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What Size Screws Are Used To Mount A Samsung TV (You’d Love To Know!)

Before you grab your drill and start mounting, make sure you know the size of screws needed for your specific Samsung TV model and the type of mount you’re using. There are a few general guidelines to confirm if you have the right screws on hand. So, what size screws are used to mount a Samsung TV? Let’s check it out here so you can continue to hang it in your living room.

Samsung TV Screw Sizes

The size of your television will dictate the recommended screw size to use. First, you have to find the screen of your Samsung TV to be able to determine the right screw as per the usage specification will depend on it.

Check out what screw you need for your Samsung TV, which are anything between M4x25mm, M6x16mm, and M8x40mm screws.

1. 19 to 22 inches – M4 screws

The M4x25mm screw is a machine screw with a 4mm diameter and a 25mm length. It is typically used in small electronic devices and appliances like your Samsung TVs, where they need to be fixed firmly.

2. 30 to 40 inches – M6 screws

The M6x16mm screw is a machine screw with a 6mm diameter and a 16mm length. It is used to mount and secure various components in Samsung TVs, such as the back panel and internal components.

30 to 40 inches - M6 screws
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3. 43 to 88 inches – M8 screws

The M8x40mm screw is a machine screw with an 8mm diameter and a 40mm length. It is used to mount and secure various components in Samsung TVs, such as the back panel and internal components. All three screws are typically steel with black oxide or zinc plating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Note: Only have a 1.25 mm threaded pitch long for all three Samsung TV screws. Using the wrong size of screws could lead to an unsafe installation and could cause damage to the television or injury.

If you’re using a fixed mount, you’ll need screws that are long enough to go through the mount and securely attach to the wall. The length of the screws will depend on the thickness of the mount and the distance from the wall to the back of the TV. If you’re using a tilting or full-motion mount, you’ll need longer screws to accommodate the added depth of the mount.

One good thing about Samsung TV models is that most come with screws, spacers, and washers in the box. So be sure to check the box before you head to the hardware store.

Check Samsung TV Specifications Before Looking for Screws

First and foremost, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications for your TV. These can usually be found in the user manual or the Samsung website. The specifications will indicate the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) pattern, the distance between the four mounting holes on the back of the TV, and the recommended screw size for that pattern.

For example, a 100×100 VESA pattern means that the screw holes are arranged in a square shape and are 100 millimeters apart from each other. This means that the distance between the top screw hole and the bottom screw hole, as well as the distance between the left screw hole and the right screw hole, is 100 millimeters and therefore needs M4x25mm screws. It’s important to use the recommended screw size to ensure a secure mount and to prevent damaging your TV.

Best Place to Position Your Samsung TV

The only place to mount all TVs is anywhere cable management will be maintained. Keep it from obstructing gaming consoles, power cords, DVD players, or other external devices, or be about the reach of children. The ideal location for your Samsung TV will depend on your own preferences and the layout of your space. Just always have safety precautions when it comes to any electrical devices.

Best Place to Position Your Samsung TV
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Recommended Viewing Distance

Typically, it is recommended to have your Samsung TV at eye level at a distance where the viewer can comfortably see the entire screen without straining anyone’s eyes or causing neck injuries. But according to the Samsung Tech Win website, there is a computation to it—and that is by dividing the size of your TV by .55. The answer would be the recommended distance and viewing range for your Samsung TV.

A smaller space may need to get a smaller television. In contrast, a room with extra space can have larger TVs where you can have your personal surround sound movie theater in the safety of your home.

How to Get the Dimension of Samsung TV

To get the size of a Samsung TV, you can check the specifications listed on the product page or in the user manual. The size is typically measured diagonally in inches; for example, a 55-inch TV would be 55 inches from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. You can also physically measure the TV by measuring the length and width of the screen.

How to Mount Samsung TV

Most TVs have a manual on how to safely mount them on the wall. Depending on the size of your Samsung TV, you may need to ask for assistance before starting the work. You don’t want to risk damaging your TV. Once you find assistance or get professional help, you can always check the guides we set for you for extra help mounting your Samsung TV.

Tools Needed  

Gather all the necessary tools and equipment before you start hanging the TV, including a stud finder, a level, a drill, wall anchors, and the mounting bracket that came with your Samsung TV.

Tools Needed
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Step By Step Guide:

  1. Find the studs. Locate the studs in the wall where you want to mount the TV using a stud finder to maintain maximum capacity.
  2. Level the wall.Using a level, mark on the wall where the top of the TV will be placed.
  3. Mark the holes. Hold the mounting bracket against the wall and use a pencil to mark the location of the bracket’s mounting holes before drilling pilot holes into the marked locations.
  4. Screw the mounting brackets. Secure the mounting bracket to the wall using the appropriate screws for your TV. Review our guides above in finding the correct screw size for your Samsung TV.
  5. Hang your TV. Carefully place your Samsung TV onto the bracket and secure it according to the instructions provided with the bracket.
  6. Double-check for safety. Make sure that your Samsung TV is level and make any necessary adjustments.

Q1: My Samsung TV didn’t come with screws; where can I find them?

You can find the appropriate screws at most hardware stores or check online retailers. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for the recommended screw size for your TV’s VESA-compliant pattern.

Q2: Where can I find the VESA pattern on my Samsung TV?

The VESA pattern can usually be found on the back of the TV, near the bottom, or on a label indicating the TV’s specifications.

Q3: Can I use self-tapping screws to mount my Samsung TV?

It is not recommended to use self-tapping screws to mount a Samsung TV, as they may not provide a secure enough hold and can damage the mounting holes. It is best to use screws that are specifically designed for TV mounting.

Q4: How do I level my Samsung TV once it is mounted?

Most TV wall mounts come with a built-in level, but you can also use a bubble level to ensure the TV is level before securing it in place. Once the TV is level, you can tighten the screws to secure it. If you’re using drywall anchors for older homes, ensure they can hold the weight of the mount.

Q5: Can I mount my Samsung TV above a fireplace?

It is not recommended to mount a TV above a fireplace, as the heat from the fireplace can damage the TV. You may check if there is heat coming out of your fireplace and if it has a mantle by looking at the accumulated ash on your vents and cable box. Keep it 3-7 inches below the TV if there are none.


In general, it’s the best choice to know what size screws are used to mount a Samsung TV. There are various screws available, but you cannot just use them to install your TV. Using compatible mounts and screws according to a specific Samsung TV model will ensure a secure mount and prevent damage to your TV.

So, be sure to check your Samsung TV’s VESA standard and use the recommended mount and size screw for it.

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