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7 Most Expensive Snap-on Tool Boxes

Snap-on is a company that boomed in popularity from the rise in demand for car repair tools. Snap-on has long been the go-to company for high-quality tools and tool storage.

Founded in 1920 by Joseph Johnson, the company started as a Snap-on Wrench Company. Through the years, the company grew to become Snap-on Incorporated, solidifying its place among the best of the best when it comes to tools.

Snap-on caters to a wide audience. Known for high-quality equipment, Snap-on produces tools related to the automotive, heavy-duty, marine, railroad, and aviation industries. Snap-on also has a broad price range, with their lower-end offerings under the brand name “Blue-Point.”

But here we’re interested in the high-end, and premium toolboxes that Snap-on has to offer. So let’s see the most expensive Snap-on toolboxes you can get right now. So let’s take a look!

7. 10-Drawer Double-Bank

Price: $14,180

Currently priced at $14,180, this toolbox is at the bottom of this list. It is also unsurprisingly among the smallest, with a height of 48-9/16” (123 cm) and a width of 60” (152 cm).

Featuring EPIQ™ Strength, it has a weight capacity of 8000 lbs (3629 kg) and can take a lot of punishment. It also features a top constructed from high-grade stainless steel. A front lip also prevents sockets and parts from rolling off.

Extra wide drawers at the top provide easy access to specific tools. Overall, it has ten drawers, all of which are designed with InPulseTM Drawer Action to prevent drifting. However, being ranked last, it does lack certain features, such as outlets and USBs for power tools.

That being said, this is still a Snap-on toolbox. You’ll get their immense quality here with a toolbox that will last for decades to come.

10-Drawer Double-Bank

6. 10-Drawer Double-Bank with SpeeDrawer

Price: $14,625

Slightly more expensive than the previous entry with a price tag of $14,625, this toolbox comes in sixth place. Although relatively small, with a height of 46-7/8″ (119 cm) and a width of 68″ (173 cm), this toolbox also has a capacity of 8000 lb (3629 kg). Designed with EPIQ™ Strength, it is expected to be able to last a lifetime of use.

The toolbox features ten drawers, each designed with InPulseTM Drawer Action for better movement, and to prevent the drawers from drifting open.

The toolbox also features a SpeeDrawer, which is essentially a small drawer for loose fasteners, parts, and tools. In addition, three extra wide drawers at the top allow quick access to the most frequently used tools.

5. 12-Drawer Double-Bank

Price: $18,865

Rolling in at a fifth place, this toolbox sells for $18,865. Also designed with EPIQ™ Strength, it has a solid build and can support higher load capacities.

It also features an incredible drawer system. This is where you get two wide drawers and one roll cab for quick access to frequently used tools. In addition, InPulseTM Drawer Action prevents drifting in all 12 drawers. It all adds up to a toolbox that is incredibly easy to use.

It stands at a height of 46-7/8” (119 cm) and has a width of 84” (213 cm). The toolbox weighs 1,165 lb (528 kg) and has wheels equipped with compression puck suspension for better mobility. A PowerDrawer is also included, allowing for charging and usage of power tools.

12-Drawer Double-Bank

4. 16 Drawer Three Bank

Price: $26,805

One of the main reasons you would buy a Snap-on toolbox is for easier transport of tools and equipment. However, putting a toolbox on wheels can result in the toolbox moving around, which may damage vehicles and other objects nearby.

This toolbox does not have the problem due to it having swivel lock wheels with compression puck suspension, which stops the toolbox from jolting all over the place and allowing smoother movement on any type of surface.

With a roll-cab height of 46-7/8” (119 cm) and a width of 120” (305 cm), this toolbox is equipped with 16 drawers. The drawers are able to move smoothly thanks to InPulseTM Drawer Action.

This toolbox is also equipped with two USBs and five outlets, all found inside the PowerDrawer, making it convenient for power tools. It ranks fourth on the list with a price tag of $26,805.

3. 26 Drawer Five Bank

Price: $31,895

The widest of the toolboxes on the list, the 144″ 26 Drawer Five Bank Roll Cab sells for $31,895.

It has a width of 144” (366 cm) and a roll cab height of 46-7/8” (119 cm). This toolbox has the most drawers in this list, having 26 drawers, all equipped with InPulseTM Drawer Action for better movement. It’s perfect for any work that has a vast range of tools.

The toolbox is also equipped with swivel lock wheels with compression puck suspension, allowing better mobility over rough surfaces. This toolbox also includes a PowerDrawer, which sports a power strip with two USBs and five outlets for power tool usage and charging.

26 Drawer Five Bank

2. Double-Bank Utility Vehicle with SpeeDrawer

Price: $33,875

Coming in second place, this Double-Bank EPIQ™ Utility Vehicle with SpeeDrawer goes for $33,875. With a width of 134” (340 cm) and a height of 75” (190 cm), this toolbox is able to carry all the tools necessary.

It has ten drawers, three of which are extra wide and placed at the top for easier access to frequently used tools. The drawers also have InPulseTM Drawer Action, which allows for more effortless opening and closing and prevents the drawers from drifting open.

With a solid build and sleek design, this beast of a toolbox sits with the best among the best. It does lack in certain areas, however, most notably in that it lacks a power source for power tools. Only then can it be truly called the best.

And Snap-on did just that with another model. For the additional price of a toolbox from Blue-Point, they added special features for power tools. For this reason, this toolbox is beaten out by the number one spot on the list but first, let’s check out an honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Blue Point Four-Drawer with Bulk Storage

Although not ranking among the most expensive Snap-on toolboxes, it deserves an honorable mention as it is the most expensive toolbox sold under the Blue-Point brand. Standing 43” (109 cm )tall and 32” (81 cm) wide, this is the smallest toolbox in the list.

It has four drawers, each being around 20” (51 cm) deep. Intended for smaller-scale use, the toolbox is lighter than the others on the list, weighing only 205 lbs (93 kg).

The cheapest on the list, this toolbox goes for $1,350. Although it is significantly cheaper than the others on the list, it does not skimp out on protective features, such as bumpers to prevent damage to both the toolbox and the vehicles in the garage.

The toolbox also sports excellent build quality, allowing it to hold heavy objects and equipment. The top lid also features a lock, allowing for better security.

Double-Bank EPIQ Utility Vehicle

1. Double-Bank EPIQ Utility Vehicle (100th Edition)

Price: $35,305

First place on the list is the Double-Bank EPIQ™ Utility Vehicle with SpeeDrawer and PowerLocker, which sells for $35,305. For this price, you can expect a supreme level of quality with all the features you’d possibly want from a toolbox.

Trying to move around a ton of equipment can be quite a hassle, which is why Snap-on decided to mount a colossal toolbox on a set of 17″ wheels. This thing is built like a tank: extremely durable and heavy, weighing in at around 2,373 lbs (1,076 kg).

Quite bulky, it stands at 75″ (190 cm) and is 134″ (340 cm) wide. The toolbox also features a SpeeDrawer, which is a 2″ drawer for loose fasteners, parts, and tools. Similar to the Double-Bank EPIQ™ Utility Vehicle with SpeeDrawer, the drawers here have InPulseTM Drawer Action.

It has a total of 10 drawers, including a PowerLocker, which is what separates this from the number 2 spot on the list. The PowerLocker is a purpose-built drawer for power tools and charging, sporting two USBs and five outlets.

Final Thoughts

The seven most expensive toolboxes mentioned above all cost above $10,000, and for a good reason. With a history of quality and durability, Snap-on toolboxes are among the best when it comes to tool storage.

In addition to better quality products, Snap-on also provides premium service, which puts it above the rest in terms of quality. So are they worth the price? Well, all we can say is that if you bought one of these toolboxes, you wouldn’t regret it.

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