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Troy Bilt TB200 Won’t Start (9 Common Problems)

Mowing your lawn is one of the easiest jobs if you have the right lawn mower. The Troy Bilt TB200 is an excellent choice and serves you when necessary. However, it can become frustrating if the mower does not start when you need it.

Determining the cause of a Troy Bilt mower not starting is not straightforward. Several faults can cause this problem to develop, so you may have to troubleshoot for some time to find the fault. 

Some of the commonest reasons are insufficient or old fuel, battery issues, a defective ignition switch, or clogged fuel lines and filters. This article explains these problems and how to solve them in quick steps.

Possible Reasons Your Troy Bilt TB200 Won’t Start

As mentioned, there are several reasons behind a poorly working or failed Troy Bilt TB200 mower. While your first thought maybe that something is stuck in the machine, preventing its movement, that is not always the case.

The following are possible causes of this problem if there is no physical obstruction:

1. Empty Gas or Fuel Tank

Have you considered the possibility that the gas tank is empty? The most likely reason is insufficient fuel. Most lawnmowers run on gas or fuel since they have engines. If there is nothing to power the engine, the mower will not work. Therefore, check the tank to see if there is any gas or fuel, depending on what it uses.

If there is, ensure it is enough to power the engine and run the mower. This is especially true if the mower starts and stops almost immediately. Top up the tank with fresh gas and see if the mower resumes operating. It is crucial to check the tank regularly and clean it when necessary.

2. Old Gas or Wrong Gas Type

There is also the possibility that the gas in the mower’s tank is old and needs to be changed. If you do not use it regularly, the gas may become old and stale, unable to power the engine anymore. Adding fresh fuel at this point is crucial if you do not want a damaged mower engine.

But if that is not the case, the gas may be the wrong type for a Troy Bilt TB200. There are different types of gas on the market, but not all of them are fit for this type of mower. And putting the wrong gas type in the mower can cause extensive damage, more so than stopping the engine from starting.

The best gas type to use is unleaded gasoline. The ethanol content in this gas type must not exceed ten percent and must also have an 87-octane rating at the least. If your engine is small, use gas that contains little or no ethanol. Check the label when buying the gas to see the rating and ethanol content.

3. Clogged Air Filter

Clogged Air Filter

The air filter in your Troy-Bilt mower keeps the engine and other parts clean. It prevents dirt and debris from clogging when using the machine. When mowing grass, leaves, debris, and grass clippings may clog the mower blades and reduce their capacity to function.

If that happens, the dirt cuts off air circulation and builds heat. As a result, the engine begins to work harder to produce results. Consequently, the engine overheats from all the effort to produce results, and eventually shuts down. It will not start until the air circulation issue is resolved.

Replace the filter

The best solution in this situation is to replace the filter. This is especially necessary if you have used the mower for a long time without checking or cleaning the filter. It is likely to be clogged with dirt, blocking air and restricting the engine’s capacity.

You must check the filter type before buying a replacement. Using the wrong filter can have the same effect on the machine as a clogged one. If your mower uses a foam filter, ensure you purchase a replacement foam filter. The same applies if the filter is the paper type.

Sometimes, the filter may not be so dirty as to require a replacement. You can remove it and hold it up to bright light to see if the light passes through. If the filter is too opaque, do not clean it because it is too damaged; simply replace it. A foam filter will be brittle to the touch or significantly stained if it is too old for reuse.

Note: The fuel filter may also cause the mower not to start if clogged. However, not all Tory-Bilt mowers use fuel filters. So, this may only apply to push mowers or a few other models.

4. Bad Fuel Pump

If your Troy Bilt lawnmower is old, there is a chance that the fuel pump is old. And if this is the case, it means the pump can no longer supply fuel to the carburetor. Also, leaving the fuel in the tank for too long can degrade the components and cause leakage in the long run.

If you suspect a damaged fuel pump due to age, wrong fuel type, or leaving fuel in the tank too long, it is time to replace the pump. If unsure of the damage, test the pump using clamps or a shut-off valve to regulate the fuel flow and monitor how it works through the fuel line on the inlet port.

If you are sure of fuel coming out of the tank to the pump, check to see that the fuel is correctly pumped out from the pump. Disconnect the fuel hose and pull it out of the carburetor. Then, channel it into a bowl. Then, start the mower and monitor the hose to see if fuel comes out. If not, replace the pump.

5. Fuel Line Obstruction

Fuel Line Obstruction

By now, you can tell that the primary cause of a Troy Bilt TB200 mower not starting revolves around gas or the fuel system. The fuel line may be obstructed by dirt or another foreign object. If unsure of any obstruction or cannot see it, which is normal, you can run a test to check for a clog.

Use the shut-off valve under the mower’s fuel tank to start and stop the flow of the fuel. As you do this, inspect the fuel line one section at a tie to see if there is any obvious clog. Get carburetor cleaner and pour some of it into the fuel line to loosen the objects before removing them with compressed air.

6. Spark Plug Issues

A faulty spark plug may be behind this problem. Sometimes, the spark plug may be loose or significantly dirty. Carbon can build up on the plug and prevent a good connection. There is also a chance that the plug is not correctly gapped, which can cause the engine to have difficulty starting or misfiring issues.

You may have to remove the bad spark plug and thoroughly inspect it for signs of carbon buildup or porcelain insulator issues. If the insulator is cracked, install a new spark plug for the best results. This time, ensure correct gapping and check the spark plug wires for proper connections.

7. Clogged Carburetor

The carburetor is vital to how well the mower functions because it has the job of regulating how air and gas mix. A mixture of air and gas is required for combustion in the cylinder found in the engine. 

The problem lies with clogging from old fuel and debris, which restricts the air and gas mixture the engine requires. Clean the carburetor to fix the problem if you suspect clogging from dirt. It is typically not a difficult task to clean the carburetor but you can use the services of a technician if unsure of the steps.

8. Poorly Charging Battery

Poorly Charging Battery

This problem may lie with the charging system but it may also be that the battery is faulty. Since the battery enables the engine to run, it must have enough charge to power it. A faulty charging system will not keep the mower from starting, but since it cannot charge the battery, the charge will deplete and ee the engine from turning. 

If you suspect the battery does not charge, test the charging system. Check the alternator and stator to see if they are defective. It may be best to allow a technician to check these parts and determine the faults. 

They are in the best position to test them and make the necessary repairs. And if there is a Troy Bilt store or dealership near you, it may save you some money. This is particularly applicable if the mower is still under warranty.

9. Defective Ignition Switch

Sometimes, the mower’s ignition switch becomes defective. This is rare, but if you turn the key in the ignition and the engine does not turn, the ignition switch may be the culprit. Your first thought may be that the battery has discharged or the alternator is faulty. However, that is not always the case. To determine the status of the switch, get a multimeter and run a continuity test. Replace the ignition switch if there is no continuity.


Your Troy-Bilt lawn mower is one of the best appliances you can have around your yard. But while it provides the best service, it can become faulty at some point. Several faults can cause the mower not to start or to lose its functionality. 

If you have this starting problem, check the fuel or gas level and determine whether or not the fuel is old. It could also be a defective ignition switch, clogged air filter, or dirty carburetor. Replace the faulty ones or clean dirty components to keep the mower functioning optimally.

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