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9 Most Stylish Alternatives To Glass Shower Door

Are you looking for innovative or creative ways to change your bathroom’s design? Having the same decor for many years can get tiring, even in your bathroom. However, selecting the best decor and shower doors is not as easy as it seems.

If you want to remodel your bathroom, shower doors are one of the best places to start. Typically, shower doors are made of glass, but glass can be difficult to maintain. Therefore, we bring several alternatives to glass shower doors.

Let’s discuss excellent glass door alternatives for your showers in this article. Some may be easier to maintain, while others add beauty and style to your modern bathrooms.

Glass Shower Door Alternatives

The following are some options to select from if you need to replace the glass door of your shower. They may not all be conventional, but they get the job done. Remember: they all add style and beauty to the decor.

1. Hanging Plants


This choice is not common among shower users, but hanging plants is one way to create privacy without using glass doors. Believe it when we tell you that they bring your bathroom to life and give it a cozy feel. You will understand if you have ever seen a bathroom with hanging plants.

Your bathroom will have cleaner air and be free of toxins if you use hanging plants instead of traditional shower doors. And if you love nature, the plants will relax you and make every bath time something to cherish.

However, you must research the available options before selecting the plants for this purpose. This helps you to make an informed decision on which plants fit the moist environment of a bathroom. The plants must carry no toxins and be safe for children and pets. You can also use artificial hanging plants if natural ones are not an option.

2. Shower Curtains


These curtains are a no-brainer, but many homeowners do not know they are viable options. If you have a budget for replacing glass shower doors, consider using shower curtains. They are usually affordable, easy to maintain, and come in various patterns, materials, colors, and shapes.

The curtains are excellent at keeping the water within your bathtub or shower space to prevent spills. In other words, they can prevent mold or mildew growth and keep your bathroom free of water spray or puddles, which may cause you to slide on the floor.

Note that you must wash the curtains at least once every two weeks. Cleaning them of dirt makes it difficult for microbes to breed and for toxins to build in your bathroom. Fortunately, most shower curtains are washable in a washing machine if you do not want to hand-wash them.

3. Roller Window Shades


Did we say window shades? Yes, these shades can do more than provide shade for a room. They can also serve as an alternative to a glass shower door. They are similar to shower curtains but may be easier to clean and provide better privacy.

You can choose a window shade with waterproof quality to withstand moisture in any bathroom. Also, you may want to choose one with partial blackout quality, so you are not completely cut off from what is happening when you are in the shower, and it should allow a lot of natural light into the shower.

An old shade may not work for your current shower needs because of the measurement. Most showers tend to be wider than many windows, so you must measure the height and width of the opening in your shower before buying a window shade. Use waterproof tape or caulking to keep the moisture out of the connection points.

4. Wooden Panels


You are not alone if you wonder how well wooden panels will work in a bathroom since wood and water do not go well together. However, wooden panels work well as shower doors for shower enclosures if you know how to protect the wood from excessive moisture and water spots over time.

Some woods are naturally resistant to water, such as teak or cedar. And regularly coating the wooden panels with waterproof varnish or sealant prevents water damage to the wood, so you may want to coat the wood with it.

Also, ensure you use waterproof caulk around the panels’ edges to prevent water splashes from damaging the wood. Tightly fix the wooden panels to the walls and seal them to keep the water out. Regular care and attention will make the wooden panels last longer than many other options.

5. Metal Panels


Wooden panels are not the only type used for shower doors. You will find that metal panels are not as odd as they sound. Some people already use them; you can opt for this alternative if the wooden panels are not ideal for you.

You can get repurposed metal and tailor it to fit the occasion. And if you have a DIY spirit, try changing the looks and feel of the metal to something closer to your style. It may take a bit of work, but metal panels last a long time, and you may only change them if you want to, not out of necessity.

New metal panels are an alternative to repurposed metal. These panels are tailored to fit showers and come in various styles, sizes, and colors. It would be best to seal the metal to prevent rust over years of use, but they are easy to maintain. A damp cloth works well to clean them of soap scum occasionally.

6. Beaded Curtains


These curtains act like shower curtains but do not provide the latter’s privacy. Nevertheless, they are stylish and funky, adding a different feel to your bathroom. A light shower curtain behind the beaded one may be handy if you need better privacy in the shower area.

Installing beaded curtains in your shower rails is a straightforward process. Simply hang them on the shower rods, and you are set. These curtains are an excellent option because they are plastic, making them easy to clean and sanitize. Besides, they are affordable, so you do not need to break the bank to acquire one.

7. Vintage Windows


Consider using vintage windows as shower doors if metal or wooden panels do not fit your style. The windows are not a common alternative, so you may set the trend for others to follow. Vintage windows add a certain feel and sophistication that nothing does to your bathroom.

They encourage proper ventilation and lighting while keeping the water from spilling out to make a wet mess. Moreover, they provide adequate privacy, and you will find them in various styles and colors.  Ensure you have the correct measurements for the shower doors so you can buy the correct window sizes.

Use waterproof sealant around the window edges to discourage moisture penetration and damage. It is a relatively straightforward process to install the windows, but consider using professional services to install them for better results.

8. Room Dividers


Have you considered using room dividers to partition your shower from the rest of the bathroom? If you have not, check the various styles and colors available and select the best one for your bathroom. They provide shower privacy without compromising light and air.

You will find these dividers in metal or wood, but they are also available in plastic sheet panels and fabric. Full or walk-in showers benefit the most from them instead of showers with tubs because they are full-length and provide extra coverage. The same is true for an open shower.

The best part of using room dividers in place of glass shower doors is that you can move them out of the way after use. Because of their portability, you can even put them to other uses around the house. However, consider using a waterproof sealant on dividers made from a porous material to avoid water damage or decay.

9. Bamboo


Bamboo does not fit everyone’s style, but it adds a certain uniqueness to your bathroom if used as a shower door. You will find bamboo panels preassembled for easy installation or in shoots you assemble yourself. This option is easy to use, whichever style you choose.

Bamboo is a strong material, durable and water-resistant, so it is ideal for use as shower doors. Some styles allow you to roll the bamboo panel up like a shower curtain, while others are not so flexible. Bamboo panels are affordable, easy to maintain, and do not breed microbes or encourage toxins.


Selecting alternatives to glass shower doors may seem daunting, but it does not have to be. Before choosing one, determine the style that fits your house and bathroom. That should help narrow your choices. Fortunately, there are many options on the market, and you are never without an idea to use.

Consider picking one from our list of alternatives. Shower curtains, room dividers, and roller window shades are some of the best options, but hanging plants and vintage windows perform well. Finally, consider using frosted and framed glass panels instead of clear ones for shower doors if privacy is your biggest challenge.

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