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8 Best Color Carpet and Rugs Go Well With Grey Wall

So you have recently had your house painted and decided to go with a grey wall. Now, what color carpet could you pair with the wall and bring some color and freshness to your space?

Persian rugs, known for their intricate designs and rich, warm colors, can also be a fantastic choice for rooms with grey walls. The complex patterns often found in Persian rugs can introduce an array of colors into the room, providing a striking contrast to the simplicity of grey walls. 

Luckily, the grey color goes well with several other colors and a combination of colors, including beige, yellow, blue, and pink. It just depends on what you have in mind and what you want to achieve.

Regardless, if you need help choosing the most aesthetically pleasing share or color to go with your gray wall, you are in the right place. So let’s check out the best carpet colors for your living room or bedroom!

What Color Carpet and Rugs Go Well With Grey Wall?

1. Beige Carpet

Beige is the perfect color to bring coziness and warmth to your living room with the grey wall.

There are various shades of beige carpets, ranging from sandy fawn color with different yellowish and greyish undertones, which is one of the reasons it pairs so well with the grey walls.

Also, if you are following the current trends, this color combination is trendy and modern. Furthermore, beige and gray can be paired with several other pastel colors, such as light pink or blue.

Beige is associated with comfort and relaxation and will give your room an inviting atmosphere. If you are into minimalism or like designs emphasizing bright, light, and open spaces, combining functionality and beauty, this color is for you.

However, if you have pets in your home, the beige carpet will stain easily, which might be a problem because you probably want to avoid cleaning dirt off your carpet every other day.

2. Cream or Ivory

Cream or Ivory

One of the major problems when combining a cream carpet with your grey wall is that it might be monotonous, dull, or even gloomy, which is probably different from the look you want to achieve.

If the color of your sofa is similarly toned, such as egg-white, egg-shell, cream, or light brown, that might create a very lifeless atmosphere, especially if you do not have plants or colorful paintings.

This is the magic of designing your home interior-sometimes one object, statue, or piece of furniture can change the whole disposition of your room. However, it depends on what you have envisioned for your space.

The cream is a warm-toned color, so it will go well with a dark grey wall, which is a neutral tone.

This color scheme is also reminiscent of minimalism, and it will create a cohesive, clean and tidy look, especially if you want to make this the theme of your house.

On the other hand, to avoid creating a bland color scheme, you can add a pillow or some colorful accessories. For example, gray can be combined with red if you want a bolder look in your living room.

A red pillow or a red shelf will break the unison of greys and cream colors.

3. Blue Carpet

Did someone say beach or seaside? Adding a carpet with any shade of blue to your living room or bedroom will bring that nautical or coastal vibe, especially if you opt for turquoise or light blue.

If you have bought carpet before, you know that finding a one-colored rug can sometimes be challenging, but luckily for you, you can par almost any combination of blues with your wall color.

Blue is one of the most popular non-neutral colors, and when combined with other cool tones, such as gray, it can give off this unique and harmonious look. But combining the right color depends on which shade of gray your wall is or if you plan on painting it.

If you have dark gray walls, we suggest you go with a light blue carpet or a combination of white, light/ dark blue, turquoise, and black colors. Using this color palette, you will break the monotony of having the same cool tones and bring some liveliness and light.

On the other hand, if you have light gray walls, try combining them with navy blue or jewel tones of blues such as teal or cyan.

Darker colors usually go well with lighter shades and vice versa. For example, going with a pronounced shade for your carpet will enhance the brightness of your light grey wall. Also, always take into account the color palette of your furnishings.

4. Gray Carpet

Gray Carpet

A gray carpet will be the best choice if you are going for a more monochromatic look and do not feel like experimenting with other colors.

A dark gray carpet is an excellent addition to your room if your wall is a lighter shade of gray, creating a contrast between the rung and the wall. However, when picking a gray carpet for your room, it is vital to match the gray colors.

Sometimes they can have different undertones and create a dull atmosphere reminiscent of a hospital room, which is not the vibe you want in your house. Therefore, either choose the same gray color or, if you have a dark wall, you can contrast them with a light gray rug and vice versa.

5. Purple Carpet

This is yet another combination that might startle you, but there are shades of purple that go really nicely with both light and dark gray walls. That said, only some shades of purple will be a good match.

Try combining a royal purple, mauve, or grayish lavender with a gray color that has warmer and softer undertones. You want to find a grey color with a warm base because other shades of gray may contribute to your room looking cold and gloomy.

Given that homeowners that pick this combination usually stick to just using these two colors in order to avoid a disharmonious look, you can add texture to your room by buying a wool rug or any carpet made of natural fiber or grass-type carpet.

6. Black/White


It is not surprising that colors such as gray can be combined with black or white carpet or a combination of those colors. Abstract patterns on your white and black rug will add personality and playfulness to your room.

Today there is a variety of different carpets with these colors and unique patterns, so it will be very easy to choose one if you opt for this color combination. In addition, combining these neutral tones evokes a specific elegant look associated with simplicity and effectiveness.

However, it might create a decor e that might appear dull or life-less, depending on other elements and the size of the room. To avoid this, you can add bookshelves or even pieces of furniture, such as a couch, in different colors, for example, green. Also, adding a bit of gold to this scheme will produce a glamorous ambiance.

Make sure not to overwhelm the room with too many different patterns and multi-colored carpets.

7. Pink Carpet

Pink is one of those cool shades than can combine very well with neutral colors such as gray, even though you might not perceive it that way at first glance. So even though they make a very unusual and almost counterintuitive pair, you will not regret going with this color.

Gray is a neutral color that can help balance a room, so when you add some other colors, such as pink, it will not overwhelm the space. Furthermore, you can quickly build off neutral tones and combine them with hot pink!

Hot pink goes well with both lighter and darker gray walls. First, however, you need to ensure that you do not have too many hot pink objects in the room; usually, a pink carpet and occasional pillow will do the job.

You can easily overwhelm the room because pink is a very pronounced and attention-grabbing color. On the other hand, light pink carpets are also an excellent choice for your gray wall. This color combination creates a very soothing, welcoming, and restful look.

8. Yellow or Orange

As mentioned, warm tones such as orange and yellow can make your decor stand out and create a unique ambiance because of its unusual color combination.

Even though you might think adding a yellow rug might disrupt your color scheme, the bold and striking elements will give your living space a vibrant and fun look.

However, not everybody is a fan of the yellow color, and it can be tricky to combine if you wish to add a sofa or a chair of a different color. So, before you set out to find the right rug, try to envision the entire room to be sure that it does not overwhelm the room.

The same goes for orange carpet; it can make your living room a beautiful and inviting area. In addition, various combinations of lighter and darker shades of orange with white or black will transform your space and provide a vivid contrast with your dark gray wall.

Burnt orange can be paired with light gray walls if you wish to restrict your color scheme to just these two colors; we suggest you add a pillow or an orange pot with flowers to tie the whole look together.


Whether you have light or gray walls, there are several colors and palettes that you can pair with them. Actually, the most challenging task will be choosing the color because there are so many combinations and different types of rugs that you can mix.

Since gray is a neutral color, it goes well with various shades of blue, orange, yellow, green, pink, and even purple. If you like to go with safer choices, you can buy a black, white, or gray carpet or a combination of those colors.

Which color do you like best? What color combination seems the most attention-grabbing to you? Could you share your thoughts with us? If you have trouble choosing the color or have doubts, don’t be shy and ask away!

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