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Standard Doormat Size: How Big is Right for You?

Are you aware that the size of your doormat can make or break the first impression your visitors have on your home? Choosing the right standard doormat size will go a long way in leaving a long-lasting impression on your guests. Mats also set the tone for your home and offer a snippet of what’s on the inside.

Doormats are always perceived as functional household items and not style commodities. That’s why they are far up on most people’s shopping lists. While doormats trap dust, debris, and mud off visitors’ shoes and prevent dust from getting into the house, they’re the first thing people see when entering your house. For this reason, you need the right mat size.

Doormats come in standard sizes, and you should determine what size fits your house, the measurement of the front door, and the recurring weather in your area. Here are the standard doormat sizes.

Standard Doormat Size

People always ask about the standard-sized mats. Responding to such a demand is tricky since people have different perspectives on standard doormat sizes. But the approved standard size for UK mats is approximately 75 cm by 45cm. That is why almost all standard plain or customized mats come with that measurement.

Standard door mats come in ten different sizes and thicknesses. From the smallest 60cm by 40cm to extra-large mats of 180cm by 45cm, which is ideal for double doors.

What Is the Ideal Standard Doormat Size to Choose?


According to professionals, the ideal standard-size doormat is large enough to fit comfortably in the available space. A large doormat has the extra advantage of offering a surface where guests can stand as they take off their shoes. This allows people to take more steps on the mat and trap more dirt and debris.

Nevertheless, when buying those off-the-shelf standard-size mats, remember that the size will vary by a few centimeters. You can opt for the made-to-measure door mats if you need the exact measurements.

Made-to-measure mats

Made-to-measure doormats are custom-created to your pressured dimensions. Manufacturers provide different design options to choose from in different types and colors to fit your needs.

Custom-made-to-measure doormats can cover the weirdly shaped entrances, reception, and even foyers. You’ll find a solution regardless of the design or size you seek. Besides, the new doormat will be unique.

Check the producing size tolerance if getting your exact measurement is important. Maybe you want to oversize the doormat slightly such that it will be trimmed to fit the space.

Doormat standard size: Thickness

Clearance is important. Pay attention to the clearance under the door to determine how thick your preferred doormat should be. You’ll be shocked to find out that many homeowners order luxurious thick doormats only to realize that the front door can’t pass over it.

Standard Doormat Size for Double Doors


With many people having a patio or french doors as the main entrance to their homes, owning a doormat that matches the width of double doors is paramount. The entrance will look neat, and your mat will help prevent mud, grass, leaves, and wet shoes from getting into your house.

In most cases, you’ll find double doors in lounges, conservatories, and dining rooms, not hallways. It would be best to protect those spaces since you don’t want muddy footprints on your favorite lounge carpet.

Most double or patio doors come with a standard size of 120cm (width) that fits nicely across the double door. But the key is the mat length since too short feet might step off the edge too long, and the doormat might take up a lot of space in the patio or room. The standard size of a double door mat should be:

  • Standard size: 120cm by 45cm
  • Tall size: 120cm by 60cm
  • Extra tall size: 120cm by 72cm

Coir mats are an ideal choice for outdoor and indoor use. They’re faintly wider at 180cm, and the 60cm length offers enough space to remove footwear at the entrance. However, if you want a thin and absorbent indoor double doormat, you can go for washable double doormats.

Factors that Affect the Size of a Standard Doormat


Standard doormat sizes vary based on door sizes, preference, and weather. Small doormats are used for single doors, and large and extra-large ones are best for sliding doors.

Heavier doormats will work well if the front door is exposed to outside weather with no shade. Since these doors are vulnerable to dust and strong winds, they require a firm doormat that will absorb the dust and not get swept away.

Here are factors to consider when shopping for standard doormat sizes.

1. Length

The length of the doormat is important since when one rubs their feet, two feet rub against the doormat simultaneously. That means visitors don’t have to rub their feet in turn just because the mat can’t accommodate the two feet. So, it would help if you had a doormat of 30 to 45 inches in length, as it will go a long way for adults with large feet.

2. Clearance

Clearance is the remaining space beneath the door and the floor after swinging the door open. Imagine having to get your beautiful doormat with fantastic writings from the store only to realize the door pushes it to the side. Since you don’t want such frustrations, measure the clearance.

Thickness does not always mean good quality, and that’s why most people go wrong when purchasing a doormat with a highlight that exceeds the clearance. Most mats come with 0.5-1 inch thicknesses; therefore, choose the one that is proportional to your door clearance.

3. Width

Doormats come in different sizes depending on the width of your front door. Mats should cover more than 80% of the door frame. The standard mat size for the door with sidelights is 24 by 36 inches, while that of the single door should be 18 by 30 inches. However, this will vary, so use the 80% rule to choose the correct width.

Various Doormat Styles


While doormats serve as a utility to control the moisture, debris, and mud from people’s shoes, they should look beautiful. Different styles available on the market can offer efficiency and style in your doormat.

Design and Types

  • Scraper Doormats

These doormats are designed to be placed outside the door and let visitors scrape off their shoes before entering the house. This is to trap debris and dirt outside. They come with edges ideal for placing against shoes, making it easy to scrape off the dirt. Scraper doormats are designed with rigid materials such as coir, PVC, and vinyl.

  • Interior Mats

Designed specifically for indoor use, interior mats can be made of cotton, synthetic fiber, polypropylene, or rubber. They are available in different designs and colors, so you don’t have to worry about fading due to weather elements.

Interior door mats have backings made of non-slippery materials like plastic, latex, or rubber. This means you can use the doormat without worrying about sliding or slipping.

  • Outdoor or Indoor Mats

These doormats can be used outside or inside your office or home. So, the materials are strong and durable irrespective of the weather. When looking for an indoor/outdoor doormat, check its capability to scrape off dirt and its absorption ability.

  • Decorative Mats

Decorative mats are perfect for inside or outside, but their key trait is their uniqueness. These mats can feature company logos and names, funny quotes to entertain, bright colors of sceneries or flowers, patriotic designs, and many more. You can even get a custom design.

Specialty Design


  • Anti-fatigue Doormats

If you’ve worked on parking tables or assembly lines, you understand how tired your legs and feet will get from standing for hours. Luckily, anti-fatigue mats can save the day. These mats are designed with a flexible form that offers some comfort while working.

The mats are available in different sizes and are made of PVC form. This makes them non-rigid such that they can cushion and accommodate your feet.

  • Drainage Doormats

These doormats are designed for comfort while standing in your kitchen and are created so liquids can drain through their holes. This makes cleaning faster and easier.

  • Ribbed Entry Doormats

They are created exclusively for indoor use and the entire entryway of business entities. So the mats come with rigid, thick carpet that features a beveled design to prevent tripping as you walk on it. Ribbed entry door mats are ideal for main entries and places that experience high traffic.

They are ½ inch thick and come in sizes of 3 by 4 inches to 4 by 8 inches. This allows them to accommodate any commercial business.

  • Anti-static Doormats

The mats are mostly used in workplaces where printers, copying machines, and computers are. They’re made out of vinyl foam to lessen muscle strain, and their work is to prevent damage associated with electrical shock. They come with a grounding core up to 10 feet long and can be as large as four by 6 inches or as small as two by 3 inches.

How to Improve Your Doormats

Companies now produce special anti-slip items that you can cut in various shapes or sizes and put under any doormat to make it safe and slip-resistant. These items are available in stripes that are 6 inches wide and over 25 feet in length.

Some can come with adhesive sides that allow one side of the strip to stick to your doormat and the other end to stick to the floor surface. Once you measure and cut the stripes according to your preferred size, place the strip underneath the mat.


Most homeowners tend to ignore or forget about the importance of doormats during the design process. That could be because of the lifeless, boring mats sold in retail shops that don’t offer style. Nevertheless, there are numerous stylish door mats in various shapes and sizes on the market. However, you need to choose the right doormat size. Factors to consider include:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Clearance

Depending on the weight, dimension, and material, you can use your doormats for the main door, bathroom, kitchen, or backdoor. The best thing is that you can personalize your doormat with phrases, patterns, or paint to suit your preference. Besides, mats aren’t costly as such, so you can opt to have several of them to change when you want to set up a specific tone or mode for your visitors. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or concerns!

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