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How Many Square Feet Is A 2-car Garage? (Calculation & Suggestions)

Are you planning to set up a new garage with a capacity for just two cars? If yes, this page is for you!

Nothing beats having the best 2-car garage, especially if you’re looking to maximize your space for aesthetics and function. Whether you want an attached or detached garage, you must consider the ideal size for a 2-car garage.

There’s no point in building a garage and demolishing it because it isn’t spacious enough or suffers certain defects. To avoid such frustrating situations, it’s best to find out the exact size of a 2-car garage.

All you need to know about the size of a 2-car garage can be found in this piece. Let’s dive in so you can have a concrete idea of what your car garage should look like.

A 2-Car Garage, What Does It Mean? 


Well! everyone is going minimalist; one semi-detached bungalow house, a beautiful backyard garden, and, of course, a 2-car garage. There’s no need to rack brains over what a 2-car garage entails; it’s self-explanatory. But we’ll describe it just for clarity.

A 2-car garage is constructed to house two cars comfortably. It might be an in-house garage or an outdoor extension. Whichever style you choose, a 2-car garage only takes two cars, not three, and definitely not four.

What Are the Square Feet for A 2-Car Garage? 

This question is somewhat tricky, even though it looks so simple to answer. The fact is, there are several recommended sizes for a 2-car garage. But the exact size is determined by some other factors, which we’ll also look at in this article.

Beyond providing the ideal space for parking your vehicles, the garage should also serve as storage for other household equipment, including tools, ladders, gardening machines, bicycles, motorcycles, and other things you can think of.

Regardless of the vehicles, you want to park or other purposes you wish to use the garage for, the average size of a 2-car garage should be 20 by 20, 24 by 24, or 24 by 30.

Thus, the ideal square feet of your 2-car garage range between 400 (20 X 20), 576 (24 X 24), and 720 square footage (24 X 30). Anything aside, these measurements will be considered too big or too small.

What Is the Ideal 2-Car Garage Size? 

This is the point where preference, interest, and perspective come to play for homeowners. Selecting the ideal 2-car garage size is solely your decision to make. There’s no perfect garage size; you have to go for whichever measurement you feel will house your cars comfortably and be helpful for other purposes.

A 20x 20 two-car garage is considered the smallest of all 2-car garage sizes. This size will comfortably sit a single car or two small cars without extra storage space. For instance, a 16.5ft long X 6.5ft wide Ford explorer SUV and 16ft long X 6ft wide pickup truck will sit comfortably in a 20 by 20 2-car garage. But there might not be enough space for other things.

A 24 by 24 two-car garage will not only house these cars comfortably but also provide enough room for other purposes. Heavy-duty trucks and other giant-sized vehicles will do well in a 24 by 30 2-car garage.

So, what you consider ideal may not be suitable for another person. Thus, it’s best to go for your preference to avoid wasting resources or constructing something you won’t enjoy in the long run. Let’s quickly what’s worth considering when selecting the ideal 2-car garage:


What Should You Watch Out for When Selecting the Ideal 2-Car Garage? 

Ensure to pay attention to the following for the best 2-car garage:

1. Car sizes

This takes precedence when planning a 2-car garage. You intend to keep your two cars in the garage, so it’s best to consider them before anything else.

What kind of cars  do you intend to keep in the car space? Are they big or small? These questions must be carefully answered because they will determine the best option to go for. If your cars are small, going for a 574 or 720-square-feet car garage is pointless.

On the flip side, if you drive a giant Hilux vehicle or Mercedes Metrix, you have no business opting for the 400 sq ft 2-car garage. You should go for a standard garage, the size of a 3-car garage.

2. Storage purpose

Rather than create a separate storage space, some people prefer to use their garage for storage. If you have this in your plan, you can’t go for a minimum size of 20 by 20 storage. Instead, opt for bigger storage with enough room for storing anything you wish to keep.

3. Workshop

Going for a big garage is ideal if you’re also looking to turn your garage into a workplace where you can put a workbench and get your hands on crafts. You need enough space not just for your cars but also for art.

So, if you’re mechanic-inclined or handy with metals and woods, it’s best to save yourself a space in the garage. You can’t be working under the sun, so the garage will be an excellent place to practice your craft.


4. Other purposes

Aside from parking cars, a garage could double anything. From a home gym to a mud room, a workstation to a studio, there’s hardly anything you can’t do in your garage. However, you must factor these into your plan at the onset to avoid unnecessary demolitions or adjustments in the future.

Optimizing Your 2-Car Garage Space 

Do you wish to go for a smaller garage because of the cost implication and other personal factors? Or do you already own a small 2-car garage but need space for other things? If yes, there are things you can do to optimize the area for more function. Let’s take a peek at the best tips for optimizing your 2-car garage space:

1. Use Wall Mounts for Storing Boxes

Yes! your garage is small, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make do with the space. You can adopt a minimalist design for the garage by hanging elevated storage racks on the wall. These racks will be handy for holding storage boxes, cartons, books, and toolboxes.

2. Wall Hangers Will Do the Magic Too

If you need to hang other smaller items, including specific tools, bags, work clothes, and all, you could stylishly hang such using wall hangers. These hangers help you save a lot of space and do not affect movements within the garage space.

You can also hang shelves to the ceiling to provide enough room for storing items and items you don’t use daily. Hanging a pegboard on the wall is also a good idea. All tools lying around the garage can be hung on the peg board. Spaces atop the garage door will also be useful for storage.


3. Space Decluttering

Putting things in order is essential to create more room and make your 2-garage more functional. Ensure that all unnecessary items lying around the garage are thrown out. If this stuff is still useful, find a better place to keep them safe.

Get rid of all junk, including bad tools, cans, plastic, and nylons, to give your garage the best look it deserves. If you can’t go through the stress of decluttering your garage space, you can engage the services of professional removal services with just a token.

4. Use A Folding Table

A folding table is ideal for a small garage that you also want to use as a workspace. There might not be enough space to install a normal table after parking your cars. So, opting for a drop-down table is not a bad idea. You can always let it loose when you need to use it and put it in its place when it’s not required.

Beyond The Square Feet, What Else? 

As explained above, an ideal 2-car garage is not limited to only size. However, aside from the space’s size and purpose, you also need to pay attention to the style, design, and materials used for constructing the garage. Consider the following:

  1. It’s best to go for weather-tight and durable materials that allow for adequate car protection against UV rays, molds, and other debris.
  2. Adequate ventilation is necessary if you use the garage for storage or other purposes. Creating a stuffy parking space will not do you any good in the short and long run.
  3. You must be willing to do what works best for you regardless of the cost implication. Don’t settle for less because you feel getting a better option is more expensive.
  4. Engage the services of a professional garage contractor for the best garage designs. Seek their counsel on what works best for your home and needs. Ensure that the construction company has a good reputation. Never engage the services of quacks.


There is no perfect size for a 2-car garage save what you intend to have in your space. However, the ideal measurement you can choose has been pointed out in the article. Ensure to go by the recommendations of this piece to get the best 2-car garage space, perfect for your home.

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