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12 Best Colors To Paint A House With A Green Roof

The green roof of your house can easily become a source of envy if not paired with the correct color scheme. The color of your roof can have an impact on the way people view your home. Choosing colors that work together is essential if you want to create a sense of harmony and balance in your yard.

To make sure that your roof looks its best and complements the rest of your home, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a color.

Best Colors To Paint A House With A Green Roof

The following colors are popular choices for houses with green roofs.

1. Gray

Gray can make a striking fashion statement, depending on how it is paired with other colors. A neutral color can be used to balance out any harsh effects in a room with different types of lighting. A light gray exterior would work well with white trim.

If you’re a fan of the soft look, green and gray are excellent color combinations. A soft background in green, paired with a complementary shade of gray, will add peacefulness to any room.

Even if your space is dark, you can still contrast dark colors with light shades or wood accents to make the area more attractive and highlight the house’s architecture.

Choose an off-white trim on houses with green shingles for a classic exterior look. If you want something that stands out more, pick a dark gray or black trim for high-contrast style homes.

2. Beige

If you want to avoid bold colors, beige is a perfect choice. It blends nicely with a green roof while standing out visually and giving homes distinctive curb appeal.

The best part of using beige exterior paint is that you get a great-looking garden or porch. If you want a rustic, graceful, and inviting look for your home—and don’t mind using black accents to get it—this antique-style color scheme is perfect for you.

If you want a fresh, modern look for your house, choose a cream-colored trim with chrome roofing and white shutters. It’s easy to use because white and cream-colored paint are inherently neutral colors that don’t clash with any other exterior decorating schemes.

3. White


White houses with green exteriors can create a dramatic and contrasting effect. White will instantly add bold contrast and focus to any design, whether it’s full of deep forest greens or vivid limes. It also looks good with bright colors and patterns.

If you’re hoping to freshen things up in your home but don’t want to change the overall feel of your space, a palette made up of pure white and green is an easy way to accomplish this. It’s also a safe bet if you’re looking to make the most of your color palette.

White is an easy-to-use neutral that will work well with almost any other color, especially green.

4. Cream

The color cream can contrast with the house’s green roof, creating a striking appearance. Match it with green shutters or trim to enhance the color.

The combination of colors looks beautiful with the matching cream trim, green shutters, and white trim. This is an excellent choice for your home and will look great in almost any interior design scheme—from classic to modern.

5. Lavender

Lavender and green are complementary colors that make an excellent combination for elegant decor.

Lavender makes for a perfect exterior color for a green roof. The white walls, green roof, and brightly colored flowers make the house’s exterior stand out when viewed in sunlight.

This is a good choice for those who don’t want their home to look too bright or bold. The combination of lavender and green will create a calming, relaxing environment perfect for reading, entertaining guests, or relaxing in your own space.

6. Brick

Designers often choose a brick color to get an earthy look for their green roofs. Designers often suggest different types of roofing materials—including yellow and slate tiles.

Houses with red bricks and green roofing are classic examples of architectural design — both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The color of the brick is vital in this design, as it sets the tone for the whole house.

The dark brown brick will create a warm, welcoming environment perfect for families with children or those who enjoy entertaining friends and family.

7. Tan


Tan can be used to create a warm environment. The color will also help to bring out the natural beauty of the green metal roofs.

The versatility of this color in all its iterations makes it suitable for use with cool, calming tones. It works well when paired with a warm-colored palette.

Tan is a bright, vivid hue that varies from light yellow to almost green in tone. This color is appropriate for a green shade, especially on the south-facing side. This shade can be used as the base color for any project where greens are desired, but intense sun or heat might fade them in time.

8. Brown

Brown is a timeless color that combines well with many other shades, including green. If you choose brown for your home’s exterior paint job, pairing it with a country-style green roof will give your house an air of rustic elegance.

This makes brown a great complementary color for green shades. Many classic log cabins have distinctive metallic roofs that give them an added rustic charm when considered together.

The home’s exterior can be painted with a pale shade of brown to reflect this environmentally friendly approach. However, it would be best if you chose an appropriately light hue; any dark or overly dark brown would appear drab and uninviting.

9. Light Pink

You can use bold colors (red, purple, or pink) to make the green roof color pop out. The combination of green and pink is a subtle way to convey confidence, authority, or status without being overpowering.

The green roof paired with pink can create a calming effect, especially when the color is used in small doses. If you plan to use pink as an accent color, use it sparingly; otherwise, it can appear tacky.

10. Ivory


This color scheme of ivory and green is a popular choice for the exterior of homes with metal roofs. The cream-colored stone base offers warmth to balance out the blue-green hue of metal roofing. The combination of ivory and green creates a fresh, natural look that gives a sophisticated vibe.

The ivory house exudes a calm, peaceful atmosphere with its cream-colored walls and green tin roof. The interior décor is painted in earthy tones, which complement the home’s exterior color scheme. The gorgeous stone exterior and metal roofing highlight the house’s rustic charm.

11. Purple

The combination of purple and green is striking. It also has a pleasing effect on the senses. The deep purple and dark green colors meld together beautifully to create a soothing exterior look. The purple house is both stylish and elegant.

The deep shade of purple on the exterior walls complements the dark green trimming around the windows and doors. This color scheme creates a sense of calmness and serenity. Purple is also a trendy color for weddings because it signifies royalty, luxury, and sophistication.

12. Alice Blue

When combined with a green shade, Alice blue can bring any space to life. Alice blue is a very light shade of blue with a hint of pink.

When combined with a darker shade of green, Alice blue can create a warm, cozy atmosphere. The light blue hue is very popular for weddings because it conveys purity, innocence, and romance.

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Colors

Choosing color combinations that complement the dark green roof can be tricky.

The first step to choosing the right paint color is to look at your home and its surrounding landscape. Consider what colors are already present in your yard, and ensure that you don’t end up with too many similar shades.

If your house is surrounded by plenty of greenery, consider choosing an exterior paint color that complements the green. You can also choose something that contrasts with the color of your roof, such as a light blue, to help it blend with the natural surroundings. Consider selecting a darker trim color if you decide to use lighter shades for your house.

Paint swatches are an effective way to select new colors for your home, but remember that paint colors will look different on your house than on a swatch card. It may not have the same pop of color. Even the best paint is lightened after prolonged exposure to the sun.

The best way to choose the right color for your home is by taking a sample of each color to your house. Observe how they look together and decide which ones you like best.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to green roof color schemes, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. The best way to determine the right color combination is through trial and error.

Try using different colors of green, mixing and matching them with other shades. You can also play around with different textures to create a unique look that works for you.

You read our recommendations, and now we would love to hear yours! Let us know in the comments which color you like best for your green roof and why.

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