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11 Most Stylish Alternatives To Bi-fold Closet Doors

Are you looking for a way to update your bedroom? If so, you may want to consider switching out your bifold closet doors for something else.

There are many alternatives available, and in this blog post, we will explore a few of them. So, if you’re ready to give your bedroom a fresh look, keep reading!

Alternatives to bi-fold closet doors

There are many reasons why you might want to consider an alternative to a bifold closet door.

Perhaps your closet is too small for a bifold door to be practical, or maybe you’re simply looking for a more stylish option.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of alternatives available.

1. French doors


If you’re looking for an alternative to bifold closet doors, French doors are a classy and sophisticated option.

They provide the same level of privacy as bifold doors but with a sleek, refined look.

French doors also allow you to let in natural light, which can brighten up a dark closet.

Plus, they’re easy to operate – simply open the door and walk in. If you’re considering replacing your bifold doors, be sure to check out French doors as an option. You may be surprised at how much you like them!

2. Barn doors


Adding barn doors to your home is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a stylish and unique alternative to traditional bifold closet doors. Barn doors are also a great way to add a touch of farmhouse-style decor to your home.

There are many reasons why barn doors make a great addition to any home.

First, they offer a level of privacy that bifold closet doors can’t match. Barn doors can be closed completely, ensuring that no one can see into your closet.

Second, barn doors add a sense of character and charm that is often lacking in traditional bifold doors.

Third, barn doors are extremely durable and will last for many years with proper care.

3. Saloon doors


There are many reasons why saloon doors are a great alternative to bifold closet doors.

For one, they take up less space when opened, making them ideal for small rooms or closets. Additionally, they can add a touch of style and sophistication to any room.

Many saloon doors are made of wood, which can add a warm and inviting feel to a space.

Whether you’re looking for a functional or stylish solution, saloon doors are a great option.

4. Pocket doors


Looking for an alternative to traditional bifold closet doors? Pocket doors are a great option that can save you space and give your home a more modern look.

Unlike bifold doors, pocket doors slide into a pocket in the wall, so they don’t need to swing open. This can be a great option if you have limited space in your home or if you want to avoid having doors that swing out into the room.

Pocket doors also tend to be more energy-efficient than traditional doors because they provide a better seal against drafts. And, because they don’t have any hardware on the outside of the door, they can give your home a cleaner, more modern look.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional bifold closet doors, pocket doors are definitely worth considering.

5. Sliding doors


Sliding doors are also a great alternative to bifold doors. For one, sliding doors take up less space when open, making them ideal for small rooms or spaces with limited floor space. In addition, they are less likely to become jammed than bifold doors, making them easier to use on a daily basis. If you are looking for an alternative to bifold doors, sliding doors are a great option.

6. Curtains


If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive alternative to bi-fold closet doors, try using curtains instead.

A curtained closet not only provides the privacy you are looking for without breaking the bank, but they also allow you to customize your space to your unique style.

You can find curtains in so many different colors, patterns, and textures. Just remember you will also need a curtain rod and brackets.

If you want to add a stylish, contemporary touch, try using curtain rings to hang your curtains as opposed to threading the rod through the curtain loops.

7. Glass closet door


Glass doors are a sleek and stylish alternative to the standard bifold closet door. Bifold doors are often made of wood or metal, and they can be difficult to keep clean.

Glass doors, on the other hand, are easy to wipe down and keep clean. They also allow you to see what is inside your closet without having to open the door, which can save you time when you’re getting dressed in the morning.

Glass doors come in a variety of styles, including frosted, clear, and stained glass. You can also choose from a variety of frame materials, such as wood, metal, or plastic.

Whether you’re looking for a modern touch for your home or you’re trying to save space in your closet, glass doors are worth considering.

8. Accordion door


If you are working with a smaller room, an accordion door makes a great alternative to bi-fold doors.

As the name suggests, accordion doors open and close like an accordion. They have a track at the top and wheels at the bottom.

These types of closet doors come in many different materials and range in price depending on which type of door you choose.

PVC accordion doors are usually the cheapest, and you can get them for under $50, while some wooden styles can cost hundreds of dollars.

9. Swinging Doors


Swinging doors are one of the best closet door alternatives. These are usually used as café doors and are also usually found in restaurants and bars.

These doors swing open when you push them and return back to the center when you let them go.

However, one downside of these doors is that there is usually a gap between the two sides.

Though the gap is usually small, it doesn’t allow complete privacy when changing.

10. Beads


Are you looking to add a retro feel to your space? Try using beads as your closet door instead of boring bi-fold doors to add a pop of color and style.

The easy installation process of beads also makes them a savvy option to conceal your closet space.

Keep in mind, however, that beads are see-through, so if you are looking for something more private that is easy to install, you may want to consider such as curtains instead.

11. Hidden Doors


Hidden doors are extremely popular right now. As the name implies, they are doors that are installed in a way to make them appear as if they are part of the wall.

Some people choose to do this for aesthetic purposes, and other people do it as an additional security measure.

If you have valuable things in your closet and you don’t want guests snooping around, hidden doors make a great alternative to a standard closet door.

There are a few different ideas for hidden doors, the most popular being bookcase doors.

If you love books and have a lot of them, bookcase doors are a perfect option, especially for walk-in closets.

These doors come in different styles and are extremely customizable. They use built-in shelving as bookshelves to create a display space for books and other decorative items.

Some people opt for bookcase doors that slide open, while others prefer a single door that you merely push to access the closet.

The only con is that the installation of these doors can be relatively difficult and costly, but if you have the resources, it’s an extra option to protect your valuables as well as provide extra storage.

Can I go without a closet door?

You may be wondering if you can skip a closet door altogether, and the simple answer is yes!

Going without a closet door has been a popular option for some savvy interior designers. Whether or not you should go without a closet door depends on a few different factors.

There are many different types of closets, so the closet you have is the most important determining factor.

If you have a long narrow closet, you may be able to go doorless if you have shelving and storage space. This allows you to use your closet as a display and get organizational tubs and baskets that match your decor.

This is usually seen in nurseries and kids’ rooms as they don’t have many hang-up clothes. If you don’t have shelves and cubbies, you could start a DIY project and build them into your closet.

You could also choose to go doorless if you have a very large walk-in closet and don’t mind, or want, to have the contents of your closet on display.

Just remember, if this is the route you choose, it is wise to lock your valuables in a safe, so they don’t get stolen.


There are many different alternatives to bifold closet doors, and the one you choose is up to your personal preference, along with your budget and installation capabilities.

We hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any questions or ideas, let us know in the comments!

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