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22 Homemade Pipe Bender Plans You Can DIY Easily

While the same ol’ heating and bending process works for thin-walled pipes, the bend is not always smooth. And you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a pipe bender either, do you?

Well, you can always DIY your own pipe bender! While we cannot say it’s an easy task that can be completed within minutes, it is surely doable as long as you have the right supplies, dedication, and required skills.

Read on to find out 22 tutorials on how to make a pipe bender!

1. A Detailed Demonstrative Tutorial on How to Make a Pipe Bender

Doctor D.S., in this video, uses 160 mm and 100 mm dies to make a homemade pipe bender. While you will not be provided with any plan, the video is pretty detailed, with all the measurements shared on the screen.

On the downside, one viewer has pointed out that the DIY bender will not result in smooth bends, given how it doesn’t feature an adjustable follower. So, if you’re planning to replicate this tutorial, you might need to make some adjustments along the way.


2. DIY Pipe Bender – Explained in 59 images

DIY Pipe Bender – Explained in 59 images

If you’re unaware of different types of pipe benders, their designs, and their working mechanism, this post is a must-read!

Plan and design for a DIY pipe bender are provided on this blog. While you cannot find elaborated instructional details on this DIY, plenty of demonstrative images helps you follow along with the tutorial.

On the downside, the build process looks complicated. So, if you’re a metal-working beginner, you might find this tutorial overwhelming.

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3. A DIY Pipe Bender using Steel and Bearings

DIY Pipe Bender using Steel and Bearings

Here’s how you make a ¾ inches pipe bender! This DIY bender bends your metal pipe for up to 90 degrees and is relatively easier to build.

The video is very detailed, and brief instruction is provided on each step in the video itself. The final bender looks sleek, and the bend seemed perfect. The only downside is that you cannot bend multiple diameters of pipes using this DIY machine.

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4. How to Make a Homemade Scroll Pipe Bender?

If this is your first attempt at building a homemade pipe bender, you might as well start with an easy tutorial. This pipe bender DIY by Pavan Fabrication can be replicated in a few metal-working steps.

While the bend was kinky, you might still be able to produce a good enough bend by filling the pipe from inside. If you need the bender to bend a few pipes here and there for household purposes, this DIY bender will do a pretty good job.


5. An In-depth Guide to Building a Pipe Bender – Design and Fabrication

An In-depth Guide to Building a Pipe Bender – Design and Fabrication

The pipe bending machine mechanical project elaboration by Sachin Thorat on LearnMech is perfect for you if you’re looking forward to educating yourselves on the basics of pipe bending machines.

Different types of tube bending machines are elaborated on in the project, followed by construction details on a hydraulic pipe bender. While step-by-step tutorial instructions are not detailed in this post, this blog is still a great resource on DIY pipe benders.

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6. Make a Big Tube Bender From Scratch!

Do you have a drill, an angle grinder, a welder, and, of course, metal-working skills and plenty of determination? If yes, you, my friend, can build a powerful tube bender from scratch as the Youtuber from HOMEMADE MADNESS did!

The viewers are raving about how talented and skilled the Youtuber is. And, we second their opinion! The Youtuber nailed such a functional and robust design with unbelievably basic tools. He even made the die himself without using a lathe. How great is that?


7. Homemade Pipe Bender – Two Different Diameters

Homemade Pipe Bender – Two Different Diameters

Here’s a beginner-friendly homemade pipe bender tutorial by Mistry MakeTool. All the materials and supplies, along with their dimensions, are listed on the blog, followed by step-by-step instructions on the DIY project.

Demonstrative images accompany the written instructions for your ease. Finally, if any of the steps confuse you, you can find the DIY pipe bender video tutorial at the end of the blog.

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8. DIY Round Pipe Bending Machine by Mistry MakeTool

While the Youtuber in this video has delivered a pretty fantastic build, a viewer has kindly suggested making the small pulley’s pivot into an adjustable distance pivot such that the users can easily bend pipes with various diameters with ease.

But if bending pipes with multiple diameters isn’t your requirement, this DIY tutorial is fantastic. The Youtuber has suggested visiting his blog for all the measurements and written instructions. We hope you find it helpful.


9. DIY Hydraulic 1 inch Pipe Bending Machine

The Youtuber from Creative Etc. builds a 1inch pipe bending machine in this tutorial. However, in the description box, he mentions that you can easily customize this design to bend varying diameters by using different dies.

The hydraulic bender results in an around 45 degrees bend. The tutorial is detailed and easy to follow. Nevertheless, supplies and dimension lists are not shared with the viewers. The tutorial uses an easy and affordable method to make the die. You’d be surprised!


10. DIY Tube Bender – Plan, Instructions, and Demo

DIY Tube Bender – Plan, Instructions, and Demo

Lecgo from Instructables has built a simple and portable tube bender using plywood and wheels from a scrapyard. As per the blogger, the length of the tube bender doesn’t exceed 40 cm on any of its sides.

Furthermore, Lecgo also mentions that he uses this bender for bending 20 mm diameter aluminum tubes. He has elaborated in the comment that this design can also work on 22 or 16 mm pipes. However, the design must be adjusted accordingly.

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11. How to Make a Roller Metal Bender?

This manual roller bender has 3 rollers to give an immaculate bend. While the build is demonstrated in detail, unfortunately, the Youtuber does not provide the supply list and dimensions.

The metal bender design is perfect in size and relatively easy to build. While the DIY is pretty good, viewers have shared a few constructive criticisms in the comments. Make sure you take these comments into account while following this tutorial.


12. Homemade Round/Square Pipe Bender Tutorial

Homemade Round/Square Pipe Bender Tutorial

Be it round or square pipe, this homemade pipe bender will do a pretty decent job. In this post on HomeSteady, Michelle Hickman shares step-by-step instructions on how to make a pipe bender with her readers.

The items you’ll be needing, along with their dimensions, are also shared in the blog post. HomeSteady features plenty of such great DIY tutorials for us DIY freaks. Do check them out!

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13. Simple 45 degrees Round Tube Bender DIY

If you don’t want to put too much effort and dedication into building a DIY tube bender, this tutorial is for you! Follow along with the Youtuber from VIP Creates as he builds a fantastic heavy-duty metal builder in a few easy steps.

Even if you’re a metal-working beginner, you should be able to replicate this DIY as long as you have the right tools. Unfortunately, the supplies and material list is not mentioned in the description.


14. A Quick and Easy Pipe Bender DIY using a Bicycle Rim

Upcycle an old rim to build an easy DIY pipe bender by following this easy tutorial by Fab2Ku. This tutorial doesn’t involve a complex process and is buildable in a few easy steps. Just a few components and your DIY pipe bender are ready. A great tutorial for beginners!

On the downside, it seems like this design results in a few kinks on the bent pipe. However, fill your hollow pipes with sand beforehand to get rid of such a problem.


15. Learn How to Bend a Pipe Without a Pipe Bender!

Learn How to Bend a Pipe Without a Pipe Bender

So, you’re looking forward to bending a few pipes but don’t want to put all the effort and money into building a DIY pipe bender? Well, we’ve got something for you as well!

The Instructable user, ayasbek used a wine barrel planter and a rounded block to bend his 4 ft long ¾ inches diameter steel pipe.

You’ll need to fill the pipe beforehand with sand to avoid kinks. But remember that you must use completely dry sand if you’re looking to heat the pipe for a tighter bend. One reader has pointed out that heating wet sand inside a pipe might cause an explosion.

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16. Build a Powerful Pipe Bender Featuring Replaceable Rollers

This powerful pipe bender design by KEVNEN WELDER bends the pipe without any kinks to 90 degrees. The replaceable rollers in the design make it easy to obtain bends of varying diameters.

Unfortunately, the build is not elaborated in a step-by-step manner. The products used and their dimensions aren’t listed either. Consequently, if you’re looking forward to a detailed tutorial, this might be not the one for you.


17. How to Make a Hydraulic Pipe Bender From an Old Jack?

Do you have an old jack lying in your garage? If yes, we’ve got the perfect DIY pipe bender tutorial for you!

The Youtuber from Family DIY informs his viewers regarding every next step in the project. The viewers have applauded the effort and craftsmanship in the comment section.

At the end of the tutorial, the Youtuber demonstrates how this DIY hydraulic pipe bender worked for an inch pipe, a half-inch pipe, and a ¾ pipe. The results were incredible, as the bent edges were plain, and the bend was clean.


18. Bending a Pipe Without a Pipe Bender – All queries answered on WikiHow

Bending a Pipe Without a Pipe Bender – All queries answered on WikiHow

If you’re still in the researching phase on pipe bending and several related queries are troubling you, this post by WikiHow is the perfect resource for you!

Can you bend pipe without a pipe bender? How to bend a PVC pipe? How to bend a steel pipe? Trust us; you’ll get all your queries answered in this single post!

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19. A Simple and Easy Manual Pipe Bender Build

A Simple and Easy Manual Pipe Bender Build

If you don’t enjoy complicated DIY builds and are simply looking forward to making an easy homemade pipe bender upcoming weekend, you might enjoy this tutorial by Garage Section.

The Youtuber uses two small 26 X 67 mm same-sized pullies to build the bender that works for pipes up to 18 mm diameter. You can see the machine demonstration almost at the end of the video.

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20. 7 Tips on How to Use a Pipe Bender Efficiently

7 Tips on How to Use a Pipe Bender Efficiently

Now, if you already own a pipe bender or have recently DIYed one, you’ll want to know all the tricks, tips, and science behind an immaculate bend, don’t you?

In this post by WOODWARD FAB, you’ll find 7 fantastic tips on how to improve your pipe bender’s efficiency. From how to maintain a pipe bender to how to avoid crimpling pipes, all your queries are answered here!

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21. Unique DIY Pipe Bender Tutorial Using Motorcycle Sprocket

Creativity truly has no limits! Join along with the Youtuber from delson mix tutorials as he DIYs a pipe bender using a motorcycle sprocket. If you have one laying around, this tutorial might inspire you.

This Youtube channel has a range of metal-working and household DIYs. Do visit their channel if you enjoy this niche of tutorials!


22. A Brilliant Trick for Bending Round Pipes Immaculately!

Did you know you could use dumbells as dies for your homemade pipe bender? Well, now you know!

In this video tutorial, the Youtuber from Sek Austria demonstrates how to make a hydraulic pipe bender using dumbells.

However, as per the creator, making these DIY dies isn’t as easy as it seems. So, only follow this tutorial if you’re absolutely happy to put in the time and dedication. Else, the effort is not really worth it.



Let us know which of these 22 tutorials will you be following to design and build your DIY pipe bender.

If you’re a metalwork expert, it would help if you could shed some opinion on which of these tutorials are actually doable, beginner-friendly, and produce a good bend. You’d be helping your fellow DIY enthusiasts immensely!

Also, if you’d like to share your experience and how the bender worked, feel free to do so. We’re all ears!

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