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15 Reasons Why Samsung TV Keep Turning On and Off (Fixed!!!)

Does your Samsung TV keep turning on and off? If yes, you’re not alone. We know just how you feel.

Samsung TVs, just like other smart TVs, are associated with a great deal of functionality. However, they’re not free from flaws.

What would cause a Samsung TV to turn on and off by itself at random times, though?

If you have a Samsung TV constantly coming on and off, you shouldn’t fret. This problem can be fixed, and in this article are tips to help you troubleshoot your faulty Samsung TV as well as the reasons behind this malfunction.

Why Do Samsung Smart TVs Keep Turning On and Off? (15 Possible Reasons)

Fixing a Samsung TV that goes off and on by itself is a smart move. However, before looking for ways to fix this issue, you need to know why this keeps happening to start with.

There are several reasons your TV goes off and on without you clicking any button.

Here are the most prominent/likely ones:

Reason #1: The Anynet + (HDMI-CEC) feature is active.

The Anynet+ CEC feature allows TV owners to control external devices linked to their TV via an HDMI cable using the remote. If you leave this feature on, your Samsung TV might go off by itself, especially if any connected HDMI device goes off.

Reason #2: Eco Solution settings.

Some Samsung TVs come with an Eco Solution feature. If you activate this unintentionally and do nothing about it for a long while, your Samsung TV will go off by itself in an attempt to save power.

Reason #3: Faulty power outlet.

This is quite direct. With a bad power outlet, your TV might not receive optimal and stable power, making it go off and on by itself.

Reason #4: Outdated TV software.

This may not be a problem if you’ve used your TV for a short period. However, if you’ve been using your TV for a while, you might need to upgrade its software.

Some Samsung TVs update automatically. However, if you have one that can’t do this or have this feature turned off, you need to do this manually.

Reason #6: Sleep Timer settings.

This feature is designed to help you reduce energy bills when the TV isn’t in use for a while. If you have enabled the sleep timer setting, you shouldn’t be surprised if your TV goes off after a period.

Reason #7: Connection issues.

Various connection errors can make your Samsung TV go off by itself. Do you have your TV linked to an external device? If yes, a wrong connection that causes any of these connected devices to shut down may also turn off your Samsung TV.

Reason #8: Damaged wall socket or surge protector.

Surge protectors come in handy in protecting your TV from power outages. So, if you have a bad surge protector connected to your TV, it could cause your unit to go off occasionally.

Reason #9: Faulty motherboard.

Like computers, TVs also have motherboards. If your TV’s main board develops a fault, it might turn on and off without anyone clicking a button.

Reason #10: Missing TV remote.

This seems like something that will never happen to an adult. Nonetheless, you sometimes get so busy that your TV remote gets missing. If this happens, something could press the power button, especially if the remote is in a tight corner. For example, you could just be sitting on it and pressing the button by mistake.

Reason #11: Overheating.

TVs can work for extended periods without any issues. However, if your TV works for a long period uninterrupted, it could overheat. And when it overheats, it will shut down by itself. This is most likely to occur if your video settings are at their peak.

Reason #12: Calibration settings.

You have to recalibrate it occasionally to get the best out of your Samsung TV picture quality. This might make your TV turn off by itself once in a while.

Reason #13: Faulty capacitor.

The capacitor in a TV is charged with the duty of supplying power. In a case where it’s faulty, it may result in an inadequate power supply, causing your TV to keep shutting down by itself.

Reason #14: Faulty wall socket.

A bad wall socket supplying power erratically could cause your TV to go off and on without you moving a muscle.

Reason #15: Power cable issues.

Like a faulty wall socket, a bad power cable could result in an unstable power supply to your Samsung TV, causing it to go off and on by itself.

Reason #16: Dust beneath a remote’s power button.

The presence of dust under a remote’s power button could cause it to work aberrantly, ultimately turning your Samsung TV on and off.


Recommendations for Fixing Samsung TV Turning On and Off (8 Solutions)

Now that you know why your Samsung TV keeps turning on and off, let’s walk you through the various ways to remedy this problem.

Solution #1: Update Your TV Software.

Updating your Samsung TV software isn’t a difficult thing to do.

You simply need to follow the steps below:

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Click on Support.
  • Select Software Update.
  • Click on Update Now.

This is a process that might last for about half an hour. While it usually lasts 30 minutes, it could be shorter or longer — the strength of your TV network is a major determining factor.

While the update is on, you must ensure that the TV stays on throughout. If for any reason, your TV goes off while the software update is ongoing, things could complicate matters.

You need to update your TV’s software regularly to ensure this doesn’t happen again. An excellent way to do this is to enable Automatic Updates in the Software Update tab.

Solution #2: Tweak the Eco Solutions settings.

If your Samsung TV keeps shutting down because of its Eco Solution settings, you may need to make some changes to the feature.

To do this, follow the below steps:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Click on Eco Solution.
  • Select Power Saving Mode and click on Off.
  • Go back and Select Auto Power Off.
  • Toggle the settings to Off to disable the automatic sleep mode.

Solution #3: Alter your Samsung TV’s Sleep Timer setting.

If you’ve unintentionally turned on your TV’s Sleep Timer setting, you simply need to turn it off.

Follow these steps to do this:

  • Head to Settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Select System Manager.
  • Click on Time.
  • Select Sleep Timer.
  • Click on Off.

Solution #4: Connect your TV directly to a wall outlet.

If you suspect that you have a faulty power surge protector causing your TV to go off, you should simply disconnect the TV from the power surge protector and plug it directly into the socket. If it stays on after you do this, you should replace the power surge protector.

Solution #5: Conduct a soft reset.

If your Samsung TV keeps going off frequently because of issues related to recalibration, you will need to carry out a soft reset.

There are two carry out soft reset on a Samsung TV. The first is to unplug the Samsung TV for 30 seconds and plug it back. The second takes only about five seconds; it involves pressing and holding the power button on your TV remote until it restarts. 

Solution #6: Conduct a factory reset.

When you try out everything you think should be a remedy to your Samsung TV going off and on but don’t have the solution you seek, you just might need to carry out a factory reset.

When you carry out a factory reset, every setting in your TV, causing it to go off without you hitting the power button, will be restored to normal.

Before restoring your TV to factory settings, ensure you take time to try the aforementioned troubleshooting ideas. This way, if you start experiencing the problem again, you can be sure which setting is responsible.

Here’s how to do a factory reset on a Samsung TV:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Click Reset.
  • Enter your PIN (0000 is the default PIN).
  • Click Reset and Select OK to finish the reset process.

Your TV should restart afterward.

For some other Samsung TVs, the process is a little bit different, and outlined below:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click Support.
  • Select Self Diagnosis and Click Reset.

If you still don’t get the required results even after conducting a factory rest, you should get in touch with Samsung’s customer care. This is important as there might be a bug or issue with your TV’s hardware that only Samsung service updates can fix.

Solution #7: Lookout for close by TVs.

As the owner of a Samsung TV, you usually wouldn’t expect it to be controlled by another person’s remote control. Nonetheless, there are instances where the control of one TV interferes with the function of a different unit if they’re not so far apart.

While this isn’t common, we can’t entirely rule out its possibility. Aside from the case of two TVs of the same brand receiving interference from each another, if your neighbor uses a Samsung TV and has a universal remote, they could control your TV from their end without wishing to do so.

If you suspect this to be the situation, you should look around for TVs close to you that are just like yours and fix the problem by repositioning your unit.

Solution #8: Change the batteries in your TV’s remote.

Is your Samsung TV’s remote’s battery running low on charge? If yes, there’s a likelihood that it’ll give out the wrong signals. In this situation, you should throw in a fresh set of batteries into your TV Remote.

While at it, take out time to clean the buttons on your TV remote. This is important as the power button might be sticky, causing it to be held down and, by extension, making your TV go on and off.

Solution #9: Check Your TV’s Power Timer.

The most recent TVs have several features that aren’t available on older TVs — one of these is the Power Timer feature. This feature affords you the luxury of turning your TV on and off at a preset time without lifting a finger.

If your Samsung TV keeps going on and off at around the same time through a cycle, you may have mistakenly programmed the Power Timer to shut it down. Also, a child could have messed up with the Power Timer’s settings.

In this situation, go through your TV’s settings and check the power timer’s schedule. If it’s enabled, you should consider turning it off.


The tips above can come in handy in helping you deal with a Samsung TV that keeps going off and on. However, if you still don’t get any positive change after troubleshooting with these nine solutions, you might just need to take your TV to the nearest Samsung office. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any possible questions.

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