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Schlage Smart Lock Not Working? (Common Problems)

When it comes to picking durable and secure smart locks, the Schlage lock is one of the first choices for homeowners. While these locks provide high security and can be paired with any smart home system, the device can run into several issues, resulting in malfunction.

We’ve put together this troubleshooting guide providing a quick fix for several problems that your Schlage lock might have and answering relevant information to aid you in addressing the problem.

Why My Schlage Smart Lock is Not Working?

Why My Schlage Smart Lock is Not Working
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1. Checking the Input Code

If you were in a rush and might have entered the wrong input code, the door won’t unlock. Ensure you are using the correct input code and retry after a few minutes. Entering the wrong input code is indicated by a blinking red light.

When entering the code, ensure you are pressing each button individually. Once you punch in the right code, the door will be unlocked and indicated with a green light.

2. Checking Lock Override Feature

If the lock’s override feature is enabled, the door will stay locked until the feature is disabled. When enabled, this feature turns the Schlage smart lock into any other standard door lock, requiring a physical key to unlock the door.

Here’s what you can do to disable the override feature.

  • Unscrew the cover containing the battery compartment and take the battery out.
  • Check whether the lock override slot is set to normal. If not, then a small flathead screwdriver can be used to rotate the knob to normal.
  • Insert the battery into the battery compartment and put the cover back.

Turning the slot to normal will disable the override feature and make the smart lock work fine using a keypad.

3. Checking the Batteries

Most Schlage locks use alkaline batteries ranging from your standard 1.5 volts AA to 9 volts 6LR61. Some models also use CR123A batteries as well. No matter the battery type used, these batteries die and need replacement after a specific time, depending mainly on the usage. To rule out this issue, you’ll need to replace the batteries and check whether the issue persists.

A drained battery will fail to connect with the smart home hub. You will also need to replace batteries if the lock indicates a low battery. You can refer to the user manual that came with the lock to know exactly which batteries you need to buy. Once the batteries are replaced, reset the smart lock to check whether the functionality is normal.

Rechargeable batteries cannot be used with these locks. Purchasing the required non-rechargeable batteries and replacing them every two weeks will keep the lock working without issues.

4. Ruling Out Weather Changes

While the locks have a sturdy build and can endure extreme temperatures, the alkaline batteries used to power the lock doesn’t. These batteries don’t function at an optimum level during extremely cold weather. Sometimes, the internal electrical components and keypads can also stop working properly in unfavorable weather conditions.

5. Turning off Vacation Mode

These locks have a vacation mode which can keep the door locked until the mode is disabled. This feature comes in handy when you are out on vacation and are not expecting guests or family members, keeping the home secure from intruders.

If the vacation mode is enabled, here’s what you can do to restore its functionality:

  1. Using the keypad, dial in the programming code.
  2. If the code is correct, you’ll hear a short beep, and the light will flash green.
  3. You’ve now disabled the vacation mode.

While this method works for most Schlage models, it’s best to refer to the user manual for the exact steps. Some models have slightly varying methods of disabling vacation mode, which can be looked up in the owner’s manual.

6. Resetting the Connection to the Smart Home Hub

A faulty connection of your lock with the smart home hub can create functionality issues. You mainly encounter issues with connectivity due to interference from networks used for other appliances, other smart home devices, physical barriers, and range issues. Most of the time, resetting the connection can resolve these connectivity issues.

  1. Disconnect the lock from the smart home hub by following the instructions available in the owner’s manual of the lock.
  2. After ensuring the lock is disconnected, please remove the battery cover and the batteries, and wait for at least 10 minutes before putting them back in.
  3. If you feel you have old batteries, replace them with new ones.
  4. Using the instructions provided in the manual, connect the smart lock again to the hub and ensure the issue is resolved.

Removing appliances like microwaves and other physical objects potentially blocking the line of sight can also provide a stronger connection.

7. Factory Reset Your Lock

When the above-mentioned fixes have failed, you can go for a factory reset that will restore the lock’s functionality to its factory default setting. It is to be used only when other troubleshooting methods have failed. The factory reset will restore the lock’s software to factory settings, and the information stored, like the input codes and programming codes, will be all deleted.

  1. Remove the screws and the back cover of the door lock encasing the internal components.
  2. On the keypad, press and hold the Schlage button for ten seconds.
  3. Remove existing batteries and install new ones.
  4. After battery replacement, hold the same button for another ten seconds.
  5. You’ll hear a short beep and a green light confirming the factory reset is complete.
  6. To ensure the reset was successful, type a default user code to see whether the lock is functional.

8. Issues with Lock Programming

Issues with Lock Programming
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Sometimes, lock programming can suffer from defects, resulting in improper functioning of the lock. The default programming codes and default user codes are provided in the user manual. Using them can resolve the issue.

However, if the problem persists, there might be issues with your lock’s programming software, and it will require an opinion from Schlage’s customer service.

9. Issues with Schlage Keypad Deadbolt

If the deadbolt is not working, here are a few things to consider before going to the next troubleshooting step.

  • Lubricating the lock can resolve the issues if the lock is spinning inside the door. Not addressing this issue can damage the mechanical deadbolt and the keypad lock’s internal components.
  • Placing batteries in the wrong direction can make the deadbolt function improperly. Try replacing the batteries.

10. Using a Physical Key

You have to disable the lock override before trying this method. While the lock allows access through several stored user codes, the door can also be unlocked using a physical key provided with the lock. If you still can’t unlock the door, there might be a problem with the deadbolt mechanism, and you might need to go with the methods mentioned below.

11. Contacting Customer Care

It’s best to contact Schlage customer support if the methods we shared have failed. The customer support professionals can guide you in troubleshooting and looking for problems.

They have the right set of expertise to guide you through the process and let you identify the root cause of the lock’s malfunction and whether you need to replace the lock.

How to Tell Whether the Lock Needs Battery Replacement?

How to Tell Whether the Lock Needs Battery Replacement
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These locks are only compatible with non-rechargeable alkaline batteries; most of the time, dead batteries are the culprit behind the lock’s improper functionality. While rechargeable alkaline batteries might seem like a feasible option, these batteries don’t provide enough surge to ensure the lock keeps working adequately.

Schlage locks have a light indicator that can provide crucial information about these batteries.

  • A green light indicates the batteries are working optimally.
  • A blinking green light shows the batteries are working but are not fully charged.
  • A blinking red light indicates the battery level is low, and you must replace the batteries soon.
  • The red light indicates the batteries have depleted completely and required immediate replacement.

A blinking red light can also indicate other problems like indicating errors in programming and when the wrong code is entered. These locks also have an orange light that shows the lock is in the programming phase. With each successful command, you will hear three beeps and the orange light will blink three times.

Schlage Lock Beeping Twice

If you see a blinking red light and the lock making beeping sounds, there can be several possible issues:

  • The user code you add is similar to the default programming code, or both new user code entries do not match.
  • The first programming code is different from the entered programming code.
  • An incorrect command was made while in programming mode.

Tips to Extend Battery Life

While the battery will deplete with each use, there are several tips you can consider to reduce the battery consumption of your Schlage smart lock.

  • Enabling auto-lock mode ensures the door locks itself after a specific amount of time.
  • The smart lock has a Schlage home mode which can be used if you don’t need to lock the door more often.
  • The LED indicators flash each time the lock is operated. Turning off these indicators can save energy.
  • Regularly clean the lock’s sensor as debris and grime can gather on your lock’s sensor, consuming more power.

Final Thoughts

We hope the information presented here makes it easier for you to identify what is causing the issue. While you can replace a battery by yourself or reset the lock to factory settings, damage to the lock’s deadbolt mechanism or damage to the electrical components of the lock requires a professional.

To be safe, contact customer care and follow their recommendations for a functional and secure smart lock.

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