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What Color Countertops Go with Maple Cabinets? (13 Choice)

Beautiful, versatile, durable, and affordable, maple cabinets give any traditional or contemporary kitchen an upscale look and inviting feel while keeping it highly functional.

What’s even better, they take a variety of stains and can match any kitchen theme or style. For this reason, maple cabinets remain the most popular go-to cabinets for homeowners all across the world.

However, finding the right color countertops to match these cabinets is no straightforward task. Maple is often characterized by a light tone that lacks eye-catching details, affecting how it pairs with countertops.

But worry not, we got you covered! Below, we have compiled a list of the best color countertops to go with your maple cabinets.

Best Countertop Colors for Light Maple Kitchen Cabinets

1. Black

Popular in small kitchens, light maple kitchen cabinets help make the space appear bigger than it is. But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice the look or feel of the drama. Add this element by incorporating a black countertop.  These kitchen countertops create good contrast, bringing life to a kitchen while giving it a more modern look.

2. Slate Gray


Dark in color with some marbling facades, slate grey countertops blend easily into any kitchen style and décor. When paired with light-colored maple cabinets, it gives off a contemporary feel. But it can also work for people going for a classic look. As for stainless steel appliances, the countertop might appear heavy with black applies, but pairs well with white appliances.

3. White and Brown

White and brown countertop colors also go well with light-stained maple cabinets. White countertops with veined or flecked stone make small kitchens feel bigger and more welcoming. Together with light maple cabinets, they create a more calming effect.

Unlike white countertops, brown countertops make larger rooms feel small. As such, it’s wise to avoid a darker brown countertop if you already have a small kitchen. On the flip side, this countertop color enhances rustic kitchen designs.

Avoid yellow tones for countertops because they make beautiful items in the kitchen appear worthless. The same goes for light beige countertops.

Best Countertop Colors for Dark Maple Cabinets

1. White

White is the most popular countertop color choice for most people. It blends amazingly with dark-stained maple cabinets and creates a delightful contrast. These countertops will brighten any kitchen space while giving it a crisp and clean look.

Whether you get them in granite, marble, or concrete, rest assured they will show off your maple’s natural glow.

2. Black


Most people fear pairing black countertops with dark maple stains because they can increase the darkness of the room. Plus, the room might feel extremely small and the black color will clash with white appliances.

However, if you select the right shade like black quartz with charcoal veining, you can soften the appearance of your kitchen and give it a more contemporary look.

3. Tan or Cream

Another viable color option for countertops paired with a dark maple cabinet is tan or cream. It brings a monochromatic look to your kitchen without being too harsh, like white countertops.

While you can select between a darker and lighter shade of tan for your cabinets based, super dark shades might clash with the tones of the maple wood. So, before making any purchase, compare a sample of the countertop with your cabinets to determine if it will meet your needs.

4. Light Gray

Light gray countertops stand out for their versatility. You can adopt them for rustic, modern, and traditional kitchen designs. The color balance out dark and light tones in a room while opening up space. Besides brightening your room, it will make it feel cozier and more inviting.

Gray countertops come with varying undertones. Some are warmer than others. So, compare your countertop of choice to your maple cabinets before any purchase.

5. Slate Gray

Like black countertops, slate countertops suffer from the same lighting issue and might make your room feel small. But it’s also a much softer option and makes the space appear more welcoming.

Other Countertop Colors and Materials That Work with Maple Cabinets

1. Poured Concrete

Whether dark or light, maple cabinets can pair well with poured concrete countertops. Hard as granite, concrete countertops best fit in contemporary kitchen designs because they evoke a modern industrial aesthetic.

Although concrete countertops give you a wide range of color options, select undertones that match the maple wood used. For instance, a warm-colored maple will look well when paired with warm-colored concrete countertops.

2. Stainless Steel


Besides being heat, water, and stain resistant, stainless-steel countertops lend a sleek, shiny, and cozy vibe to modern kitchens. Like light gray granite, these countertops make a great option for homeowners who want to set the tone for sturdy and contemporary aesthetics.

And the best part? They can complement a variety of kitchen appliances, like electric kettles, coffeemakers, and others. Let’s not forget they’re durable and blend beautifully with light and dark maple cabinets.

3. Granite

Hands down, granite countertops add striking aesthetics in kitchens and take your cooking space to the next level visually. In fact, these countertops often become the centerpiece of the kitchen.

With over 20 granite colors to work with, you will find a countertop that balances perfectly with your maple kitchen cabinets. But here are a few recommendations for light and dark stains on maple cabinets.

  • Black: If you want a color that not only compliments your kitchen cabinets but also your black steel appliances, look no further than black granite countertops.
  • Slate Gray:  Most people favor this variation of slate granite since it blends well with honey maple cabinets. Aside from being an excellent choice for a modern kitchen, it rarely contrasts white appliances.
  • Medium Gray: It’s a neutral granite color that contrasts light maple wood to deliver a more contemporary look. But it also works with a darker shade of maple to lend a classic look and feel to a space. Another thing, it can effectively match deep green or blue appliances. But that depends on the color of the granite grain.
  • White: When paired with light maple, white granite lights up and brightens a traditionally styled kitchen, making it look bigger. Together with the darker color of maple, it brings a more modern vibe.

4. Marble and Quartzite

Marble and quartzite countertops are making their way into most households because they are durable and drop-dead gorgeous. These materials are dynamic and versatile, meaning they can work with any type of wood, even maples. If you want to go bold with your kitchen countertops, darker hues of marble and quartzite are the way to go. But fear sampling other hues.

5. Quartz

As for quartz countertops, you will never miss a color to pair with your maple cabinets. Like marble, the countertops stand out because of their stain-resistance and non-porous characteristics. What’s more, they add a sense of style to any modern kitchen, while remaining functional. The best quartz countertops color to match with maple include:

  • White
  • Medium Gray
  • Black
  • Aqua Blue
  • Cream
  • Brown
  • Green


1. Are Natural Maple Cabinets Outdated?

Natural maple cabinets are far from being outdated. Besides their versatility, they last for ages with the right finishes and complement nearly all kitchen aesthetics, from rustic to contemporary. They are adaptable nature makes them the number one choice for most interior designers.

If your maple kitchen cabinets seem outdated, try matching them with the right countertops or switching doors and knobs to give them a revamped look.

2. What Laminate Color Can Go with Maple Cabinets?

Popular among DIY lovers, laminate countertops add a sleek and luxurious feel to a kitchen, keeping it functional and stylish. The best colors for laminate countertops to pair with your maple cabinets include:

  • Earthy brown
  • Sky Blue
  • Tan/cream
  • Marigold
  • Pale Green
  • Dark Navy

3. Should Kitchen Floor Be Darker Than the Cabinets?

No! The kitchen flooring you select for your maple cabinets will depend on your kitchen’s aesthetics and preference. However, opt for flooring that contrasts your cabinet shades. For example, light and neutral floors will make your kitchen feel warm and homey by balancing dark wood. Dark-colored tiles will work best with lighter cabinets.

4. Should Countertops Match Your Cabinets?

According to designers, cabinets and countertops don’t need to match. You will enjoy a sleeker and more stylish look when these kitchen elements vary. In most cases, dark countertops work well with light cabinets to offer good contrast. The opposite is also true. Nevertheless, there’s always room to get adventures with your designs. So, it doesn’t hurt to try blending dark-colored countertops and cabinets.

Closing Thoughts

Selecting which countertop color will go with your maple kitchen cabinets is never easy. As a fact, home designers usually have a hard time when dealing with such situations. Luckily, the above information can help you determine the perfect countertops to complement your cabinets, whether you love rustic, classic, or modern looks.

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