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Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Open (Ultimate Guide)

Hello there, fellow Samsung fridge owners! Let me first tell you that you made an awesome choice for your kitchen. Samsung refrigerators look sleek but they are also highly reliable and durable, so you picked well!

Onto the problem – your Samsung refrigerator noise stops when the door opens and you are not sure why, right? Don’t worry, we know everything about it. Continue reading to find out more about the problem you are experiencing and the possible solutions for it. 

Are Samsung Fridges Silent?

If you are always hearing some kind of noise coming from your fridge, you may be worried if everything is alright. No need to panic, Samsung fridges are not completely silent, so it’s normal to hear yours working occasionally or even frequently. 

In fact, you should be worried if you don’t hear any noise coming from your fridge for a long time. This could mean that the refrigerator compressor, the essential part of a fridge, is not working properly. 

As annoying as the sound may be, you cannot expect your fridge to always be silent. Fridges normally make a relatively quiet humming sound and this is usually a sign that your fridge is working properly. 

Why Is Your Samsung Fridge Making Noise But Stops When the Door Opens? 

If you hear an abnormal sound coming from your fridge that stops once you open the door, this indicates a problem with the evaporator fan in most cases.

The fan in your refrigerator automatically turns off when you open the door. The fan works to maintain an even temperature in the fridge. When you open the door, the temperature outside the fridge is usually much higher, so the fan would have to work harder to keep cool air in there. 

Instead, it turns off and conserves energy, saves you money, and prolongs the fridge’s lifetime. 

So, if any weird sounds disappear once you open the door, the issue that causes the noise is most likely the fan. 

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1. Whining Sound

One of the abnormal sounds your fridge can make is a whining sound. Whining can happen if the fan on the inside of your fridge struggles to work properly. This can be due to a defective motor, built-up ice, or dirt and debris. 

2. Buzzing Noise

A buzzing sound can also happen because of a refrigerator’s fan malfunction. The quiet buzzing sound is a normal occurrence, you should only worry if it is louder than usual.

3. Grinding Sound

If you hear a grinding sound coming from the inside of your refrigerator, it is most likely due to a fan hitting something while working. 

Samsung Refrigerator Noise Stops When Door Opens – Solution

Now that you know what can cause your refrigerator to make weird noises until you open the door, let’s talk about the possible solutions. 

These are all easy enough to do by yourself. You will need a couple of hours at most for each of these solutions, so make sure to make enough time.

1. Level the Fridge

If you bought a new fridge recently, there is a chance that the person who was setting it up didn’t level it properly. The fridge should be set up at a maximum height and the front wheels should not be touching the ground. 

If the fridge is not leveled, the fan may not be either, which can cause the noise you hear before you open the door. 

2. Seal the Doors Properly

Inspect the doors of your fridge for any cracks or openings. If your doors are not sealed properly, the outside air will mess with the fridge’s desired temperature, causing the fan to work much harder than it normally would. This usually causes a loud humming sound. 

Speaking about doors, always have your door alarm on for your Samsung fridge. If your door is open for more than two minutes, the alarm will make a beeping sound so you can fix the problem right away.

If you don’t have this option on, you may accidentally leave the door open for a while, which can mess with the temperature inside of the fridge, and therefore the fan. 

3. Check the Airflow

The most common problem of noise is due to the obstructed airflow around the fan blades. In this case, you will probably hear a grinding sound or a rattling noise as the fan blades touch an object around it. 

Check to see if the area around the fan inside your fridge is empty. Don’t keep any food or containers right in front of the fan. Make sure that the fan has enough space to work properly.

The problem can also be due to frost buildup which can further damage the fan motor. Fan blades hitting ice can cause a banging sound. This is easily solved, you will just have to defrost the fridge. Follow the next steps to do so. 

  1. Remove all the food and dishes from your fridge. Ideally, put it somewhere equally cold so it doesn’t go bad while you clean the refrigerator. 
  2. Unplug your fridge from the outlet. You don’t want it to be connected to the electricity with all the water that will be around while it defrosts. 
  3. Put towels around and below the fridge. 
  4. Let the fridge defrost naturally. Do not use any other equipment, such as hair dryers and similar. 
  5. Ensure that the towels are not too wet. Replace them a couple of times throughout the process so they can soak up water. 
  6. When the fridge is defrosted and you soaked up all the water around and below it, connect it to the electricity again. 
  7. Return the food to the fridge and ensure that none of it is too close to the fan. 

Furthermore, make sure that you figure out the cause of the ice buildup so it doesn’t happen again. 

4. Observe Changes

Samsung advises you to wait a full day after you have tried all of these solutions to see if your fridge works properly again. 

What To Do If Nothing Helps

There is a small chance that none of the solutions will work. If you still experience the same problem with your Samsung refrigerator, you will need to fix the root cause of the problem.

Contact Samsung Support

The first thing that you should do is contact Samsung support. Explain your problem and ask if they can help. They may suggest doing some of the things you already tried, so explain the problem and all that you did to try and fix it in detail. 

If you bought your fridge recently, it’s best to use the warranty to get your fridge up and running properly again. 

Reach Out to a Handyman 

If you don’t have a warranty and the support couldn’t help, you should reach out to a handyman or an engineer for help. You should contact someone who is specifically experienced in Samsung fridge repairs. Avoid people who have bad reviews online or those who don’t have any at all. 

If your motor is defective, be prepared to spend several hundred dollars for replacement. While this is a lot of money, it’s better to fix the problem as soon as possible than to experiment with solving it yourself and making even bigger damage. 

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Why Does Your Fridge Make Weird Noises At Night?

If you noticed your fridge making strange noises during the night you might get worried or annoyed if you can’t sleep well. So, why does your fridge make weird noises at night? The truth is, it probably doesn’t. 

Fridges make some level of noise all the time. As mentioned, the mechanisms behind the cooling system of a refrigerator make sounds that are completely normal. 

You don’t notice these sounds during the day because there are a lot of other noises around you as well, such as TV, traffic, music, murmur, and similar. All of this masks the fridge sounds. 

However, during the night, everything else gets quiet. This is the reason you hear your fridge only when you go to sleep. Some people actually like it – it can serve as a soothing background white noise. 

If you are not a fan (pun intended), close the doors of the bedroom you sleep in so it blocks some of the sounds coming from your kitchen.

How To Properly Maintain Your Samsung Fridge

In order to avoid unnecessary costs and hurdles that come with a broken fridge, make sure that you maintain your refrigerator regularly. Here are some tips on how to do that according to Samsung’s user manual.

  • Whenever something spills inside the fridge, clean it immediately. The longer you wait to clean it the more difficult it will get to get rid of the spillage and the smells that come along with it. 
  • Get rid of stale and bad food right away. No, you will not use a tomato that has been sitting in your fridge for more than three weeks. It will most probably rot and you will only have more work to do. 
  • Once a month do a deep clean of the fridge. Remove all the food and carefully wipe and disinfect the inside surfaces of the refrigerator. Put the food back and enjoy the spotless fridge.
  • Get rid of the ice from the ice bucket occasionally. Don’t let the ice build up. 
  • Defrost your fridge approximately once a year according to the instructions from a bit earlier in the article. 


Samsung refrigerators are one of the best options in the market. They look awesome and they are pretty reliable too.

If you notice that your Samsung refrigerator makes strange noise until you open the door, the problem most probably lies in the fan. You need to make sure that your fridge is levered, that the doors are properly sealed, and that the airflow is not obstructed. 

If none of these is the problem, it’s best that you contact Samsung support or reach out to a nearby handyman. Avoid performing complicated solutions yourself so you don’t damage the fridge further. 

Take good care of your fridge to avoid these types of problems. Read the manuals when you buy the fridge. Clean it regularly and act as soon as you think that something is wrong. The longer you wait the more damage can occur. 

Finally, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us. We are here to help!

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