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11 Ways to Reset Your White Rodgers Thermostat

Nothing is more frustrating than your heating or cooling system not functioning as it should because of a faulty thermostat. This is especially true if the weather is humid or freezing. What’s more, it is even worse if you have a White Rodgers thermostat and you do not know how to reset it to get it functioning again.

White Rodgers thermostats are popular because they are accessible and easy to program. They also work well with any HVAC unit and are easy to troubleshoot when there is a fault. However, the thermostat brand has many models, so one problem is finding the right reset method for your specific model.

Consequently, we put together this article to explain how to reset your White Rodgers thermostat, regardless of the series or model. Whether or not you have a user manual, you will find detailed instructions to follow and reset the thermostat and get it working again.

How to Reset Your White Rodgers Thermostat

Finding the Reset Button

You will find no dedicated rest button for the White Rodgers thermostat. However, you can try resetting it by simultaneously pressing the Time button and the Up and Down arrow buttons. Hold them until the thermostat’s screen becomes blank.

You may hold them for about fifteen seconds before the thermostat restarts, restored to its default factory settings. Ensure the thermostat is on before attempting to reset it; otherwise, it will not work. Note that this step may not work for every model, although most will respond to this reset procedure.

The best step is to find your thermostat’s model number; turn the device, and find it on the cover plate. It is the same as removing the cover plate over the battery compartment on a remote. Read the text on the pull-out cover and find the model number. Then follow the instructions in this article to reset it correctly.

Resetting a White Rodgers Thermostat By Model


Finding the reset instructions in the thermostat’s user manual may be easier. So, you may want to check yours to see if it is still available. Alternatively, check online resources for these instructions. But if these are not options, follow the instructions below for different models.

1. White Rodgers Sensi Smart Thermostat

You can download the Sensi app and follow the instructions to change the settings or reset the device. Download it on your iOs device, and use WiFi to reset the thermostat. You can do the same on your Android device.

Ensure you save the changes to avoid losing them. Alternatively, tap the Schedule button on the thermostat and follow the screen prompts to reset the device.

2. Sensi Touch Screen Smart Thermostat

Locate the Menu button on the control pad and press it. You will find About Thermostat on the screen. Press that option and press factory Reset after that. The thermostat should reset to its factory settings except for the personalized configuration settings for the HVAC system. That remains to enable you to use the system the same way as before.

3. Emerson Thermostat 80 Series

Locate the Backlight button on the control pad; also, locate the Menu button and press both simultaneously. Hold them for about ten seconds or until the screen becomes blank. It should come back on and begin functioning again; this indicates you have successfully reset the thermostat.

4. White Rodgers Thermostat Classic 80 and 70 Series


This classic series has more than seven models under it, but you can reset each one using the same method. It is one of the most popular series so you will find many of them on sale in stores and electronic shops.

Locate the Down and Up buttons and press them simultaneously with the Time button. Keep holding the buttons until the thermostat’s screen becomes blank and reappears. This may take more than ten seconds, so hold the buttons until the reset is complete. Stopping midway may interrupt the process and cause more damage.

Another reset method for this series is to press the Down and Up arrow buttons simultaneously. Hold them and move the Power button from the Off position to Heat while doing so. You will get the same result where the screen becomes blank and reappears. That indicates you have successfully reset the thermostat.

5. Blue Series” Emerson White Rodgers Thermostat

There are two reset methods for this series. The method you use depends on the model you have.

  • Method 1: Locate the Time or PRGM button and press it. While pressing either of these buttons, press the Down and Up arrow buttons and hold them simultaneously. The screen should become blank and reappear. Ensure you press and hold the buttons at the same time and for as long as necessary for the thermostat to reset. The schedule, clock, and settings should return to their default settings. Then, you know the thermostat has successfully reset.
  • Method 2: Locate the power switch and move it to Emer, Cool, or Heat. While the button is at either of these positions, press the Time and Down/Up buttons simultaneously and hold them for about ten seconds. The thermostat’s screen should become blank and illuminate again, indicating the device has reset.

6. Emerson” Blue Series Emerson White Rodgers Thermostat

You can reset the thermostat’s configuration and schedule or perform a hard reset. However, use a hard reset if the Schedule reset does not work, or the device continues to malfunction.

To perform a configuration or schedule reset, press the Fan button and arrow Down and Up buttons. Hold them together until the screen becomes blank; the screen should illuminate again shortly after this period while you still hold the buttons.

To perform a hard reset, turn off the thermostat by disconnecting it from the main power supply or turning off the breakers. Next, open the thermostat cover and separate the R and C wires from the terminals. Ensure they do not touch while disconnecting them.

Now, remove the batteries to allow the thermostat to reset. After about two minutes, return the batteries to their compartment, reconnect the wires, and replace the face plate. Turn on the thermostat by reconnecting it to electric power before you check its functionality.

7. Blue Series” Emerson White Rodgers Thermostat


Locate the System or Fan buttons on the thermostat and press them together with the Down/Up arrow buttons. Hold them for as long as it takes for the screen to turn blank and illuminate again. Then, you know the thermostat has successfully reset.

To do a hard reset on this thermostat type, disconnect it from the electric power or turn off the circuit breaker. Remove the cover plate in front of it and disconnect the RC and RH wires from the terminals. Some models may have the R and C wires; disconnect them from the terminals if applicable.

Ensure these wires do not connect or touch even accidentally, or they will cause a short. Next, remove the batteries and wait about two minutes, giving the thermostat time to reset. Finally, put the batteries back into their compartment, reconnect the wires, replace the face plate, and reconnect the thermostat to electric power.

8. Blue Series 12” Emerson Touchscreen Thermostat

You will find this thermostat in programmable and non-programmable models. Inspect your model to see if it is permanently on hold, and if it is, locate and press Run Schedule to program it. However, if there is no response from the device, take the following steps to hard reset it.

Open the cover plate and remove the batteries. Let the thermostat sit for about two minutes to reset, and put the batteries back into the device. It should begin functioning. Otherwise, remove the device from the electric power, disconnect the R and C wires, and reconnect them to reset the device.

9. Comfort-Set 90 Series Thermostat

Locate and press the Program button for some seconds to reset the screen. Typically, this method should successfully reset the thermostat. But if that method fails, remove the cover plate and take the batteries out for about four to five minutes. This time allows the device to reset. Fix the batteries back into their compartment, replace the cover plate, and test the thermostat.

10. CT101 Thermostat

Resetting this thermostat model is straightforward. When you remove the cover plate, you will find a reset button on this thermostat. Press the button and hold it for five seconds. Icons should blink on the screen and stop, indicating you have reset the thermostat.

11. Line Voltage Digital

Locate the Light or System button and press it together with the Down/Up arrow button. Hold both buttons simultaneously until the screen becomes blank. It may take some seconds for the thermostat to reset, but do not release the buttons while the device is in the process. Afterward, the screen should illuminate again to indicate it has reset successfully.


White Rodgers thermostats are reliable for cooling and heating systems, and many homeowners use them for their systems. But while they usually work well, they may develop a fault, especially after several months or years of constant use.

Therefore, you must know how to reset or troubleshoot the thermostat to find the fault. Fortunately, resetting or troubleshooting the device is not difficult; you only need to follow the manual’s instructions or the steps in this article. Otherwise, contact the manufacturer, get an HVAC technician for further assistance, or purchase a new device.

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