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7 Reasons Why Samsung Remote Blinking Red (Causes & Solutions)

Samsung appliances are some of the most sophisticated and reliable ones. They typically operate smoothly, but finding an issue with any of them can be frustrating. For example, why is your Samsung remote blinking red?

A Samsung remote blinking red is not always a serious issue unless your device stops working. Typically, the remote flashes a red light when it no longer pairs with the appropriate device or the batteries are running low. However, these are not the only causes of the blinking light.

Fortunately, most of these issues are easily fixable, and we discuss troubleshooting steps in this article. The aim is to show how to steady the blinking light, so you can continue using the remote instead of completely replacing it.

Samsung Remote Blinking Red: The Most Common Reasons

A Lack of Proximity

The remote may be out of range, causing a loss of communication between the sensor and the appliance. One thing to try is the distance between the remote and the appliance; move closer to it with the remote control and see if the light stops blinking.

If it stops, the problem is solved, and you know the light results from a lack of proximity. However, if the light continues blinking, raise your hand closer to the TV to see if it solves the problem. If the light stops when the remote is closer to the TV, it may mean that the sensor is weak or the batteries are running out of life.

Poor Communication

The remote may also blink red if the TV no longer responds to it or vice versa. It may stem from a glitch or wiring issue. You can verify this by checking for any corresponding light on the TV receiver. The lack of a flashing light indicates a communication problem between them.

Try resetting the remote by pressing the B and C buttons. Hold them and monitor the remote light on the TV; it should flash to indicate a successful reset. Afterward, key in 981 to reprogram the remote and get it up and running again for the television.

Other Possible Causes for a Samsung Remote Blinking Red

Other Possible Causes for a Samsung Remote Blinking Red

If none of the above works, below are some troubleshooting steps to determine the cause of the problem. Then, follow the repair steps to fix it permanently.

1. Check the Batteries

Your Samsung TV remote may blink red when the batteries are weak, damaged, or no longer viable. That means the remote can no longer function as it should, and you must test the batteries to see if they are the source of the problem.

While weak batteries may seem like an easy-to-detect problem,  it may come as a surprise that many users forget them. However, note that dead or damaged batteries can leak fluid that may irreparably damage the remote.

So, remove them from the remote and insert them into another device; note the directional arrow. Test it to see how the batteries work; continue your troubleshooting steps if the device works well. However, if the device fails, you must get new batteries for your remote. Ensure you correctly install them.

To put the new batteries in the remote, open the remote control’s battery compartment and remove the old ones. Ensure you check the direction of the arrow. Note the batteries’ polarity and correctly insert the new ones. Check the area with the + sign on the batteries and compartment, and insert the batteries accordingly.

The same applies to the area of the – sign. Ensure you use the correct AA batteries for a Samsung remote and test it afterward to ensure it is working.

2. Check the Pairing

Another common reason for a Samsung remote control blinking red is a pairing issue. We have previously mentioned this possibility, but let us explain why it is a viable reason.

When you get your TV, it should pair with the remote without stress. That is why you can use it with the TV to govern its functions from where you are in the room. However, the pairing may come undone over time, causing the remote to blink red any time you attempt to use it.

Therefore, checking to see that the pairing is intact is crucial. It helps you eliminate it as a possible cause and look for other issues. If the TV and remote are no longer paired, try manually setting up the connection again.

Press the TV’s power button on the appliance to turn it on since the remote cannot work with it now. Next, locate the IR sensor on the TV and point the remote at it. Stay about one to two feet away from the set; do not exceed this distance.

Locate the Return and Play/Pause buttons on the remote and press them simultaneously for about five seconds. A battery and remote icon should appear on the screen to indicate that the pairing is complete and successful. The blinking light should stop afterward.

3. Check for Obstructions

Check for Obstructions

If you have a clear line of sight between the remote and the TV, and everything is in working order, there may be other possible reasons for the blinking remote. But you must ensure no item is in the way, regardless of the size. Even the tiniest obstruction can affect the IR sensor.

Depending on the location of the TV, it may be a piece of furniture, books, toys, a bar, or any other item. The TV sensor is highly sensitive, making it easy to connect with the remote from a distance. However, its sensitivity also means the smallest obstruction can stop the remote from working and cause it to blink red.

Additionally, dirt on the sensor can stop the remote from working. It works in the same way as having a physical obstruction in the way. The dirt clouds the sensor and restricts the signal to the TV.

If removing possible obstructions does not solve the problem, clean the sensor with a clean and damp cloth. Do not use any liquid, spray cleaners, or a dripping rag because of possible damage.

4. Check for a Stuck Button

The problem of a Samsung remote blinking red light may be due to one or two stuck buttons. Releasing them can stop the blinking and get the remote back in working order. Over time and constant use, grime, dirt, and oxidation may affect some buttons and cause them to stick.

Fortunately, releasing them is simple if you have that problem. First, press and release the affected buttons a few times in quick succession. The pressure and speed you apply during each press may release it from what causes it to stick.

You may have to disassemble the remote if this process does not work. To do this, remove the cover over the battery compartment and take the batteries out. Next, get a small screwdriver and unthread the screws in the battery compartment and remove the back panel.

Turn the remote over and pull the front panel off; you will reach the buttons and circuit board. Use a rubber eraser to clean the dust and possible oxidation off the affected buttons; do the same for the other buttons for better results.

You can also soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol, known as rubbing alcohol, and clean the rubber contacts and components. Clean the rubber padding over the buttons with warm soapy water and a soft cloth, but ensure you completely dry it. Retrace your steps to reassemble the remote and test its functionality.

5. Check for Possible Damage

There is a chance that the remote is damaged in some way. Whether external or internal, any damage to such a small device can affect its functionality. Therefore, thoroughly inspect the remote for signs of stress or damage. Sometimes, you can repair it, but other times, it may be beyond repair.

If you find no physical damage, consider opening the remote to check for loose or damaged connections. You can follow the disassembling steps above to open the remote and test the connections. If that is not something you can do, have a professional test it, especially if the remote and corresponding appliance are expensive.

Turn the Television Off and On

Turn the Television Off and On

If the remote blinks only when you try to use it on the Samsung TV, turn off the set and turn it on again. You may have to unplug it from the wall outlet. A bug or malware may cause a malfunction in the remote and TV, and turning it off for a few minutes may repair it.

Ensure you give the TV several minutes to reset before rebooting it. This simple process may fix the malfunction, but you may also need to service the appliance. However, that may not be necessary if rebooting the TV fixes the problem and the remote resumes normal operations.

Bottom Line

Several issues can cause your Samsung remote to blink red, but the most probable causes are weak batteries and distance. You may be too far from the TV, which affects the signal from the remote sensor to the TV. Closing the distance and removing obstructions should fix the problem.

However, test the batteries on another device if proximity is not the problem. If necessary, ensure you replace them with the correct battery type for a Samsung remote. If all else fails, contact the Samsung Center to report the issue and request service.

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