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How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat Wheels? (Tips)

Are you wondering whether powder coating your wheels is a worthy investment? If you have been planning to revamp your vehicle to give it a new look, you probably asking yourself, how much does it cost to powder coat wheels?

Powder Coating wheels are the perfect way to transform your vehicle from boring to fabulous. However, before starting your project, it’s essential to consider how much powder-coating wheels cost. The cost can be a bit confusing as there are many different kinds of coatings, and they can vary significantly in price depending on where you live.

This article has everything you need to know about the cost of powder-coating wheels, the benefits, and what wheels should be powder coated.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a process where a specialized machine applies a top coat on metal parts, which are then heated at high temperatures in an industrial oven. The top coat is applied using an airless spray gun. It’s a dry powder that can be applied onto the surface by spraying it in the airless chamber and then dusting it onto the region with a small brush.

The curing process takes about 2-3 hours to finish, depending on how much of it has been done. The powder coating process is quite similar to lacquer coating but only works with metallic materials. Powder coating differs from other forms of metal application in that it creates a softer metal that is too smooth to use in normal manufacturing processes and makes it highly resistant to rust.

There are many different ways to apply powder coating though not all of them are cost-effective or safe for everyone involved in the process. Some people claim that powder coating isn’t painted at all because it doesn’t adhere well enough to do anything useful like drywall or woodwork would be able to do. Others say that since there’s no solvent used during this process, there’s nothing wrong with using this material indoors if you paint walls or apply decals on windows and doors.

How Much Does Powder Coating Wheels Cost?

How Much Does Powder Coating Wheels Cost

If you want your car wheels powder coated, your mind center around the cost associated with this service. Professionals within a specialized facility typically carry out powder coating. Due to the complexity of this service, you expect to pay a reasonable amount for these services. The cost of powder-coating wheels ranges between $350-$700 to powder coat all four wheels.

The smaller sedan-sized wheels cost much less for a singular base coating. If your wheels are about 16 inches, this will likely cost you $300. Larger wheels receive additional gloss beyond the standard base and cost much more.

Standard colors, such as black, are charged much less than more exotic colors, like pink, red, purple, or even gold.

Powder Coating Wheels vs. Paint Jobs

Powder Coating Wheels vs. Paint Jobs

The powder coating process is applying electrostatically charged particles to electrically grounded parts. With the help of an electrostatic gun, the charged particles are sprayed on metallic objects.

Some key differences with paint jobs include:

1. Durability

Powder coating is a durable finish that can be applied to any metal surface, including steel, aluminum, and brass. It protects against corrosion, wear, abrasion, and impact damage. The powder coating can also withstand extreme temperatures without degradation or structural failures. This makes powder coating an ideal choice for applications where durability is critical such as in industrial equipment.

2. Low Cost

The powder coating process is an environmentally friendly alternative to painting that requires little maintenance over time and does not require ventilation to operate effectively. In addition to being cost-effective, powder coating also requires less labor than traditional paint jobs. It is ideal for fast turnaround manufacturing processes where time and money are critical factors.

3. Protection

Paint jobs are an excellent way to protect your motorcycle wheels from the elements, but they aren’t going to keep them clean in the rain. Powder coating is more durable than paint, and it’s also easy to clean up if you drop your bike or get some mud on your motorcycle rims.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

Powder-coating wheels give your vehicle an entirely different look than a paint job does. It gives your car a more modern and sophisticated feel than even the best paint job can accomplish by itself. It also helps give your vehicle an entirely new look from its earlier days when it was brand new out of the factory or garage bay!

5. Wider Application

Powder coating is a popular finish for high-end, custom-made wheels. The process allows for a much wider paint job than the most popular wheel paints, like Chrome or Black. Wheels can be powder coated in various colors and finishes, including matte, gloss, and clear coats. Powder coating is also commonly used to cover racing rims and add more durability to your vehicle’s wheels while still protecting them from weathering over time.

Advantages of Powder Coating Wheels

Advantages of Powder Coating Wheels

Powder coating can be used for many different purposes. They can be used on cars, trucks, or any other vehicle that requires moving fast to get from one point to another. They can also be used on skateboards or scooters for kids who want to go down hills quickly or enjoy an easier way of getting around town.

Powder-coating wheels come with several benefits:

  • Reduces friction: Powder-coated wheels have less friction than coated wheels, which makes them ideal for use on tires, especially racing tires. This reduces wear and tear on your car’s parts and helps keep it running smoothly for longer.
  • Easy to clean up: Powder coating wheels are easy to clean because you can spray them off with water or soap and then wipe them down with an absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  • Look great: Powder-coated wheels can look like real steel without extra work. They’re also resistant to scratching, so they’ll look good for years.
  • Long life: Powder coating wheels have a high corrosion resistance which can last for years. This is because the powder coating is applied over the wheel’s surface rather than into it. The powder coating does not affect the wheel’s performance and durability.

Disadvantages of Powder Coating Wheels

The only setback of powder-coating wheels is that they typically don’t look as bright and can take longer than standard rims. An alternative to powder coating is using a high-gloss UV clear coat, which gives the appearance of having been polished.

Which Type of Wheels Should be Powder Coated?

Which Type of Wheels Should be Powder Coated

There are many different types of wheels that can be powder coated, but the most common is a wheel with a steel rim and an aluminum hub.

Aluminum is an excellent material for wheels because it’s light, solid, and affordable. However, if you choose to have your wheel powder coated in an aluminum finish, you’ll want to make sure that the powder coating matches the color and finish of your aluminum alloy wheel.

The next type of wheel that you may want to consider is one with a steel rim and plastic hubs. These wheels are great for people living in areas with heavy frost or snowfall, but they tend to be quite heavy as well. They can also be expensive, so they are not ideal if you live somewhere with little snowfall or frost.

If you want to avoid paying extra money for powder coating rims, I would recommend going with an aluminum or steel rim combination, as these wheels are incredibly affordable and can be found at any local auto shop or hardware store.

How Long Should Powder Coating Last?

The length of powder coating lasts on several factors, including the type of coating used, material thickness and temperature, and how often it’s exposed to weather or high temperatures.

Coatings explicitly designed for use with metal components have a shorter lifespan than those intended for plastics or other materials. The reason is that the material needs to be heated to cure the powder coating properly. If you don’t heat the component enough, you won’t get a good job, and your component will develop cracks over time.

The temperature at which powder coatings cure also plays an essential role in how long they last. For example, suppose you coat a delicate piece of metal with an epoxy primer formulation with a low viscosity rating (VLS). In that case, it won’t cure very well because it has too much air entrapment.


Powder coating brings a whole new dimension to colors. There are only a few things to be aware of if you want to buy the best product and protect your vehicle’s finish. If you decide to use one of these products, it can significantly impact your daily life.

Finding the perfect price for your powder-coating wheels is essential. Depending on where you live and the type of finishing, this could mean a massive difference in the outcome.

After everything has been considered, you will find that powder-coating wheels can be very cost-effective! As a result of the low cost per wheel and the high gloss finish that this process offers, it’s well worth the initial investment for anyone looking to revamp their vehicle in a way that stands out.

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