature. What it means is that you must manually turn it off when not in use. The problem with this is that you may accidentally leave it on and sleep off, causing a fire hazard.

An automatic shut-off feature should keep the pad from overheating and prevent the problem of an electric blanket blinking red light if the problem stems from high heat. So, you may want to get one that automatically turns off based on the timer you set. Moreover, it can preserve the device for longer if it does not have to run more than it should.

Several brands offer electric blankets and heating pads with this option. You must check the labels and reviews to determine the best brands and how well the pads’ automatic timers work. Then, you can make an informed decision for the best results.

Final Thoughts

A heating pad has many benefits, such as relieving joint pain and stiffness of the muscles, improving blood circulation, and reducing back pain. However, it works best if you use it according to the instructions. Poor usage can cause it to wear out prematurely or lead to overheating.

Premature wear can affect the functionality or power connection and cause a red light to flash. Also, an overheating heating pad can alert you by flashing red light. In such a case, turn the device off to cool and reduce the time you use it. Set to the highest heating mode, and run the pad for only 20 to 25 minutes before turning it off.

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