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6 Reasons Why Your Mr. Coffee Light On But Not Brewing

Nothing spoils a start to a great day than discovering your favorite coffee maker is faulty. So, if your Mr. Coffee coffee-making machine light is on but not brewing, don’t panic.

Among the different reasons why your Mr. Coffee coffee brewer might have its light on but not brewing, insufficient water in the reservoir, clogs in the basket filter, ground coffee remains in the filter and electrical faults are some of the principal culprits.

Here, we’ve pinpointed reasons why this might be happening and also curated ways to solve this issue without needing to get an expert involved.

6 Common Reasons Why Your Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker Light is On but it’s Not Brewing

Determining the reason why your Mr. Coffee Maker light is on but not brewing is easy. Here are some diagnostic approaches we know you’d find helpful

1. Insufficient Water in Reservoir

The simple lack of water in the water reservoir could be the reason why your Mr. Coffee Coffee brewer isn’t performing its function causing the coffee seeds to become stuck without brewing.

  • Solution

Start by checking the water container lid and ensuring it has the right quantity of water before restarting the machine.

If it still does not brew your desired coffee, it means that some water deposits have clogged the brew basket or the hoses, so proceed to the next method to figure out how to resolve this issue.

2. Clogs or Obstructions in the Filter Brew Basket

Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to do this:

This is a common reason your Mr. Coffee Maker light may be turned on but not brewing. When your device is not brewing, inspect the coffee spout and brew basket for clogs that keep the coffee grounds in the brew basket and prevent water from flowing through.

  • Solution

An effective unclogging method is to disassemble the coffee maker using the user manual and clean out any clogs in the brewing section. Remove any buildup on the brew basket with a small pickle or beak, and use a soft scouring brush to unclog any crevices and caked coffee leftovers.

To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Remove the bottom lid of your coffee maker with a screwdriver or other tool, and store the cover and screws in a secure toolbox.

Step 2

After that, remove the clamps holding the water and filter basket in place so you can check for clogs or baked coffee residue.

Step 3

Scrape any clogs or hard water deposits you notice in the coffee spout to ensure the water pipes and filter basket are clear of clogs.

Step 4

Then, while holding the water reservoir upside down, pour white vinegar directly into it to clean it. It’s a quick diagnostic procedure but entails letting your Mr. Coffee maker settle for a few days before using it.

Step 5

After removing all debris and baked coffee, thoroughly rinse all the parts with clean water and reassemble them to ensure your Mr. Coffee maker is back to its freshly functional brewing state.

3. Ground Coffee Remains in the Coffee Maker’s Filter

The presence of unused coffee grounds in the filter can make your machine less functional. Your coffee maker’s filter might be too full, so you might have to brew little quantity, which is not guaranteed even though the light is on.

  • Solution

If this happens, wet the coffee filter with clean water to keep the coffee pot seeds moist and allow them to brew properly. Before brewing, check that the filter is in the proper position and that there is no coffee ground residue.

4. Issues with the Mr. Coffee Maker Clock

Check out this video to learn how to reset your Mr. Coffee Maker Time:

Another reason your Mr. Coffee Maker light is on but not brewing is its clock issue. The clock timer may be malfunctioning, affecting the brew cycle.

  • Solution

To correct this default, you must reset your Mr. Coffee clock with the following procedures:

Step 1: Press the button indicating “hour” and click the “set delay” button at once

Step 2: Following that, a “lock” pop-up beeps on the numbers screen, and you can then reset the time.

Step 3: Correct the time with the hour and minute buttons, then press the “set” button.

Step 4: The “clock” screen disappears after a few seconds, indicating that you have successfully set the time.

5. Faulty Electric Connections

This is another plausible explanation for why your Mr. Coffee maker isn’t brewing. Although the light on the machine is on, it is not receiving the necessary electric signals to brew efficiently and requires a replacement power supply.

This is usually caused by faulty switchboards, heating elements, or electrical shortages in the power outlets, so thoroughly inspect all the sockets and fuses to ensure they are all working properly.

  • Solution

If you’re not sure whether the problem is with your switchboard, try your Mr. Coffee Maker on a different power source and retry brewing to see if it works properly this time.

You might get lucky that everything works out fine, but if there is still no difference, check out the next diagnostic step.

6. Malfunction

This is the ultimate troubleshooting method for your malfunctioning coffee maker. If the light is on but no brewing is taking place, simply reset the machine to its factory settings.

  • Solution

To solve the machine malfunction problem, unplug them hold the restore power switch, and ensure the light goes off. Then plug the unit back in after a minute and try brewing again. This resets all the preset buttons and restores the factory settings, allowing you to resume brewing with ease.

7 Easy Steps to Clean Mr. Coffee Maker

7 Easy Steps to Clean Mr. Coffee Maker

An unclean coffee maker may not brew efficiently whether or not the light indicator is turned on. Mr. Coffee maker requires routine cleaning with a white vinegar solution, and this must be done correctly.

The following are the best ways to clean your Mr. Coffee maker to ensure it always works properly and without failure.

Step 1

Empty your coffee maker’s coffee basket and clean the filter. Then, add white vinegar and water solution to the brewing chamber and wait for it to settle.

Step 2

Next, brew the solution mixture in your Mr. Coffee maker just like you would brew regular coffee.

Step 3

Start the brew cycle by selecting the auto-clean option. Moreover, some coffee makers may lack this clean function, so simply brew it with the solvent mixture for about 5 minutes allowing it to soak.

Step 4

If there is a lot of coffee debris in the carafe, you may need to brew the vinegar and water mixture for another 20-25 minutes to clean your Mr. Coffee maker thoroughly.

Step 5

Step 5

After the cleaning cycle is finished and the mixture has been properly brewed, turn on the coffee maker and replace the vinegar solution with clean water to remove the vinegar odor from your machine.

Step 6

Run two complete brewing cycles at 5-minute intervals with clean water in the filter carafe. By then, your Mr. Coffee maker should be free of any vinegar taste or odor, so remove the water after about 2 minutes.

Step 7

At this stage, wipe the removable parts of your coffee machine, including the carafe and coffee maker, with a clean cloth, dipped in liquid dish soap for a thorough cleaning.

After completing this cleaning procedure, you should be ready for your next brewing session.

NB: The above steps involving white vinegar can be performed with more healthy and safe reagents to achieve comparable cleaning results. Other options include using caustic soda, apple cider vinegar, or a 1:1 mixture of lemon juice and water.

Final Thoughts

Mr. Coffee Maker brews the best cup of coffee for your early-morning drills and late-night shifts, so it must always be in good working order. The diagnostic steps outlined in this post have made it easier to figure out why your Mr. Coffee maker’s light is on but it isn’t brewing.

To re-emphasize, follow these DIY diagnostic steps to get your default coffee maker up and running again.

  • Confirm that the water reservoir has an adequate supply of water.
  • Examine the brewing basket for clogs and obstructions.
  • Ensure that the coffee ground filter is free of coffee grounds residue.
  • Inspect the power outlet as well as any faulty switchboards.
  • Reset the coffee maker’s timer clock.
  • And finally, thoroughly clean your Mr. Coffee maker to ensure it is in excellent working condition.

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